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Bryn Du Minutes September 22, 2004




Members Present:

Steve Herb, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape, Steve Mershon, Keith Myers, Candi Moore and Kim Miles 

Guests Present:

Jerry Miller, Lesa Miller, Joe Hickman, Chris Strayer 

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the September 8, 2004 meeting were approved. 

Public Comment:

No comments from the public were offered. 

New Business:

At the invitation of the Commission Jerry and Lesa Miller, the co-directors of the Granville Recreation Commission, described the programs of the Recreation Commission.  Ms. Miller’s discussion included a description of the Rec Commission’s history, its current service activities and the locations in the Village and township where those activities occur.  Per Lesa, participation in certain activities (gymnasium use, basketball and aerobics) is growing but is constrained by a lack of space to conduct additional sessions.  Most Rec Commission activities are conducted in locations that are used at a minimal cost. 

Jerry and Lisa next reported on brainstorming sessions conducted by the Rec Commission’s Programs Committee regarding possible use of facilities at Bryn Du.  Although they identified possible recreational uses for most of the buildings and areas on the property, they indicated an immediate need for an open gymnasium time for basketball, other sports practices and uses, as well as a room for aerobic and fitness instruction/classes.  Jerry asked whether they might expand their current use of the polo field for additional football and soccer uses. 

Other possible recreation uses discussed included use of the grounds surrounding the buildings as a location for family campouts and summer day camps, conducted either by the Rec Commission or other service providers in the Village. 

The Millers reported that the Rec Commission generally uses tax levy funds for facility rental, maintenance (such as grass cutting) and overhead, and charges participants a fee for the direct costs of the programs and services utilized.  They indicated a willingness, when they establish future budgets or seek tax levies to support their operations, to consider including funds to pay facility costs at Bryn Du for parts of the property used in their programs.  They indicated it would be useful to firm up their possible future use of the Bryn Du property by December in order to help them with their budget planning.  It would also be useful to know to what extent the Rec Commission’s use of the polo field could be expanded, so that they could determine what resources they should allocate to other facilities, such as Raccoon Valley Park. 

The Commission thanked the Millers for their presentation and agreed to discuss the further use of the facility by the Rec Commission programs in the upcoming few meetings. 

Old Business:

Chris Strayer described his efforts in preparing a draft request for proposals regarding the use of the Bryn Du property as an event center.  He suggested the RFP was designed to seek general input from experts about potential uses of all the property that might be supported by such commercial providers.  Mr. Strayer also described generally the restrictions on the provision of alcohol to facility users at Village-owned properties.  The consensus of the Commission was to identify those costs of the facility that must be paid by the Village annually and that should be recovered from users of the property, as that restriction would help guide us to determine the types of proposals we should seek from facility managers and other users.  Reed Fraley commented that the extent of control ceded to a facilities manager was a policy decision that we should discuss before seeking proposals.  

The Commission thanked Chris for his excellent presentation and agreed to defer consideration of the circulation of our request for proposals until after the more general policy discussions that are scheduled for the November meetings. 

Kim Miles circulated a description of proposed fees for the use of various parts of the facility that have been prepared by Herb, Miles and Pape.  Steve Herb indicated that the information was based, in part, upon similar charges by Denison for use of certain of their facilities during the summer months.  

Joe Hickman described a proposal to install the final steps leading from the rear patio at a cost of approximately $2000, and to seal and stripe the parking lot at a cost of approximately $3100, this fall.  The committee recommended that he proceed with those projects. 

Kim Miles volunteered to identify resources for the preservation and recording of the history of the Bryn Du property, including discussions with the Granville Historical Society.  The Commission concurred with that action. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bryn Du Mansion.

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