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The Village and Granville Township have implemented an Emergency Notification System that allows us to send telephone or text messages to all or targeted areas of the community in emergency situations that require immediate action. Sign up today by clicking on the link above.

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VillageConnect Message System

Residents can receive direct email messages containing important information about community events, public meetings, road closures, construction projects, or community surveys by subscribing to the VillageConnect email system. Please click on the link above to sign up to receive these messages. You can also unsubscribe by clicking on the link.

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Granville Arts Commission

The Arts Commission, created in March 2004, is a community based organization dedicated to the enhancement of cultural arts, community character, and interaction for the Village of Granville and all of its residents. The purpose of the Commission is to enrich the Granville community through community based events, activities, and programs by distributing funds to organizations or individuals that are involved in arts or cultural activities.


The eleven members of the Arts Commission are appointed from the following organizations: Granville Village Council, Granville Township Trustees, Granville Chamber of Commerce, Granville Historical Society, Bryn Du Governing Commission, Granville Recreation Commission, Granville Foundation, two volunteers from the community, and two representatives of Denison University. The current members of the Commission include:

Jurgen Pape - Chair, representing the Bryn Du Governing Commission 
Lois Foreman Wernet, representing the Granville Village Council                             
Mickey Smith, representing the Granville Township Trustees                          
Jodi Melfi, representing the Granville Chamber of Commerce                           
Marilyn Sundin, representing the Granville Historical Society                                    
Neal Zimmers, representing the Granville Recreation Committee                             
Meg Ginther, representing the Granville Foundation                                              
Kyle Morgan and Wayne Piper, representing the community-at-large                                           
Ann Townsend, representing Denison University

Jackie O'Keefe, liasion from Village Council


Please visit the Granville Arts Commission website for further information and to apply for a grant.