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Bryn Du Minutes May 15, 2003

Bryn Du Advisory Committee II/Minutes

May 15, 2003 8:00 p.m.


Attendees included:

Clifton Crais, Bob Gardner, Robert Gillie, Joe Hickman, Mary Ann Malcuit, Steve Mershon, Kim Miles, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tim Riffle, Lyn Robertson, Pam Satterfield, Jim Siegel, Seth Dorman, Keith Myers, Bill Moore, Bruce Cramer, Tom Mitchell.


8:00 p.m.  -  Ms. Robertson began the meeting by asking members to comment on likes/dislikes of each firm.  

Acock Associates Architects

Bruce Cramer stated that this committee considered all of the options.  Tim Riffle stated that he had some concern on what this firm mentioned doing with the lawn area.  He felt it was important to keep focused on the original intent that the village had in buying the area and that was leaving it as green space.  Pam Satterfield stated that she liked this company’s enthusiasm, however they did not answer questions as well as other companies did.  Lyn Robertson stated that Acock Associates did not make the process known, even after asking them specific questions in regards to the process.  She also stated that she liked their closing.  Bill Moore said that he was impressed with their background and that they appear to be very talented.  Mary Ann Malcuit stated that this was the only company to suggest possible uses of the facility.  Bob Gardner stated that Acock is strong in conceptualizing, artistic, and head strong.  He went on to say that they have done many projects around the country, but personally believes they are stronger on the private side, rather than the public.  

David Benjamin Meleca

Pam Satterfield said that she liked this company’s mission statement.  She went on to say that they exhibited confidence and answered all of the questions well.  Tim Riffle stated that he has worked with this company before and feels that they are very good at staying on budget and very experienced.  Joe Hickman mentioned problems that the village has had in the past with this particular company and overrunning costs.  Clifton Crais stated that he admired this firm’s prophesizing qualities.  He went on to say that they had a wide lens in terms of potential players and a better combination of public and private.  He stated that they mentioned the school system.  Mr. Crais stated that this company reminded him of “new urbanism.”  Steve Mershon stated that Meleca’s approach seemed to involve new construction and that this firm exhibited a lesser approach to renovation.  Lyn Robertson said that this company did not focus on the funding side of the project.  Bill Moore wondered if some of the pictures that this company displayed were actual projects that they had done or just examples of architecture.  Bob Gardner stated that they were involved in the projects, but likely did just pieces and parts of it.  Clifton Crais said that Meleca appeared to be clearer on the process than Acock.  Bill Moore said that this firm stated that they specialize in single family homes.  

Lupton Rausch

Bill Moore stated that this firm has no local ties and did not exhibit much enthusiasm.  Mary Ann Malcuit stated that this company did not go and look at the mansion; however she was impressed with the head person working on the Dublin Art Center.  Tim Riffle mentioned that there were only three people and one half of their team appeared to be glossed over.  Tom Mitchell stated that this company did not appear to work on traditional buildings.  Clifton Crais stated that he was impressed with the president, and that he seemed sharp.  He did wonder if the company was having financial difficulties.  He later went on to say that this company seemed fairly narrow on their set of products.  Keith Myers stated that he did not believe the company was in trouble, but knows that they have considerable resources tied up on a current project.  Bob Gardner stated that he believes Judy Williams has a fabulous reputation for working funding/grant issues on the historical side.  Bruce Cramer inquired on what services Judy Williams would provide and how they are broken up.  Bill Moore asked other committee members if it was the consensus of the group that they are not comfortable with this firm.  Many spoke up in agreement. 

Schooley Caldwell Associates

Pam Satterfield stated that she loved this firm.  She went on to say that their process was clear, scheduling was good, and they displayed all of the needed information, including an implementation plan.  Tim Riffle stated that this firm is very good and well known.  He also stated with the former committee worked with Schooley Caldwell.  Jim Siegel stated that this firm appeared to have more experience in the historic area.  Pam Satterfield said that she noticed one negative point when the firm mentioned needing help gathering public opinion.  Lyn Robertson stated that she viewed the firm’s comments on this in a different way and felt that Schooley Caldwell saw it as essential for the community to be a part of this.  Clifton Crais stated that he was “seduced” by this firm and saw them as a favorite.  Bruce Cramer asked why the entire team was not present for the presentation.  Tim Riffle stated that the two most important people were.  Bill Moore noted that the head of the company is president of the AIA historical group.  He went on to say that he looked at their website and was very impressed with this company.  Steve Mershon asked what their deliverables were in regards to the public input process.  He also said that there was not much concept on usage in other areas – only the building being renovated.  Lyn Robertson stated that she disagreed and felt that they described usage of the other buildings.  Jim Siegel stated that each company will likely focus on the mansion and not on other buildings.  He agreed that these need to be included, but perhaps phased in.  Lyn Robertson said that this company seemed to teach more than the others.  She went on to say that she liked how they mentioned a working relationship over time and felt that they were very genuine.  Mary Ann Malcuit stated that this firm mentioned a long term relationship with their clients.  Bob Gardner said that this firm would have a lot of weight in the community.  He later said that one negative might be that they are a fairly rigid firm, and are not quite as flexible as some of the others.  He also stated that he has always known them to be heavily involved in urban types of development.  Kim Miles stated that they did work on the house in Lancaster.  Tim Riffle stated that Schooley Caldwell mentioned ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) funding for the site, and this makes him think that the firm did consider the grounds and not just the mansion.  He also stated that they addressed operating costs. 

Brandstelter Caroll Zofcin Inc.

Bruce Cramer stated that this firm seemed more appropriate for implementing a pool.  Lyn Robertson stated that it appeared they would be appropriate for a different type of project.  Robert Gillie stated that this firm mentioned a 90% involvement in public projects, but he saw inconsistencies in their presentation.  He said that they had only shown examples of 1-2 public areas.  Kim Miles stated that this firm did not appear strong on historic presentation.  Bob Gardner stated that a plus would be their involvement in central Ohio.  He initially saw them as the weakest choice.  Pam Satterfield stated that they had gone thru the operating costs.  Steve Mershon stated that this firm was the only one to focus on community sentiment.  He went on to say that they were willing to obtain public opinion through a phone survey, although it would cost $9500.  

Keith Myers stated that he was startled at the number of responses for the Bryn Du project.  He said that the committee was looking at some of the best talent in Ohio.  He went on to say that all points addressed in the committees discussions seemed to be right on.  Mr. Myers said that no two projects are the same and that each company will indeed need help from the community.  

Joe Hickman stated that the discussion from the group was very good.  

Seth Dorman added that his thoughts echoed Keith and Joe’s and wished the committee well in their findings.  

Clifton Crais stated that it appeared through discussion that two companies,  Brandstelter Caroll Zofcin Inc. and Lupton Rausch, were unlikely to prevail.  He suggested removing them from consideration.  The committee agreed.  Lyn Robertson asked the committee to individually write out on paper the remaining three choices in order of preference. 

All but three committee members voted that Schooley Caldwell be first choice; The other three voted this firm as their second choice.  Acock Associates was the second choice, followed by Maleca, as third.  

Keith Myers stated that it would be appropriate to call each firm and let them know the committee’s decision as soon as possible.  Joe Hickman stated that he and his staff would take care of this.  Joe Hickman also stated that a resolution with the committee’s suggestions would need to go to council.  Lyn Robertson stated that public knowledge of committee’s choice would be made after the resolutions goes to council. 

Lyn Robertson stated that sub-committees would likely be determined at the next meeting on May 28th.  She said that the believed the chosen contractor could be involved in helping to choose these committees.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

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