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Bryn Du Minutes August 24, 2004


August 24, 2004 Meeting                                                    


Candi Moore convened the meeting at 7:15pm.  The meeting was held at the Bryn Du Mansion.  Members in attendance were: Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Keith Myers, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore.  Guests included Chris Strayer- Granville Village offices and Bob Loversidge- Schooley Caldwell Associates. No one from the general public was in attendance. 

I. The minutes of the August 11th, 2004 meeting were approved, with a minor change to item 3-c, asking that the existing gas line, which will feed the new gas grill, be tested to be sure it is functional. 

II. Public Comment:

Chris Strayer presented his “Discussion points from meeting with Caterer/Event Manager”.  We discussed the options of having a “preferred” or “exclusive” caterer, and/or enlisting an event manager. There was discussion about the level we would want to see the facilities used for private events versus public events. Bob Loversidge feels the restrooms we are planning should be adequate until the events get much larger in number. 

Chris will speak with more event managers and/or caters for additional information on this subject. He will draft a RFP (“Request for Proposal”) which we could use to solicit proposals from event managers or caterers. 

We thanked Chris for an excellent job. 

See his Memorandum dated August 25, 2004 for details.

III. New Business: No new business was introduced. 

IV. Old Business: Lesa Miller of the Granville Recreation Commission will attend our September 22nd 2004 meeting to discuss their needs, and various options which may be of interest with using the Mansion facility. 

Kim Miles will invite the Granville Bicentennial Ball Committee to a future meeting to discuss their plans and needs. 

Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission: Candi Moore spoke with State Senator Jay Hottinger and Representative Evans to discuss State funding options.  Ms. Moore will meet with Senator Hottinger September 8th for additional information. 

V. Committee Reports:

Use of Priority Facilities - Mansion. Bob Loversidge reviewed further options for restroom locations, kitchen size, function and location, suggested options for replacing the kitchen ceiling between the first and second floors, back staircase use and design, and options for a possible future elevator. 

Mr. Loversidge does not feel a sprinkler system would be required under the “Save America’s Treasures” Federal program. 

He will email the Commission his estimate of completing this work, which he feels will fall in the $210,000 to $250,000 range. 

The Commission discussed when and how to approach the Village Council with our funding plans. Mr. Fraley will complete his draft of the first Bi-Annual Report to Village Council. 

There was a brief discussion of legal structures for our Commission, with a suggestion that we incorporate, as is the Recreation Commission. 

VI. Other: 

The next meetings are scheduled for 7:00pm Wednesday September 8th at the Mansion. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM.

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