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Bryn Du Minutes September 18, 2003

Bryn Du Advisory Committee II/Minutes

September 18, 2003 7:00 p.m.


Attendees included:

Kim Miles, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tim Riffle, Lyn Robertson, Pam Satterfield, Nancy Recchie, Molly Roberts, Bob Loversidge, Mary Ann Malcuit, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore, Bob Gardner, Clifton Crais, Bruce Cramer, Tom Mitchell 

Tom Mitchell spoke to the committee in regards to senior housing.  He wanted to remind committee members the benefits of having tax revenue produce purposes for the Bryn Du property.  Mr. Mitchell stated that National Church Residency and Lutheran Housing has come forward to build low rent income based housing which would be restricted to ages 55-62 and over.  He stated that these are not for profit developers.  

Bruce Cramer asked what the definition of senior housing was.  Mr. Mitchell stated that the intended income level to target is $25,000 - $50,000.  

Mary Ann Malcuit stated that it would not be the developers intent to purchase the land and she is against any building or new structure being placed on this property.  She asked Mr. Mitchell if he had considered Spring Valley.  He stated that it was being looked at as a possibility. 

Lyn Robertson stated that organizations like National Church Residency and Lutheran Housing need time to submit proposals.  She went on to say that if it is the desire of the committee to be in next year’s cycle – the time to start is now.  She also stated that it may not be the appropriate time to request these proposals, and perhaps a different cycle would be good.   

Bob Loversidge stated that before doing any further checking there needs to be a general consensus from the committee what the end results should be.  

Nancy Recchie stated that there appeared to be some reluctance shown on the surveys to see any additional buildings or development on the property.

Nancy Recchie stated that she was recently made aware of the Licking County Senior Levy which could be applied for.  The funds might not be available for work on the buildings, but could be used for planning.  She stated that the deadline for these monies is October 15, 2003.  Molly Roberts stated that village officials are applying for the monies as a procedural method.  

Nancy Recchie and Lyn Robertson spoke on a visit they had to Oglebay Park in Wheeling, West Virginia.  They stated that the park is a non-profit organizations that has a close relationship with government, but also very separate.  

The city appoints two members to a board and the Chamber of Commerce appoints three.  Doug Dolby is the CEO/director of the Wheeling Park Commission, which was formed in 1924.  Fred Lambert is president of the Oglebay Institute.  When the city of Wheeling was offered Oglebay, it took them two years to decide whether or not to accept it.  Before 1950, volunteers were used.  From 1950 to today they rely heavily on philanthropy and volunteers.  It was mentioned that much funding comes from Pittsburgh foundations.  It was also stated that Oglebay charges for all services and there is constant flexibility amongst the Institute and Commission. 

Lyn Robertson stated that she is not suggesting that Bryn Du try to become Oglebay, but some of their philosophies could be useful.  She stated that their statement says “For everyone forever.”  Ms. Robertson stated that she felt a similar idea and openness could be a guiding principle for Bryn Du. 

Jurgen Pape asked what Oglebay’s regional/local attendance was.  Nancy Recchie stated that they are also a resort.  She stated that it was estimated that they have local attendance within a forty mile regional radius.  

Lyn Robertson stated that Oglebay is a resort, but in a way the Granville community is also a resort offering many of the same things such as golf, hotel accommodations, and restaurants.  

Mary Ann Malcuit asked for information regarding the buildings in place at Oglebay.  Ms. Robertson stated that there are cottages, a mansion with each room decorated in a different time period, greenhouse, amphitheatre, and an environmental education center.  

Lyn Robertson stated that Oglebay charges slightly higher rates than area businesses to prevent being in competition with them.  She stated that the committee needs to consider their impact on competition with any local businesses.  

Pam Satterfield mentioned an article she came across in USA TODAY regarding the need for retreat centers.  Ms. Recchie stated that a retreat center was the third highest rated want for the Bryn Du property according to the surveys.  

Candi Moore spoke in regards to a meeting she had with the bond council.  She stated that there is a state constitutional provision that prohibits lending to private entities if financed by tax exempt bonds.  Ms. Moore stated that revenue bonds can be used.  Ms. Moore went on to say that 2.4 million was the purchase price for the mansion, while Longaberger donated the polo field.  She stated that there is 1.5 million in outstanding bonds.  Ms. Moore stated that the bond council had no problem to carve up the property saying one part is financed using bonds and one part is not.  She suggested that the outer buildings be acquired without the use of bonds, and to allocate the debt to the mansion only.  Nancy Recchie stated that there needs to be some thought on how bonds are renewed when looking forward at any development.  Bob Loversidge stated that it seems as though there is some flexibility if you are careful.  Ms. Moore stated that the bonds are currently rolled every year – December and that bond financing will add an extra layer of thought to whatever is done at Bryn Du.  

Bob Loversidge spoke in regards to a recent visit he made to the Bryn Du property.  He stated that he had good news because the “underground” items such as electrical and plumbing seemed to be in better capacity than previously believed.  Mr. Loversidge stated that the Longaberger’s had spent a great deal of money upgrading these areas and there was enough electrical service to basically do whatever was needed.  Mr. Loversidge stated that the barn had a new electrical panel, and there was city sewer to the site.  He went on to say that there was no telephone service, but this would not be hard to add.  He stated that there was some evidence for intention to provide computer wiring in the future.  Mr. Loversidge stated that had the upgrades been done on a residential level, it would not be good, but they were done on a larger scale.  Moreover, Mr. Loversidge said that all of the buildings needed some work, but were in relatively good shape.  He stated that the mansion needed to be made more accessible and have restrooms.  He did not feel that adding restrooms would be too difficult because there was adequate plumbing.  Mr. Loversidge stated that a catering kitchen and service entrance were also needed.  A catering kitchen does not have an oven.  Mr. Loversidge stated that the second floor would need further investigation, and there was possible use in the front part of the second floor.  

Mr. Loversidge stated that the barn could be ready for use once cleared out.  He stated that it would need lights, electrical service, and perhaps portable bleachers and stage.  Mr. Loversidge was assuming use on the ground floor only since the second floor is in need of more attention.  Pam Satterfield stated she felt the barn floor should be left dirt.  Candi Moore stated that the barn does flood and this will need to be addressed. 

The Bryn Du committee discussed possible renovation costs.  It was stated that any and all costs should be appropriated in a phased approach.  It was also stated to keep in mind that any cost estimates were intended for the entire ten years.  Clifton Crais stated that he “loved the proposed timetable.”  Steve Mershon agreed that exact dollar amounts should not yet be discussed, however, the phased plan should be shared information.  He also asked if we should be getting public opinion on the phased approach.  Nancy Recchie stated that the phased approach was a result of public opinion already gathered from the survey.  Tim Riffle stated that no matter what a “total” renovation cost will be discouraging to some people.  He suggested not having total costs listed.  Lyn Robertson stated that people need to keep in mind that taxes will not go up to pay for these renovation costs.  

A proposed vision statement was distributed to committee members.  It was changed to read as follows: 

“Bryn Du is a long-term asset in the community whose purpose is to provide a variety of cultural, recreational, and educational venues for residents of all ages.  Bryn Du will be preserved, maintained, and over time will be enhanced to contribute to the quality of life in the Granville community.”  

Bob Loversidge stated that a vision statement would be a good thing to leave when this committee ends in October.  

Jurgen Pape noted that he feels this property is a long term asset that ultimately impacts home investment and property value in Granville.  

Some members of the committee stated that they felt that the consideration of appointments to a Bryn Du commission should not be limited to members of organizations such as the Granville Fellowship, Granville Historical Society, Granville Garden Club…..etc.  

Please note the attached files to these minutes. 

  • ·       
  • ·        A Bryn Du Vision Statement
  • ·        A Bryn Du Facility Use Permit Form

A sheet listing rental rates for related central Ohio facilities was also distributed to committee members.  

Nancy Recchie stated that comments on the handouts/attached files can be faxed (or emailed) to her at 614-464-9357.  

Nancy Recchie asked the committee how critical it was to have the final report ready by the end of October.  She stated that they could be ready, however she would like to work on getting committee members ready for the public meeting.  It was their hopes that committee members would do all of the speaking.  A Powerpoint presentation is planned for this meeting.   

It was determined that the public meeting would be moved to Sunday, November 9, 2003 from 2:00 – 4:00.  The new high school auditorium was suggested as the place.  Candi Moore stated that she would check the availability of the auditorium.  Molly Roberts asked Nancy Recchie to notify the Granville Sentinal of this change since it was previously published as a different date.  

The next Bryn Du Committee meeting will be October 8, 2003at 7:00pm.  A tentative meeting was also set for October 29, 2003.


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