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Bryn Du Minutes April 9, 2003

Bryn Du Advisory Committee II

Meeting Minutes – Meeting #1

April 9, 2003 


Clifton Crais

Bill Moore

Bruce Cramer

Candi Moore

Susan Cramer

Jurgen Pape

Bob Gardner

Tim Riffle

Robert Gillie

Ben Rader

Joe Hickman

Lyn Robertson

Greg Keller

Pam Satterfield

Mary Malcui

Jim Siegel

Steve Mershon

Bill York

Kim Miles



At this first meeting, we began with introductions, followed by a brief discussion of ideas ideas for the mansion.  We also discussed dividing the project into multiple phases, spanning years, and the need to determine costs. 

There will be a open house tour for the public on Saturday, April 19th.  A sign-up sheet for greeters at the open house was available.  The committee decided to have a suggestion box at the open house to obtain the public’s ideas. 

An RFP has been distributed to nine different companies and posted in the newspaper for a consultant to lead the committee.  The RFP was passed out at the meeting for review.  The deadline for the RFP is April 14th

Joe Hickman offered to take committee members of a tour of the mansion on Thursday, April 10th from 11:00am -1:00pm.  If you’re unable to attend, call him to schedule a time. 

Committee meetings with tentatively be held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00-8:30pm in the Village Offices. 

Lyn Robertson volunteered to chair the committee.  The position of secretary will rotate alphabetically each meeting, or, the city council’s note keeper will attend the committee meeting. 


  1. Review the Bryn Du Committee #1 report prior to the next meeting.
  2. Review the RFP for consultant prior to the next meeting.
  3. Email Pam Satterfield ( with ideas for uses of the mansion/grounds by April 20, 2003.
  4. The next meeting will be held April 23rd at 7:00 pm in the Village Offices.  Tentative agenda items include:
  1. Review Committee #1’s report
  2. Update on Consultant
  3. Review ideas for mansion
  4. d.   Agree on mission/scope/next steps

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