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Bryn Du Minutes April 23, 2003

Bryn Du Advisory Committee II/Minutes

April 23, 2003 7:00 p.m.


Attendees included:

Clifton Crais, Bob Gardner, Robert Gardner, Robert Gillie, Joe Hickman, Mary Malcui, Steve Mershon, Kim Miles, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tim Riffle, Lyn Robertson, Pam Satterfield, Jim Siegel, Bill York, Ginny Sharkey, Catherine and Chuck Brubaker, Jackie Gingrich. 

Councilmember Robertson began by stating that five consulting companies offered proposals.  At the next meeting on May 14th, Manager Hickman has invited these companies to present presentations.  She also stated that the village office has received numerous calls asking if hiking/walking are permitted on the grounds now?  She stated that perhaps committee members could discuss this and she could take any recommendations back to Village Council. 

Catherine Brubaker inquired on the OSHA requirements before the committee could look at the exact uses of the facility.  Councilmember Robertson stated that the consultants would be looking closely at these requirements and regulations.  She also stated that there are some current potential uses without needing to know the regulations.  

Pam Satterfield passed out a compilation of 142 comment cards with suggestions collected at the Bryn Du open house and through emails.  Committee members spent time looking over these suggestions.  

Catherine Brubaker stated that she is interested in seeing the facility possibly being used as a senior center.  She stated that she and her husband are from the Bexley area and that there is a facility there that has many similarities to the Bryn Du Mansion.  The Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley was renovated by the city government.  

Jackie Gingrich proposed studying facilities like the Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley.  Tim Riffle stated that a study of Dublin, Lancaster, and Bexley facilities has already been done and is available on the web-site.  Councilmember Robertson stated that perhaps different facilities could be studied in a sub-committee.

Committee members spent time reviewing the following five proposals:

Acock Associates Architects

Brandstelter Caroll Zofcin Inc.

David Benjamin Meleca

Lupton Rausch

Schooley Caldwell Associates

Bob Gardner wanted to clarify to committee members that each proposal includes just design/architectural work.  

Tim Riffle stated that design teams are not normally broken up.  You are not able to pick and choose different companies for different jobs; The proposals are part of a package.  He also suggested trying to keep the business local if at all possible.  He stated some concern if the company is located more than one half hour away from the facility. 

Councilmember Moore stated that each consultant company says they are teamed up with a financial person.  

Steve Mershon stated that there has been no focus on the disposal option by the consultants.  

Bill York asked what the consultant budget was.  Councilmember Robertson believed it to be $25,000-$30,000.  

Ginny Sharkey asked that Manager Hickman be in contact with prospected consultants in regards to their presentation on May 14th.  She thought that it may be beneficial to mention to them that the committee is interested in hearing about their financial plan on how funding for the renovations can be accomplished.  

Councilmember Robertson wished to address the committee in regards to temporary usage for the facility.  She stated that Manager Hickman has been contacted about possible current uses.  Committee members were concerned about liability for the village government.  Some committee members stated that use now would be jumping too far ahead.  Steve Mershon suggested that perhaps the committee should leave any usage decisions up to village council for the remainder of the year.  Councilmember Moore stated that the property is included in the village’s overall liability policy.  Many committee members stated that they would be apprehensive to allow any use other than the front lawn area.  Councilmember Moore stated that perhaps some official village activities could take place with supervision.  

Committee members were specifically concerned with safety issues regarding cisterns in the rear of barn and the pool covers safety.  Ginny Sharkey stated that at Saturday’s open house she witnessed a boy walking on top of the cover.  Councilmember Robertson asked that Manager Hickman be made aware of these concerns.  

Some suggestions for use this year included a community Memorial Day picnic, use during the Granville 4th of July, and various fundraisers.  

Catherine Brubaker wished to know if it was possible to hold committee meetings at the Mansion.  She felt this would give committee members a better feel for the facility’s possible uses.  It was not known if there is adequate electricity or seating.  

Tim Riffle clarified that the green space purchased by village township is not supposed to be used for anything other than walking.  Committee members wished to research this to find out exact uses. 

Rob Gilley inquired on what kind of income comes from the use of the polo fields.  Councilmember Moore stated that they currently maintain the lawn.  

It was decided by committee members that it is too early to establish sub-committees.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:25p.m.



Bob Gardner                        587-7241

Mary Malcuit                            587-0516

Pam Satterfield                        587-7325

Bill York                                345-0400

Kim Miles                                   587-4179

Jurgen Pape                          587-0941

Robert Gillie           587-4915

Ben Rader                                  587-1006

Jim Siegel                                  587-1990

Greg Keeler                       349-6893

Bill Moore               587-7954

Bruce and Susan Cramer

Steve Mershon                      321-1212

Tim Riffle                                      587-4102

Lyn Robertson        

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