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Bryn Du Minutes July 28, 2004

Bryn Du Governance Commission Minutes

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 7:p.m.


The regular meeting of the Bryn Du Governance Commission was held at Bryn Du Mansion on Jones Road, Granville, Ohio. 

Members present were Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore and Jurgen Pape.  Member Keith Myers was absent.  No guests attended.

I.          Approval of Minutes:  The July 14th minutes were approved

II.         Public Comment:  No comments 

III.       New Business:  No new business 

IV.       Old Business: 

            Granville Recreation Commission – Kim Miles will meet with Joe Hickman to review where the negotiations are with the Granville Recreation Commission

Regarding the use of the tennis building.  There was discussion about moving ahead with a plan to add restrooms to the tennis building.  It was decided that more information on the proposed use of the building was needed before a decision could be made. 

Biannual report –Reed Fraley agreed to work on this. 

Access to Fanchion Lewis Park Connection- Jurgen Pape will forward copies of the easements to Steve Mershon. 

Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission- Candi Moore and Keith Myers met with Kathy Fox director of the Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission.  Candi reported that this grant money is available for capital improvements including local historic facilities.  This money could be used to renovate the mansion building.  The maximum state contribution is one dollar per fifty cents of local funding.  The Midland Theatre, The Works and The Reese Peters House have received funding from this source. 

-This is a legislative appropriation process and requires the sponsorship of a local legislator.

-There is an application to apply for funding.

-A business plan would be submitted to the state.

Plan of attack: The committee decided to proceed as follows 

  1. 1.      Seek out funding from the Ohio Arts and Sports Facilities Commission for the four phases of renovation to the mansion building.  The total included is 2.2 million dollars. 
  1. 2.      Research the limitations of the lease from the state.
  2. 3.      Contact Representatives Hottinger and Evans to sponsor and submit the request.
  3. 4.      Contact legislative support for this proposal. 

V. Committee Reports: None 

The next meeting is scheduled for August 11, 2004 at 7:00p.m. at Bryn Du Mansion. 

The meeting was adjourned.

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