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Council Minutes 6/26/02

June 26, 2002

CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:35pm)
ROLL CALL – Those responding to the Roll Call were
Councilmembers Bellman, Hartfield, Main, and Robertson;
Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan; Manager Hickman, Law
Director Crites. Councilmember Crais had earlier indicated
his inability to attend this session.

Kendal – Sanitary Sewer
Jack Heller, Kendal Board. Mr. Heller reiterated Kendal’s
July 31st deadline for a decision by Council on whether or
not to provide Village sewer service as well as a decision
on what kind of system is to be installed.
Tom Mitchell, Kendal Board. Displayed a sewer plan done in
the early 1980s, overlaid with a possible route for the
Kendal line. Engineer Jerry Turner did a cost study for
Kendal on the Weaver Road route and estimated a cost of
slightly less than $1.7MM. The increase over previous
estimates is due to the need for structural backfill for
the underground road crossings. With the crossing under
S.R. 16 situated as high as possible, the line at the
corner of Weaver Drive and South Main Street would still
sit approximately 33’ deep.
Mayor McGowan proposed dividing the discussion into two
sections—first to determine if Council was in favor of
extension if all the details could be worked out and
second, to determine what kind of a system and where it
would be located. He informally polled Council and it was
determined that Council would like to work with Kendal to
make this happen.

Discussion on the “what” and “where” yielded more questions
than answers. Of particular concern: the 300% increase in
the estimated cost of the project given to the
Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee at last evening’s
meeting, and the still-vague parameters of what might or
might not be installed, and where. Several members of
Council expressed their unwillingness to vote on this issue
until they had more information. Manager Hickman said he
could have a plan/proposal together in approximately ten
days. The July 3rd meeting was rescheduled to July 10th. A
second Kendal work session will be high on the agenda,
including a recommendation on this issue by the
Streets/Sidewalks/ Utilities Committee and an explanation
of a CEDA by Law Director Crites.  

Items to be discussed/investigated/clarified between now
and July 10th include:

·    Due-diligence review of cost estimates to determine
the reason for the big jump
·    Gravity system
·    Forced-Main system
·    Hybrid system
·    Weaver Road route
·    Cross-country route north of Weaver Road
·    Easements needed for each route
·    Road-crossing requirements for each route
·    Overall costs of each kind of system
·    Percentage to be paid by each party for
installation v. operation
·    JEDD and/or CEDA requirements
·    Village/Township/Kendal joint agreements re a
·    Possible future tap-ins related to a JEDD
·    Possible “syndicate” of possible future users to
cost-share the project
·    Unintended consequences

OTHER (8:55pm)
Both items were moved to the July 10th agenda.
Grant – S.R. 16/Cherry Valley Road Intersection
Resignation – Sandy Ellinger

Vice Mayor Moore moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:58pm.
Second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried. Meeting

Submitted by Sandy Ellinger

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