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Bryn Du Minutes February 27, 2008




Members Present: 

Candi Moore, Reed Fraley, Stewart Dyke, Larry Bicking

Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. 

Guests Present: Bill Heim, Mitch Claggett, Amanda Melenick, Kyle McBride, Sam McBride 

Public Comments: 

Mitch Claggett, who worked on the 1987 Mansion rehab, and has been doing some repair and restoration work at the request of Bruce Cramer, has inspected portions of the buildings exterior and provided the Commission a “Condition Report” of the gutter system, soffits and rear fire escape. 

Mr. Claggett, referring a large photo display, pointed out that the original copper gutter system, which is built in to the soffits of the Mansion has deteriorated with age and is leaking is several areas.  Earlier repairs, using a rubber membrane, are also failing.  He indicated that he would continue to make repairs, however a complete restoration of the system and soffits should be given consideration. 

Further, he indicated that the metal fire escape is in need of through preparation and painting. 

A brief discussion followed relating to the possible use of volunteers and/or donated labor, and that at some point a comprehensive  “condition report” might be shared with the Village. 

Amanda Melenick, a senior at Denison majoring in Environmental Studies noted she was working on a case study on community issues.  Candy Moore outlined the history of the development and use of Bryn Du since Village voters voted in support of its acquisition.

Kyle McBride, Scoutmaster, commented on the troops volunteer activities at Bryn Du. 

Sam McBride indicated that he was considering a scouting service project at Bryn Du. 


Candi Moore offered a correction to the Minutes of January 23, 2008, as circulated to the members to reflect that the grant application for County senior citizen funds sought funds from existing County resource, not those to be generated by the up-coming county levy in march. The Chair called for a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Moved: Reed Fraley, Seconded:Larry Bicking  The motion carried.                                                                      

Financial Report: 

Reed circulated copies of the Statement of Activities, January 1 through February 25, 2008 and Statement of Financial Position, as of February 25, 2008.  A brief discussion followed regarding the new financial reporting system.  Reed indicated that all prior fiscal activity has been transferred to the new system.  Mr. Heim reported that a Chart of Accounts has been developed. 

As of Feb 25, 2008, the checking account balance was $88,644.38; an increase of $1,405.09  from Dec 31, 2007. Receipts for the period 1/1/2008 through 2/25/2008, totaled $17,082.50 while expenditures for  the same period totaled $15,677.41. Outstanding checks and checks to be written before the end of the month totaled approximately $3400. The average balance for the period is approximately $40, 000 higher than for the same period in 2007.  Addionally, there is approximately $7100 in the Huntington savings account 

Discussion followed regarding the need for several accounts including rental escrow, gifts and donations, reserves and others necessary to segregate and manage funds in accordance with their purpose(s). 

Candi indicated the Commission should begin to set aside funds to “buy out” the field house floor, which by agreement with the Granville Christian Fellowship, is to occur in 2010. 

Reed then provided an extensive review of the Commission’s fiscal position. The Chair called for a motion to accept the financial report. Moved:  Stewart Dyke   Seconded:   Larry Bicking  The motion carried. 

Executive Director: 

Bruce Cramer reviewed his written report, which was provided prior to the meeting.  A brief discussion followed regarding the need for both event signage and identification of the Mansion and grounds.  There was general agreement the issue should be pursued. 

Old Business:

            - Senior Center: Candi reported that the grant application for funding of renovations to    the Carriage House for use as a senior center was not approved by the County.

New Business: 

            -Laundry Building: Candi indicated that she has had several discussions with a local visual arts    group (not for profit) to develop the building as a community arts education and activity center for classes and showing.  Discussions will continue.

Old Business: 

            -Antiques and Gardening: Candi asked Bruce to provide an up-date of planning activities.  Bruce indicated that dealer space was filling up nicely and contracts and rental fees had been received from several.  The dealer list is available on the Mansion’s web site. 

In anticipation of increased demand for dealer space consideration is being given to using the carriage house and laundry buildings for additional space.  Preliminary discussions with the building inspector indicate this may be feasible, however require review by the Fire Department. 

Candi indicated that Huntington Bank is interested in being a principal sponsor again this year with a formal commitment being made shortly. 

Discussion followed regarding the recruitment and assignment of porters and volunteers.  Bruce mentioned that Jack Campbell was working up a plan. 

Bruce indicated that last years caterer was not interested, however offered to provide box lunches for dealers by advance order.  Other food service plans are under evaluation. 

He suggested that the tent, provided by Main Events (gratis), be set up on the patio as a possible location for speakers and demonstrations (weather permitting). 

Possible demonstrations include Antique Restoration and Bonsai. 

It was generally agreed that last years tickets were extremely well done and should be replicated, possibility in a different color.  Prevue Party ticket sales will again be a responsibility of the Board. 

Reed suggested that placards o r signs be placed in various places during the event to recognize local businesses who have made donations of cash or services.  Bill Heim suggested that if this were done that it should include the Prevue Party where donors would receive favorable exposure.  It was generally agreed to be a “good idea”. 

Candi reviewed the event time line a Board assignments.  She also inquired as to the status having the Licking County Bicentennial Quilt on display during the event.  Bruce indicated that arrangements have been completed, and that he is working on scheduling it for other appropriate events. 

A brief discussion followed concerning advertizing and its timing and planning.  Bruce felt things were moving along nicely. 

-Recreation Commission Study: Candi reported the study group has been meeting at the Mansion on Monday evenings at 5:00pm.  Discussion has centered around its need for re-organization due to growing programs and activities and that a more formal structure may be required.  Under consideration is the creation of a Joint Recreation District encompassing the Village, Township and School District

The Chair dispensed with the Formal Garden report in the absence of Keith Meyers. 

Other Business: 

-Bruce indicated that the driveway and parking paving project may be included in the Villages up-coming paving program if there is an economy in doing so and that project moves forward on a timely basis. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm

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