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Bryn Du Minutes July 16, 2003

Bryn Du Advisory Committee II/Minutes

July 16, 2003 6:00 p.m.


Attendees included:

Steve Mershon, Kim Miles, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tim Riffle, Lyn Robertson, Pam Satterfield, Bill Moore, Bill York, Nancy Reecie, Jeff Darby, Chris Brokaw, Molly Roberts, Lisa Minklei, Denise Chamberlain, and Mayor McGowan. 

The committee met to primarily discuss the upcoming open house at the Bryn Du mansion on July 27 from 1:00 – 5:00.  Volunteers are asked to report at 12:30 that day.  Lyn Robertson was asked to give opening remarks during the fifteen minute overview.  Polo will begin at 2:30.  Discussion groups will begin at 3:00.  The discussion groups will focus on the site, mansion, and outbuildings.  Nancy Reecie stated that Chris, Bob and herself would be responsible for gathering materials for discussion groups.  This would include things like blowing up drawings, getting easels, etc.  Nancy Reecie stated that there would be some type of handout with the agenda on it.  She currently envisions a map with a photo of the grounds and the agenda on the back.  The map would indicate restroom facilities.  

The architecture sub-committee was asked to work with the Granville Recreation Commission on recruiting volunteers for the open house.  Members of this committee include Bill Moore, Jurgen Pape and Tim Riffle.  Denise Chamberlain was present to represent the Recreation Commission.  She stated that members are willing to help.  Bill Moore stated that his wife, Melinda Moore, would be willing to help coordinate additional volunteers for that day.  Nancy Reecie stated that if there were enough volunteers they could be scheduled in two shifts.  Each volunteer should report ½ hour before their shift. 

Denise Chamberlain asked to have copies of the survey so she could give them to the Recreation Commission.  

The committee decided to have copies of the community survey available at the open house for public comments/suggestions.  It was decided that an additional 500 copies be made with the survey deadline printed on them.  The deadline for filling out the survey is August 15th.  Chris Brokaw stated that the survey is currently on the Schooley Caldwell web-site and would be available on the Granville web-site as soon as he could coordinate it with Liz Maher, the web master.  He hoped to have it available this week.  The survey is currently available at the village offices as well as the library. 

The committee decided to leave certain areas closed during the open house.  These would include the pool house which houses the pump and equipment, as well as the barn and balcony.  It was decided that parts of the third floor (mansion) were now cleaned up enough to show.  Certain areas on the third floor would still need to be restricted.  It was mentioned that the barn doors could be left open to look through, but not allow people inside.  Moreover, Chris Brokaw stated that he had digital pictures of some of the restricted areas and he would look into having pictures of these areas available for people to see.  

Molly Roberts stated that she would check with village staff and others on the following items:

  • ·        Chairs for open house
  • ·        Police presence for open house
  • ·        Unlocking of the facility on the day of the open house
  • ·        The cistern behind the house has been covered with plywood, but does it need additional 
  •          barricades?
  • ·        Locking up of the facility at 3:00 and 5:00, but having the restrooms available
  • ·        Trash cans, since refreshments will be provided
  • ·        Open house information on village bulletin board and website
  • ·        Is the flag pole area available for a banner in the center of town?
  • ·        History information emailed to Nancy Reecie in regards to Bryn Du mansion 

Several committee members stated that volunteers needed to be at each end of the pool to ensure safety on the day of the open house. 

Tim Riffle presented a sample of a banner that could be purchased for the open house.  The committee decided to place the banner in the center of town, if possible.  The cost of the banner is $65.00.  

Bill Moore stated that Whit’s Frozen Custard would be providing refreshments for the open house outside on the grounds of the property.  It was stated that no food/drink should be allowed in the mansion.  Whit’s would need access to electricity. 

Lyn Robertson stated that Denison University could possibly loan chairs if needed.  Denise Chamberlain stated that the Recreation Commission had recently borrowed chairs from Granville schools and they could also be an option.  It was decided that no more than 75-100 chairs would be needed.  

Matt McGowan, Candi Moore, and village staff will handle sending invitations to elected officials.  These would include:  trustees, county commissioners, state representatives, state senator, and congressman.  

Chris Brokaw spoke on the survey being available on the website.  He stated that for $20.00 per month 1000 responses could be tabulated and stored in a relational database.  This information would then be searchable and sortable.  He went on to say that with administrative access (passwords) the information could be downloaded fairly easily.  

Nancy Reecie stated that she had sent press releases to the Newark Advocate and T-100 radio station.  She also stated that perhaps the Granville Sentinal could mention the survey being available on the website in next weeks paper.  

Bill York stated that he had two items to discuss not related to the Bryn Du open house.  First, he indicated his interest in leasing approximately 3000 square foot of the Bryn Du facility for office space.  He stated that he has previously sent emails to the village manager about his interest.  Nancy Reecie asked him to email this request to her.  Secondly, Mr. York distributed some information regarding outsourcing the operation of a pool.  He stated that he was familiar with this company and believed the cost to be around $40,000 for a pool located where he previously lived.  

Lisa Minklei stated that she was in attendance to see if it might be possible for the Licking County Coalition for Housing to hold a mardi gras fundraiser at the Bryn Du mansion on February 28, 04.  Nancy Reecie asked Ms. Minklei to email this request to her.  She also stated that the committee will make their recommendation in late October, therefore she believes this request would need to go through village officials.  

Nancy Reecie stated that she is in the process of scheduling interviews.  She appreciated all of the emails indicating appropriate people to be interviewing.  

Nancy Reecie stated that she would be responsible for bringing a basket to collect the surveys on the day of the open house.  

The next meeting is scheduled for August 27 at 7:00 pm.  

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