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Comprehensive Plan (effective August 19, 2012)

The following are the current sections of the Village/Township Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan 2012

Future Land Use Map

Appendix A     Community Survey Results and Stakeholder Interviews

Appendix B     Local Community Resources

Appendix C     Environmental Analysis  

Appendix D     Scenic Byways of Granville and Granville Township

Appendix E     Walking and Biking Around Granville - Survey Results

Appendix F     Granville Pathway Advisory Committee Report



Plate 1 Plan Area Map  
Plate 2 Existing Land Use Map  
Plate 3 Future Land Use Map  
Plate 4 Historic Resources  
Plate 5 Prime Farmland  
Plate 6 Natural Resource Area  
Plate 7 Aerial Photograph  
Plate 8 Scenic Byways  
Plate 9 Northern Planning Area  
Plate 10 Eastern Planning Area  
Plate 11 Western Planning Area  
Plate 12 Southern Planning Area  
Plate 13 Granville School District  



2001 Comprehensive Plan Update

1998 Comprehensive Plan