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Bryn Du Minutes December 8, 2004

Bryn Du Governance Commission

Minutes Regular Meeting

Wednesday, December 8, 2004


The regular meeting of the Bryn Du Governance Commission was held at Bryn Du Mansion on Jones Road, Granville, Ohio. 

Members present: Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape and Keith Myers 

Guests Present:  None 

Old Business:

Approval of Minutes:  Steve Mershon will provide minutes of the November 19th work session, to be approved at the next meeting. 

Steve Mershon reported that the Granville Recreation Commission funds to renovate the pool building would not be available before 2006.  They are still working on the details of this.  The cost of the renovation is still undefined at this time.  Joe Hickman will identify the costs and Joe and Steve will follow up with this.  They will also ask about the use of the facility as a day camp. 

There was discussion regarding the temporary holiday sign.  Steve Mershon will contact Joe Hickman and clarify our position. 

New Business: 

The Legal subcommittee will work on establishing this group as a 501C3.  The committee proposed the creation of an entity that has a structure similar to the current Bryn du Governance Committee.  Reed Fraley will obtain Ogelbay Park information to use as a model for this.

Steve Herb will post Bryn Du meeting schedules on the village web site. 

Candi Moore reported that Marcia Downes of The Works is interested in talking with our group.  Candi will work with Marcia to set up a convenient time.

 Jurgen Pape will establish contact with the Columbus museum of Art.

Committee members are to forward their comments regarding the 2005 Strategic Plan to Keith Myers ASAP. Reed Fraley will work on the job description for the part time Executive Director. 

December 23, 2004 meeting will be held as scheduled unless otherwise notified

Bryn Du Minutes November 10, 2004

MINUTES OF November 10, 2004



Members Present:

Steve Herb, Reed Fraley, Steve Mershon, Keith Myers, Candi Moore and Kim Miles 


Jurgen Pape 

Guests Present:

Joe Hickman 

Meeting was convened at 7:05 at the Bryn Du Mansion 

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the October 27th, 2004 meeting were approved. 

Public Comment:

No comments from the public were offered. 

Old Business:

The proposed fees structure was approved, with a copy given to Mr. Hickman for his office to begin using officially. 

New Business:

Kim Miles announced that Laura Evans of the Historical Society, would like to do a presentation of the Mansion to the public. Kim will schedule Laura for February or March 2005. 

Mr. Hickman explained the building code status. The request was submitted to seek occupancy permits for both the Mansion and the tennis building for “gallery or meeting space”.  Claggett & Sons did much of this work.

The Granville Rotary is asking for a gambling evening. 

The Village offices are receiving an average of 2 to 3 calls per week asking about using the Mansion facilities. 

Mr. Hickman reported that the horse & buggy startup business is considering other options for storing their equipment. This facility is 3rd on their list. 

Mr. Hickman has received the pool building plans from the Longabergers. 

Mr. Hickman reviewed the 2005 proposed budget for the Mansion facility with our commission. After considerable discussion, we approved this budget to go forward to the Village Council. We are hopeful that with Council’s approval of this budget, we may be able to start actual work on the facility by May 2005. 

Mr. Hickman described the work scheduled for the balance of 2004:

  1. Wheelchair ramp in rear of Mansion
  2. Installation of stone steps in rear of Mansion
  3. Replace the boarded-up double windows in the rear of the Mansion 

We held a general discussion of Chris Strayer’s “RFPs for Executive Catering/Management Services”. We touched on this approach versus hiring a Facility Manager. 

Commission members agreed that we will work on the following goals next, to be addressed beginning with the November 19th, 2004 meeting.:

  1. Review Mark Milligan’s (Passage Management) “Report to the Bryn Du Commission”.  Reed will work-up an outline for our discussion based on Mr. Milligan’s report.
  2. Development of a business model for the facility. For example, using the proposed RFP approach, or moving forward with hiring a Facility Manager.
  3. Site Plan discussion. 

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the next meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 19th, at 2:00 p.m. at the Bryn Du Mansion. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Bryn Du Minutes October 27, 2004




Members Present:

Steve Herb, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape, Steve Mershon, Keith Myers, Candi Moore and Kim Miles 

Guests Present:

Mark Milligan, Joe Hickman, Chris Strayer

Public Comment:

No comments from the public were offered. 

New Business: 

1)  Joe Hickman reported on housekeeping activities of the Denison sororities’ members at their volunteer labor day, including the hanging of garland along the polo field fence.  Joe will follow up to prepare a card and seek a proclamation of thanks from Village Council.  He reported on plans to place lights on the garland that will be activated after Thanksgiving.  

Joe also reported conversations with the schools regarding their possible use of the tennis building for basketball and volleyball.  Discussions have also been held regarding the use of the tennis building for the high school junior prom next spring.  The rental of the building for such a use was favorably received by the commission members. 

Joe has obtained construction plans from Longaberger for the tennis facility and plans for the proposed renovation of one of the other outbuildings near the pool.  He believes the plans will be helpful in utilizing the buildings.  The Commission agreed with Joe’s proposal to use Village labor to re-construct the handicapped access ramp at the rear of the Mansion building over the winter. 

A short discussion was held regarding parking on the polo field, and a consensus exists that such parking should be discouraged whenever children are using the field.

2)  Chris Strayer distributed a draft RFP that reflects his vision for possible management of the property by a third party event manager.  The Commission will review this and comment on it at a future meeting. 

3)  Mark Milligan of Passage Management facilitated a discussion of Commission members regarding a number of issues surrounding the use, development and management of the Bryn Du property.  His report is attached to these minutes. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bryn Du Mansion.

Bryn Du Minutes October 13, 2004




Members present:

Steve Herb, Candi Moore, Steve Mershon, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape.

Guests Present:

Millie Entrekin (Columbus Dispatch); Diana Jones.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of September 22 were approved unanimously.

Public Comments:

Diana Jones briefly presented her wish to use the mansion property for her proposed horse & carriage service, the approval of which is being processed. The commission felt a certain amount of interest in this undertaking and recommended that Diana write a specific proposal to this commission including rental rates and term longevity.

New Business:

Candi distributed projected budget revenue and expenses for next year. The revenues are based on past events and the discussed fee schedules. The members felt this quite appropriate if not conservative. Steve Mershon thought these projections were good for the short term but felt that we should project beyond; this should be brought up during the planned vision session.

Jurgen mentioned the desire to complete a site plan showing existing features including contours to become the basis for site proposals. He had discussed this with Schooley Caldwell Assoc. and has received various non-compatible drawings. Bob Loversidge of SCA contacted Joe Hickman that SCA could combine this data in digitized format for under $ 1,000. Steve Herb moved and Candi seconded to have SCA proceed with this undertaking as long as the entire site was covered and we have full access and control of the digitized data.

Candi mentioned a note from Mollie Roberts @ village hall requesting possible input on the handling of additional money requested for the mansion. Should the existing bond note for the mansion be expanded and/or should it be converted from short-term to long-term status? Mollie was apparently concerned about front-financing the projected mansion costs for next year. The commission didn’t quite feel versed in reaching a decision on this issue.

Old Business:

Reed contacted Marc Milligan to help us prioritize and prepare our goals and direction. Joe Hickman had indicated that this commission could act on allocating $ 500 for about 7 hours of Marc’s estimated input. Steve Mershon felt that we needed to resolve differences of uses and expenses. Candi wanted to concentrate on larger policy issues. Reed thought we needed a facilitator to lead us to develop our strategic plan. Steve felt that the commission needs to prepare for Marc’s visit planned for our next meeting on October 27 and Jurgen suggested that we devote that entire meeting for that purpose. Steve Mershon volunteered to e-mail topic and question outlines to members to help us focus. Members should respond to these outlines ASAP.

Much time was spent on reviewing the draft bi-annual report prepared by Reed. Having had a chance to discuss this before, the overall content and format was considered quite appropriate. This report will be sent to Granville Village offices yet this week to allow distribution to council members prior to its presentation by this commission at the first council meeting in November. 2 minor items were to be clarified by Joe Hickman for Reed to finalize this report. With this proviso, Steve Mershon moved and Steve Herb seconded for Reed to complete the report and forward it to the village offices. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27 @ 7 PM @ the Bryn Du Mansion.

Bryn Du Minutes September 22, 2004




Members Present:

Steve Herb, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape, Steve Mershon, Keith Myers, Candi Moore and Kim Miles 

Guests Present:

Jerry Miller, Lesa Miller, Joe Hickman, Chris Strayer 

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the September 8, 2004 meeting were approved. 

Public Comment:

No comments from the public were offered. 

New Business:

At the invitation of the Commission Jerry and Lesa Miller, the co-directors of the Granville Recreation Commission, described the programs of the Recreation Commission.  Ms. Miller’s discussion included a description of the Rec Commission’s history, its current service activities and the locations in the Village and township where those activities occur.  Per Lesa, participation in certain activities (gymnasium use, basketball and aerobics) is growing but is constrained by a lack of space to conduct additional sessions.  Most Rec Commission activities are conducted in locations that are used at a minimal cost. 

Jerry and Lisa next reported on brainstorming sessions conducted by the Rec Commission’s Programs Committee regarding possible use of facilities at Bryn Du.  Although they identified possible recreational uses for most of the buildings and areas on the property, they indicated an immediate need for an open gymnasium time for basketball, other sports practices and uses, as well as a room for aerobic and fitness instruction/classes.  Jerry asked whether they might expand their current use of the polo field for additional football and soccer uses. 

Other possible recreation uses discussed included use of the grounds surrounding the buildings as a location for family campouts and summer day camps, conducted either by the Rec Commission or other service providers in the Village. 

The Millers reported that the Rec Commission generally uses tax levy funds for facility rental, maintenance (such as grass cutting) and overhead, and charges participants a fee for the direct costs of the programs and services utilized.  They indicated a willingness, when they establish future budgets or seek tax levies to support their operations, to consider including funds to pay facility costs at Bryn Du for parts of the property used in their programs.  They indicated it would be useful to firm up their possible future use of the Bryn Du property by December in order to help them with their budget planning.  It would also be useful to know to what extent the Rec Commission’s use of the polo field could be expanded, so that they could determine what resources they should allocate to other facilities, such as Raccoon Valley Park. 

The Commission thanked the Millers for their presentation and agreed to discuss the further use of the facility by the Rec Commission programs in the upcoming few meetings. 

Old Business:

Chris Strayer described his efforts in preparing a draft request for proposals regarding the use of the Bryn Du property as an event center.  He suggested the RFP was designed to seek general input from experts about potential uses of all the property that might be supported by such commercial providers.  Mr. Strayer also described generally the restrictions on the provision of alcohol to facility users at Village-owned properties.  The consensus of the Commission was to identify those costs of the facility that must be paid by the Village annually and that should be recovered from users of the property, as that restriction would help guide us to determine the types of proposals we should seek from facility managers and other users.  Reed Fraley commented that the extent of control ceded to a facilities manager was a policy decision that we should discuss before seeking proposals.  

The Commission thanked Chris for his excellent presentation and agreed to defer consideration of the circulation of our request for proposals until after the more general policy discussions that are scheduled for the November meetings. 

Kim Miles circulated a description of proposed fees for the use of various parts of the facility that have been prepared by Herb, Miles and Pape.  Steve Herb indicated that the information was based, in part, upon similar charges by Denison for use of certain of their facilities during the summer months.  

Joe Hickman described a proposal to install the final steps leading from the rear patio at a cost of approximately $2000, and to seal and stripe the parking lot at a cost of approximately $3100, this fall.  The committee recommended that he proceed with those projects. 

Kim Miles volunteered to identify resources for the preservation and recording of the history of the Bryn Du property, including discussions with the Granville Historical Society.  The Commission concurred with that action. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bryn Du Mansion.

Bryn Du Minutes August 24, 2004


August 24, 2004 Meeting                                                    


Candi Moore convened the meeting at 7:15pm.  The meeting was held at the Bryn Du Mansion.  Members in attendance were: Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Keith Myers, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore.  Guests included Chris Strayer- Granville Village offices and Bob Loversidge- Schooley Caldwell Associates. No one from the general public was in attendance. 

I. The minutes of the August 11th, 2004 meeting were approved, with a minor change to item 3-c, asking that the existing gas line, which will feed the new gas grill, be tested to be sure it is functional. 

II. Public Comment:

Chris Strayer presented his “Discussion points from meeting with Caterer/Event Manager”.  We discussed the options of having a “preferred” or “exclusive” caterer, and/or enlisting an event manager. There was discussion about the level we would want to see the facilities used for private events versus public events. Bob Loversidge feels the restrooms we are planning should be adequate until the events get much larger in number. 

Chris will speak with more event managers and/or caters for additional information on this subject. He will draft a RFP (“Request for Proposal”) which we could use to solicit proposals from event managers or caterers. 

We thanked Chris for an excellent job. 

See his Memorandum dated August 25, 2004 for details.

III. New Business: No new business was introduced. 

IV. Old Business: Lesa Miller of the Granville Recreation Commission will attend our September 22nd 2004 meeting to discuss their needs, and various options which may be of interest with using the Mansion facility. 

Kim Miles will invite the Granville Bicentennial Ball Committee to a future meeting to discuss their plans and needs. 

Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission: Candi Moore spoke with State Senator Jay Hottinger and Representative Evans to discuss State funding options.  Ms. Moore will meet with Senator Hottinger September 8th for additional information. 

V. Committee Reports:

Use of Priority Facilities - Mansion. Bob Loversidge reviewed further options for restroom locations, kitchen size, function and location, suggested options for replacing the kitchen ceiling between the first and second floors, back staircase use and design, and options for a possible future elevator. 

Mr. Loversidge does not feel a sprinkler system would be required under the “Save America’s Treasures” Federal program. 

He will email the Commission his estimate of completing this work, which he feels will fall in the $210,000 to $250,000 range. 

The Commission discussed when and how to approach the Village Council with our funding plans. Mr. Fraley will complete his draft of the first Bi-Annual Report to Village Council. 

There was a brief discussion of legal structures for our Commission, with a suggestion that we incorporate, as is the Recreation Commission. 

VI. Other: 

The next meetings are scheduled for 7:00pm Wednesday September 8th at the Mansion. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM.

Bryn Du Minutes July 28, 2004

Bryn Du Governance Commission Minutes

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 7:p.m.


The regular meeting of the Bryn Du Governance Commission was held at Bryn Du Mansion on Jones Road, Granville, Ohio. 

Members present were Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore and Jurgen Pape.  Member Keith Myers was absent.  No guests attended.

I.          Approval of Minutes:  The July 14th minutes were approved

II.         Public Comment:  No comments 

III.       New Business:  No new business 

IV.       Old Business: 

            Granville Recreation Commission – Kim Miles will meet with Joe Hickman to review where the negotiations are with the Granville Recreation Commission

Regarding the use of the tennis building.  There was discussion about moving ahead with a plan to add restrooms to the tennis building.  It was decided that more information on the proposed use of the building was needed before a decision could be made. 

Biannual report –Reed Fraley agreed to work on this. 

Access to Fanchion Lewis Park Connection- Jurgen Pape will forward copies of the easements to Steve Mershon. 

Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission- Candi Moore and Keith Myers met with Kathy Fox director of the Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission.  Candi reported that this grant money is available for capital improvements including local historic facilities.  This money could be used to renovate the mansion building.  The maximum state contribution is one dollar per fifty cents of local funding.  The Midland Theatre, The Works and The Reese Peters House have received funding from this source. 

-This is a legislative appropriation process and requires the sponsorship of a local legislator.

-There is an application to apply for funding.

-A business plan would be submitted to the state.

Plan of attack: The committee decided to proceed as follows 

  1. 1.      Seek out funding from the Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission for the four phases of renovation to the mansion building.  The total included is 2.2 million dollars. 
  1. 2.      Research the limitations of the lease from the state.
  2. 3.      Contact Representatives Hottinger and Evans to sponsor and submit the request.
  3. 4.      Contact legislative support for this proposal. 

V. Committee Reports: None 

The next meeting is scheduled for August 11, 2004 at 7:00p.m. at Bryn Du Mansion. 

The meeting was adjourned.

Bryn Du Minutes June 23, 2004


June 23, 2004 Meeting          



Candi Moore convened the meeting at 7:10pm.  The meeting was held at the Bryn Du Mansion.  Members in attendance were: Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Keith Myers, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape.  Guests included Joe Hickman and Chris Strayer. No one from the general public was in attendance.

I. The minutes of the June 9th, 2004 meeting were approved. 

II. Public Comment: No comments. 

III. Initial Sub-Committee Status Reports: 

Use of Priority Facilities - Mansion: Keith Myers reported on his initial meeting with Bob Loversidge of Schooley Coldwell Associates concerning the mansion. During this meeting they discussed various options for getting the mansion operational in a basic form by November of 2005. The goal here is to allow hosting the Bicentennial Ball in the facility. 

Mr. Loversidge shared his thoughts with Keith on making the facility wheelchair accessible, on potential locations  for restroom facilities, and gave a rough estimate of what it might cost to make the mansion operational, in a basic sense. 

The Commission felt that locating the restrooms is a vital decision, impacting the future use of the back terrace, kitchen, and balance of the first floor. 

The Commission unanimously agreed that Keith should have the necessary funds to engage SCA to prepare a more formal proposal for the Commission. Joe Hickman will seek the funds, and Keith will invite Mr. Loversidge to the next meeting of the Commission on July 14th, 2004 to hold a workshop with the Commission. The goal will be to refine the scope of the work to be undertaken. 

Use of Priority Facilities - Tennis Complex: Candi Moore will meet with the Parks and Rec. Commission to determine their level of interest in using the tennis complex. 

Joe Hickman reviewed with the Commission his prior discussions with the Rhino Sports concerning possible indoor basketball and volleyball courts. 

Use of Priority Facilities - other:

Keith Myers will discuss other out-buildings as potential sites for Ms. Plaugher’s future personal training business (see June 9th, 2004 Governance Commission meeting minutes). 

Joe Hickman and Chris Strayer reviewed with the Commission various options for situating lacrosse, field hockey and soccer fields on the front lawn, and bocce ball courts on the west side of the mansion. The Commission was in general agreement that users of the facilities should be expected to pay usage fees, yet to be determined. The Operating Policies and Procedures Sub-Committee will review and make recommendations to the Committee of the Whole. 

Joe Hickman reviewed the upcoming calendar of scheduled events for the facility, and offered to continue having Bev Adzic maintain the schedule. 

Governance and Legal: Steve Mershon reported on his contact with Mr. Kramer of the Oglebay Institute and the Wheeling Parks Commission about their organizational structure. Steve reviewed with the Commission the pros and cons of implementing a 501c3 structure. Steve also reviewed Oglebay’s use of a foundation with a Board of Directors to manage fund raising activities. After considerable discussion by the Commission, it was agreed that the sub-committee will explore further options for fund-raising structures. 

Facility/Site Plan: Jurgen Pape led a review and discussion of connecting the Bryn Du facility/grounds with the foot trail leading through the Bryn Du Woods subdivision. The objective would be to connect the trail to the Fanchion Lewis Park. Steve Herb is a Vice President on the Board of the Bryn Du Woods Homeowner’s Association. He will present this proposal at the next meeting of the Board to explore options for making this connection through the subdivision grounds. 

Operating Policies and Procedures: Steve Herb and Kim Miles will hold their initial meeting the week of June 27th, and will review their progress with the Commission at the July 14th meeting.

IV. Operating Issues:

Steve Herb reported his initial meeting with Joe Hickman concerning helping out with buildings maintenance. Joe will be providing Steve with a brief history of work that has been done, and a contact list of contractors. Steve will initially meet with roofers and painters to determine the level and costs of needed repairs on the buildings. He will report his findings to the Commission at the next meeting, and future meetings as needed. 

V. Old Business:


VI. New Business:

The next meetings are scheduled for Wednesday July 14th, and July 28th at 7:00pm at the Mansion. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:48PM.

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