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Bryn Du Minutes October 13, 2004




Members present:

Steve Herb, Candi Moore, Steve Mershon, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape.

Guests Present:

Millie Entrekin (Columbus Dispatch); Diana Jones.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of September 22 were approved unanimously.

Public Comments:

Diana Jones briefly presented her wish to use the mansion property for her proposed horse & carriage service, the approval of which is being processed. The commission felt a certain amount of interest in this undertaking and recommended that Diana write a specific proposal to this commission including rental rates and term longevity.

New Business:

Candi distributed projected budget revenue and expenses for next year. The revenues are based on past events and the discussed fee schedules. The members felt this quite appropriate if not conservative. Steve Mershon thought these projections were good for the short term but felt that we should project beyond; this should be brought up during the planned vision session.

Jurgen mentioned the desire to complete a site plan showing existing features including contours to become the basis for site proposals. He had discussed this with Schooley Caldwell Assoc. and has received various non-compatible drawings. Bob Loversidge of SCA contacted Joe Hickman that SCA could combine this data in digitized format for under $ 1,000. Steve Herb moved and Candi seconded to have SCA proceed with this undertaking as long as the entire site was covered and we have full access and control of the digitized data.

Candi mentioned a note from Mollie Roberts @ village hall requesting possible input on the handling of additional money requested for the mansion. Should the existing bond note for the mansion be expanded and/or should it be converted from short-term to long-term status? Mollie was apparently concerned about front-financing the projected mansion costs for next year. The commission didn’t quite feel versed in reaching a decision on this issue.

Old Business:

Reed contacted Marc Milligan to help us prioritize and prepare our goals and direction. Joe Hickman had indicated that this commission could act on allocating $ 500 for about 7 hours of Marc’s estimated input. Steve Mershon felt that we needed to resolve differences of uses and expenses. Candi wanted to concentrate on larger policy issues. Reed thought we needed a facilitator to lead us to develop our strategic plan. Steve felt that the commission needs to prepare for Marc’s visit planned for our next meeting on October 27 and Jurgen suggested that we devote that entire meeting for that purpose. Steve Mershon volunteered to e-mail topic and question outlines to members to help us focus. Members should respond to these outlines ASAP.

Much time was spent on reviewing the draft bi-annual report prepared by Reed. Having had a chance to discuss this before, the overall content and format was considered quite appropriate. This report will be sent to Granville Village offices yet this week to allow distribution to council members prior to its presentation by this commission at the first council meeting in November. 2 minor items were to be clarified by Joe Hickman for Reed to finalize this report. With this proviso, Steve Mershon moved and Steve Herb seconded for Reed to complete the report and forward it to the village offices. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27 @ 7 PM @ the Bryn Du Mansion.

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