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Bryn Du Minutes June 10, 2003

Bryn Du Advisory Committee II/Minutes

June 11, 2003 7:00 p.m.


Attendees included:

Mary Malcuit, Steve Mershon, Kim Miles, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tim Riffle, Lyn Robertson, Pam Satterfield, Jim Siegel, Bill Moore, Bruce Cramer, Bill York, Nancy Recchie, Bob Luverish. 

Bob Luverish stated that they, as consultants, are there to help facilitate the decision making process.   He went on to say that they will help the committee work with the public and other people’s money.  Mr. Luverish asked the committee what their project goals were and what they have done so far to meet them.  

Candi Moore stated that there was an open house in conjunction with the Spring Egg Hunt held this past Spring.  She mentioned the summary of comments and public input put together by Pam Satterfield.  Nancy Recchie asked for a copy of the data.  

Bill York stated that all that has officially been done is choosing the contractor.  

Mr. Luverish stated that most likely all decisions would not be solved by October, but that the committee’s goal should be to narrow the focus with an implementation plan.  Mr. Luverish went on to say that the consultants envision three goals: 

1 – Programatic approach    

2 – Look at physical/architecture structures   

3 - Pay for it component

He also stated there needed to be a schedule and pace that everyone felt comfortable with.  Mr. Luverish and Ms. Recchie went over the following proposed schedule:

June – data gathering

July – public work (surveys, charrette, open house)

August  - support work done

September – go back to the public

The committee felt good about the proposed schedule and pace when asked. 

Ms. Recchie stated that interviews will need to be done with various people.  She anticipates the need to have committee members involved in the interview process at times.  However, she also said that it may be best for the consultants to conduct some of the interviews since they can represent themselves as living elsewhere than Granville.  

Pam Satterfield asked if any duplicate work would be done during the proposed open house.  Ms. Recchie stated that she envisioned building on the information already gathered at the previous open house.  The consultants also mentioned having design sketches available at the open house as well as a program.  

Bob Luverish stated that “all of this has to do with ownership.”  He stated that if it’s the community that plans it – it will happen.  Mr. Luverish went on to say that the more people who are present at the open house, the better chance of succeeding.  Mary Malcuit agreed and said that she would like to make sure that the people of the community really know that they are the owners of the property.  

Jurgen Pape asked why the committee has an October deadline.  Lyn Robertson stated that council had established the timeline.  Candi Moore stated that this would be close to the time when the notes had to be rolled over and that it is best to have a set deadline to ensure the committee is moving forward.  

Bob Luverish stated that the committee is rather large.  He suggested breaking up into sub-committees.  He also suggested that anyone on the committee who has not read the first committees report should do so.  The following sub-committees were formed: 

1 – Programming and Uses Committee

2 – Physical/Architecture Committee

3 – Funding Committee

Ms. Recchie sent around sign-up sheets for each committee.  She also suggested that committee members sign up for just one sub-committee.  

Ms. Recchie stated that the Programming and Uses Committee would first look at the issue of conducting a community survey.  She mentioned a previous conversation with Keith Myers and his suggestion of putting the survey on the village web-site.  Ms. Recchie also said the survey should be available at the library.  She stated that it would be best to have the survey ready by early July.  Ms. Recchie stated that members of this committee would also be responsible for working on interviews with various people.  Bill York asked how the web-site survey would be controlled.  Mr. Laverish stated that you could possibly not ask voting questions.  Ms. Recchie stated that the web survey is certainly not scientific and does not need to be used to make final decisions, but simply gather information.  Mr. Laverish added that the survey is a good opportunity to gain ownership by the community and that it is very important to get word out to the community that they are asking for their input.  

The consultants went on to explain what members of the Physical/Architecture Committee would be responsible for.  They envision this committee implementing the design focus for the open house and charrette, as well as assessing the condition of the buildings.  Ms. Recchie stated that some people with engineering or architecture experience may be interested in serving on this committee.  Candi Moore stated that the village has already replaced the front door to the Mansion, as well as removed some trees,  and altered some existing beams.  Ms. Moore asked for committee members to look for anything that the village might want to take a look at that could be helpful.  Mr. Laverish stated that this sub-committee may also want to look at what buildings need “stapled” to keep in good condition.  

The third committee, the Funding Committee, would be responsible for contacting other communities that have undertaken similar community projects.  Members of this committee would serve as liaisons with community groups and public.  Ms. Recchie stated that in this first phase she sees this committee recommending some direction and not necessarily having all the funding issues figured out.  Ms. Recchie went on to say that members of this committee need to listen to what participating groups might want or need and keep the door open to any potential possibilities.  She also stated that much emphasis needs to be on the organizational structure and how to operate.  

Kim Miles suggested that the sub-committees email information back and forth between meetings and before the large group committee meetings.  

The consultants asked for suggestions of people and organizations to interview.  The following were mentioned:

  • ·        Elected public officials
  • ·        Council members
  • ·        Township trustees
  • ·        Foundations, businesses, county
  • ·        Recreation Commission, Lesa Miller
  • ·        Tennis coach
  • ·        Swimming coach
  • ·        Youth leaders at Granville High School
  • ·        Youth hockey
  • ·        Denison University, Dale Knobel (and Tina Knobel)
  • ·        Granville Historical Society
  • ·        Licking County Historical Society
  • ·        Licking Land Trust
  • ·        Lifestyle Museum
  • ·        Granville Chamber of Commerce
  • ·        Buxton Inn
  • ·        Joyce Sperling or Ron Abrams, Denison University
  • ·        Ruth Owen
  • ·        Jay Baird, County Commissioner
  • ·        Marcia Phelps
  • ·        Evans Foundation
  • ·        Granville Garden Club
  • ·        Conservancy Garden Club
  • ·        Polo Club
  • ·        Longaberger, Mike Bennett
  • ·        Joe Hickman
  • ·        Betsy O’Neil
  • ·        Roney Murphy
  • ·        Carl Frazier
  • ·        Howard LeFevre
  • ·        Marcia Downs
  • ·        Gary Satterfield
  • ·        Park Shai
  • ·        Bob Kent
  • ·        Becky Miller
  • ·        JoAnn Woodyard
  • ·        Kathy Lowery
  • ·        Paul and Jill Griesse
  • ·        Jim Riddel
  • ·        Jim and Susie Muir 

The following sub-committees will meet on June 25, 2003 7:00pm:

 – Programming and Uses Committee

 – Physical/Architecture Committee

–       Funding Committee

Lyn Robertson stated that Joe Hickman should be notified that additional space will be needed that night to break up for meetings with sub-committees.  

A tentative date for the open house was set for July 27, 2003.  The tentative schedule is as follows:

1:00 – open house

3:00 – program

5:00 – wrap up 

The full Bryn Du Committee would like to meet on July 16, 2003 at 6:00pm before the village council meeting already set for that night.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.


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