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Bryn Du Minutes December 8, 2004

Bryn Du Governance Commission

Minutes Regular Meeting

Wednesday, December 8, 2004


The regular meeting of the Bryn Du Governance Commission was held at Bryn Du Mansion on Jones Road, Granville, Ohio. 

Members present: Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape and Keith Myers 

Guests Present:  None 

Old Business:

Approval of Minutes:  Steve Mershon will provide minutes of the November 19th work session, to be approved at the next meeting. 

Steve Mershon reported that the Granville Recreation Commission funds to renovate the pool building would not be available before 2006.  They are still working on the details of this.  The cost of the renovation is still undefined at this time.  Joe Hickman will identify the costs and Joe and Steve will follow up with this.  They will also ask about the use of the facility as a day camp. 

There was discussion regarding the temporary holiday sign.  Steve Mershon will contact Joe Hickman and clarify our position. 

New Business: 

The Legal subcommittee will work on establishing this group as a 501C3.  The committee proposed the creation of an entity that has a structure similar to the current Bryn du Governance Committee.  Reed Fraley will obtain Ogelbay Park information to use as a model for this.

Steve Herb will post Bryn Du meeting schedules on the village web site. 

Candi Moore reported that Marcia Downes of The Works is interested in talking with our group.  Candi will work with Marcia to set up a convenient time.

 Jurgen Pape will establish contact with the Columbus museum of Art.

Committee members are to forward their comments regarding the 2005 Strategic Plan to Keith Myers ASAP. Reed Fraley will work on the job description for the part time Executive Director. 

December 23, 2004 meeting will be held as scheduled unless otherwise notified

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