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Planning Minutes 5/1/02

May 1, 2002
 Special Meeting on Zoning Ordinances

Members Present: Jack Burriss, Barb Lucier, Mark Parris
(Vice Chair), Richard Salvage (Chair), Carl Wilkenfeld,
Richard Main
Members Absent:  None
Also Present: Seth Dorman, Village Planner
Visitors Present:   Jim Gorry, Mike Crites
Citizens’ Comments:  None
The Chair swore in all those who planned to speak.

Village of Granville – Proposed Zoning Code Changes

    Mr. Dorman said that last year we had some talks
with the Law Director, and recognizing the fact that the
zoning code is a dynamic document, several problems need
to be addressed.  The following comments refer to the
possible changes to the zoning code.
    Law Director Mike Crites said people have
mentioned things in the code they wanted him to look at,
and he enlisted the help of Attorney Jim Gorry, who has a
wealth of experience in zoning ordinances.  He has done a
comprehensive view and will go through it item by item.  
Mr. Crites thinks we have gone too long without an update,
and he suggests that every time Village Council looks at
the Master Plan we ought to look at the zoning code also.  
He suggested doing a review of the Master Plan every three
    Mr. Gorry said the major deficiency was in
enforcement policies, which needed to be simplified and
modernized.  No changes were suggested to development
regulations, but he looked at accessory structures on a
lot, etc.  Other changes were to add definitions or for

1133.03:  Purpose.  The Planning Commission members asked
that “within ten days” be added to this paragraph.  In the
past, the Manager could request an appeal; Mr. Gorry is
suggesting he can demand an appeal.  

1135.01:  Definitions.  The sale of alcohol is an
accessory use in a convenience store, for example.
He removed the word “permanent” from definition of
structure.  A shed on blocks will be called a structure
and subject to the zoning restrictions.   A driveway is
not a structure.  A concrete pad upon which a recreational
vehicle rests would be a structure.  A patio could be
treated as an accessory structure.

1137.01:  He has tightened up PUD regulations; the old
process was unusual.  Now a PUD can be subject to a

1137.02:  Enforcement.  (c) Is a new hearing procedure.  
(h) We need a way to fine violators.

1137.03:  Tightens “permit” language.

1137.06:  Simplifies Occupancy Permits.  We will change
Zoning & Architectural Permits to Zoning Permits.
1137.09:  Penalties.  Add “per day” after $500.00. This
must be enforced by Mayor’s Court.  The Village Planner
can send a letter telling a person he is in violation of
the zoning code. The violator has (x) number of days to
comply, and if he/she doesn’t, another letter goes out
giving a few more days.  The Law Director then sends a
letter, and if that doesn’t work the violator would be
cited to Mayor’s Court.  We can issue stop construction
order or revoke the permit.  The Village Planner can issue
a citation.  Village Council can suggest an in-house
policy in enforcement.  Mr. Dorman likes to have
flexibility here.

1137.10:  This is to tighten up the zoning code. Due
process applications.  We need to clean up our application
form to be sure the address therein is the legal one to
whom we can write if necessary.
(c) Add “business” after (2).  3 days is even better.

1141.04:  We never had a Village Heritage Overlay
District.  It’s called the Transportation Corridor Overlay

1145.3:  Add “and” after the comma.

1145.04:  Come back to this section for further review.

1147.03:  Impose conditions on a variance.  There are Use
Variances and Area Variances.  Use Variances allow BZBA to
change the use (spot zoning). Area Variances are variances
from development regulations—yard setbacks, lot coverage,
etc.  Use Variances are granted for substantial hardship.  
Eliminate the word “hardship” and add “practical
difficulties.” This section is less strict and allows more

1157.15:  PUDs should require site development plan in the
village for undeveloped land gained by annexation.  

1157.16:  A hodgepodge, but useful.

Adjournment:  9:30 a.m.
Next Meeting:  May 8, 8 a.m. (Zoning Changes) and May 13
(regular meeting)

Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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