Granville Community Calendar

Bryn Du Minutes July 23, 2008



Members present:

Candi Moore, Chair, Larry Bicking, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape, Tony Piehowicz, Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir., Lauren Brown, Kristy Barngrover, Interns. 

Guests present:

Bill Heim, Nathan Mauer, Isaac Mauer, Steve Mershon. 

Public Comments:

Candi noted that Bob Gardner had planned to attend and outline a proposal for the development of the Clay Tennis Court Complex; however this has been re-scheduled for the August meeting. 


Larry moved and Tony seconded to approve the minutes of June 25, 2008, as corrected by the Chair to delete reference to the Rotary Club’s sponsorship of the Veterans Area. Motion carried. 

Financial Report:  

Reed reviewed the final Income and Expense report for the Antiques & Gardening Show, pending sponsor contributions, showing net revenue of $15,124.78. 

Additionally, he reviewed Income & Expense statements for July 1 – 21, 2008,  June 2008 and January through June 2008, submitted and incorporated her in. 

This is the first full set of reports using the new financial and accounting system developed by the Treasures and several other volunteers.  A brief discussion followed about the systems administration and maintenance by the Executive Director and Treasurer 

Tony moved and Candi seconded to accept the reports as submitted.  The motion carried. 

Agenda Item III A. - Was deferred by the Chair.

Executive Director Update:

In addition to his written report, incorporated her in, Bruce indicated that volunteers have been recruited to establish the Program Committee discussed at the June meeting.  They are expected to begin meeting shortly.

Old Business:

A.           Antique Show Meeting Report.  A written re-cap of the meeting was distributed along with an extensive “Dealer Suggestion and Satisfaction Survey” compiled by Interns Kristy and Lauren and incorporated her in. 

Candi asked for nominations/volunteers to serve as the show Chair for 2009.  Tony Piehowicz agreed to do so. 

B.           1.  Steve Mershon provided an overview of the “Veterans Area and Flagpole.  The plan was well received and it was agreed that the Flagpole should be lighted.

Jurgen, arriving in the knick of time, presented the latest Formal Garden – Veterans Memorial Flagpole design and cost estimate of $220.000.00, of which approximately $20,355.00 is attributed to the Veterans area.  Detailed plans and estimates were provided to the Chair and Exec. Director. 

It was agreed that the proposals were ready to proceed to the fundraising stage. 

2.      Discussion on the Barn and Second Floor Planning was deferred. 

C.      Volunteer Organization Update.  Interns Lauren & Kristy indicated that they had spent some time at The Works with their volunteer coordinator and had begun to develop some of the background administrative structure for the Mansion’s volunteer corps.  

New Business:

Jurgen raised concerns about the impending repairs to the Mansion’s front steps, as their may not be sufficient sandstone to do the job.  Since there is a limited “window of opportunity” to perform the work it was proposed and agreed to proceed on the basis of “Safety first and on budget” at the discretion of the Exec. Director and Jurgen. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40PM.                            

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