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Bryn Du Minutes June 23, 2004


June 23, 2004 Meeting          



Candi Moore convened the meeting at 7:10pm.  The meeting was held at the Bryn Du Mansion.  Members in attendance were: Reed Fraley, Steve Herb, Kim Miles, Keith Myers, Steve Mershon, Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape.  Guests included Joe Hickman and Chris Strayer. No one from the general public was in attendance.

I. The minutes of the June 9th, 2004 meeting were approved. 

II. Public Comment: No comments. 

III. Initial Sub-Committee Status Reports: 

Use of Priority Facilities - Mansion: Keith Myers reported on his initial meeting with Bob Loversidge of Schooley Coldwell Associates concerning the mansion. During this meeting they discussed various options for getting the mansion operational in a basic form by November of 2005. The goal here is to allow hosting the Bicentennial Ball in the facility. 

Mr. Loversidge shared his thoughts with Keith on making the facility wheelchair accessible, on potential locations  for restroom facilities, and gave a rough estimate of what it might cost to make the mansion operational, in a basic sense. 

The Commission felt that locating the restrooms is a vital decision, impacting the future use of the back terrace, kitchen, and balance of the first floor. 

The Commission unanimously agreed that Keith should have the necessary funds to engage SCA to prepare a more formal proposal for the Commission. Joe Hickman will seek the funds, and Keith will invite Mr. Loversidge to the next meeting of the Commission on July 14th, 2004 to hold a workshop with the Commission. The goal will be to refine the scope of the work to be undertaken. 

Use of Priority Facilities - Tennis Complex: Candi Moore will meet with the Parks and Rec. Commission to determine their level of interest in using the tennis complex. 

Joe Hickman reviewed with the Commission his prior discussions with the Rhino Sports concerning possible indoor basketball and volleyball courts. 

Use of Priority Facilities - other:

Keith Myers will discuss other out-buildings as potential sites for Ms. Plaugher’s future personal training business (see June 9th, 2004 Governance Commission meeting minutes). 

Joe Hickman and Chris Strayer reviewed with the Commission various options for situating lacrosse, field hockey and soccer fields on the front lawn, and bocce ball courts on the west side of the mansion. The Commission was in general agreement that users of the facilities should be expected to pay usage fees, yet to be determined. The Operating Policies and Procedures Sub-Committee will review and make recommendations to the Committee of the Whole. 

Joe Hickman reviewed the upcoming calendar of scheduled events for the facility, and offered to continue having Bev Adzic maintain the schedule. 

Governance and Legal: Steve Mershon reported on his contact with Mr. Kramer of the Oglebay Institute and the Wheeling Parks Commission about their organizational structure. Steve reviewed with the Commission the pros and cons of implementing a 501c3 structure. Steve also reviewed Oglebay’s use of a foundation with a Board of Directors to manage fund raising activities. After considerable discussion by the Commission, it was agreed that the sub-committee will explore further options for fund-raising structures. 

Facility/Site Plan: Jurgen Pape led a review and discussion of connecting the Bryn Du facility/grounds with the foot trail leading through the Bryn Du Woods subdivision. The objective would be to connect the trail to the Fanchion Lewis Park. Steve Herb is a Vice President on the Board of the Bryn Du Woods Homeowner’s Association. He will present this proposal at the next meeting of the Board to explore options for making this connection through the subdivision grounds. 

Operating Policies and Procedures: Steve Herb and Kim Miles will hold their initial meeting the week of June 27th, and will review their progress with the Commission at the July 14th meeting.

IV. Operating Issues:

Steve Herb reported his initial meeting with Joe Hickman concerning helping out with buildings maintenance. Joe will be providing Steve with a brief history of work that has been done, and a contact list of contractors. Steve will initially meet with roofers and painters to determine the level and costs of needed repairs on the buildings. He will report his findings to the Commission at the next meeting, and future meetings as needed. 

V. Old Business:


VI. New Business:

The next meetings are scheduled for Wednesday July 14th, and July 28th at 7:00pm at the Mansion. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:48PM.

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