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Bryn Du Minutes October 22, 2008


Regular Meeting Minutes Of Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Members present:         Candi Moore, Chair, Larry Bicking, Reed Fraley,erb, H Tony Piehowicz. Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. 

Guests present:

Melinda Moore, Sandy Libertini, Anne Caccaito 

Public Comments:  Sandy Libertini and Milinda Moore reviewed their proposed Granville Art Affair scheduled for June 14, 2009 on the Great Lawn at Bryn Du.

Annie Caccaito provided an up-date of the Granville Studio of Visual Arts activities in developing the Power House in to studio space. 

Minutes:  Larry moved, and  Reed seconded that the minutes of the August 27,2008 meeting be approved as corrected to include visitors “Mr. & Mrs. Bob Young” and the indication that the Treasurers report be “accepted”.  The motion carried.

Financial Report:  Reed distributed and reviewed the September financial reports, attached.  He emphasized that the Commission has spent $99,150.49 on capital improvements during the current fiscal year of which half was generated at the Mansion and half provided by the Village.  It was agreed that the Treasurer would move excess cash from low interest savings to more productive investments (CD’s).  Tony moved and Larry seconded a motion to accept the report.  The motion carried. 

Executive Director’s Report: Bruce reviewed his report, attached, including the event schedule for the remainder of the year and the Maintenance Priority List, and the status of projects, including those completed.  A discussion followed regarding the use of Bryn Du photos and logos by out side groups.  It was recommended that policy guidelines be developed. 

Old Business:             Candi provided an up-date of the following:

 -Granville Recreation Commission/JRD; pending.

-Formal Gardens; a presentation to the Granville Foundation for funding is scheduled for October 27th.

-Granville Studio of Visual Arts; After a full discussion of proposed lease conditions, those agreed to will be sent to the GSVA  for their consideration.

-Antiques & Gardening; Tony provided a progress report and indicated the first meeting with the event managers will be held on October 24th

New Business: Granville Art Affair – After a brief discussion it was agreed to have the resolution of outstanding issues resolved by Bruce and Tony. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20PM. 

The next regular meeting is scheduled for November 26, 2008.                         

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