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Bryn Du Minutes August 26, 2009



Approved 9/23/09

Members present:

Larry Bicking, Stewart Dyke, Reed Fraley, Keith Myers, erb, HHhhhh   Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tony Piehowicz.

Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.

Guests present:



Jurgen moved and Stew seconded to approve the minutes of the July 22, 2009; approval was unanimous.

Financial Report:

Reed handed out his latest financial report, dated August 24, 2009. Reed summarized some items: “special events” are slightly ahead from last year; rent and expenses are about the same as last year. Given the economic situation, the board felt that to be quite satisfactory. The $10,000 erroneously sent to the Bryn Du Mansion instead of GSVA will be returned to the Granville Foundation for proper distribution. GSVA rent will increase each year. (We briefly discussed looking at changing rental charges for next year). Larry moved and Keith seconded to approve this report; approval was unanimous.

New Business:

Bruce gave a summary of his most recent executive director’s report, dated 8/25/09 (It will be attached to the minutes.) Bruce suggested extending one of the Denison internships for about ten weeks. The board was in agreement and discussed how to budget this in the future. For the time being, Keith moved and Tony seconded to extend one internship position for about ten weeks for up to a total of $1,000; approval was unanimous.

The generic sign for the mansion was briefly discussed with Keith promising to come up with some more alternatives.

Candi mentioned that next year’s antique & gardening show should be planned soon. Tony and Bruce will follow up on a potential volunteer to chair the show.

The formal garden proposals were discussed. We have a legal opinion stating that we are not required to select the lowest bid. Candi also mentioned that the intent was to stay local, to make this a community project. We are also not using tax dollars for this project. We decided to award the bid to Klauder Landscaping which had agreed to a verbal reduction of @1,200 on their bid. Bruce will contact Klauder to officially adjust their bid accordingly. Keith then moved and Tony seconded to accept Klauder’s modified bid. The motion was approved.

We then discussed to involve volunteers to expand the garden with other plantings next spring. Stew promised to come up with some PR to do so as well as thank the donors for the garden project.

Bruce raised the subject of laying conduits for electricity outlets into the garden area. Costs for this still need to be addressed but the idea is good.

Old Business:

Bruce will provide background reports and data so all members can use those to discuss second floor options.

Bruce said that only a few minor maintenance projects are left to do. He will pursue the status of getting the outdoor staircase painted. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.  

The next regular meeting is scheduled for September 23, 2009.                         

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