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Bryn Du Minutes December 2, 2009




Members present:

Larry Bicking, Stewart Dyke, Reed Fraley, Keith Myers, erb, HHhhhh   Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tony Piehowicz.

Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.

Guests present: none 

Minutes: Larry moved and Tony seconded to approve the minutes of the October 28, 2009; approval was unanimous.

Financial Report:  Reed distributed the current financial report. (See handouts)  He summarized the income and expenses. The new budget was also discussed listing the capital improvements for 2010-2011. Reed also suggested we have an audit done in the near future.  This would also be helpful to attach to grant proposals. Keith moved and Jurgen seconded to accept the financial report as presented.  All ayes.

Executive Director Report

Bruce highlighted items in his latest report (attached). He highlighted the Ghost Club’s activities for the past month and noting they identified activities happening on the third floor.  He also noted completion of Phase One of the formal Gardens, running of additional electrical lines, etc. Bruce presented Board with estimated on purchasing a utility piece of equipment. He stated that a John Deer seems to be the best value.  He was authorized to proceed with the purchase.  Also an estimate to aerate and reseed some sections of the property was approved with Dahlgren’s as the vendor.

Old Business:

      A. Antique Show:

Tony reported that the antique show plans are proceeding.  He reported on a recent meeting with Terri Seipel, Jay Melrose, and Bruce to discuss details, etc.  It was reported that a brunch would replace a pre-view night with a special ticket price.  He also stated that he saw a potential problem competing with the Wine/Art Festival for corporate sponsors.  The board gave him authority to search for professional help finding sponsors as long as they would work for a percentage, not a flat fee.


     B. Gardens:

Phase One of the garden area is completed.  Candi reported that a grant application to the Granville Foundation would be the next step.  The decision was made to request the same amount as last year’s application and see where we stand with full or partial approval.  Stewart will handle some of the contact work with this. 

     C. Master Plan:

1.Site Plan Work: Jurgen presented the proposal for the survey and plotting of the mansion grounds. (See handouts)

This would exclude the front lawn from actual surveying, but include the boundaries of our front lawn plot.  The cost would be $8300, as stated in exhibit A.  It was moved by Reed and seconded by Larry to proceed with this work. 

2. Second/Third Floor Planning:  Candi and Keith reported meeting with Claggett to discuss renovations, structural issues, code requirements, etc.  They reported as originally stated by Jurgen that there is only one space that an elevator could be located. A more thorough report will be given at the January meeting.  Issues such as exits, sprinkler systems, etc. were to be investigated by Claggett.

3. Logo: Keith presented his proposals for a new Bryn Du Mansion logo.  He shared other historical mansions, etc. as to the appearance of their logos.  He stated that incorporating part of the mansion’s architectural features  with text seems to be the most appropriate.  The board discussed this along with the colors of dark blue/gold with the logo. Keith will clean up the one that most members liked and resend it out to all. 

D. New Business:

1, Insurance renewal was discussed and Candi reported that the same company would be presented as our carrier again for the next year. 

2. Executive Session:

At 9:25 it was moved by Jurgen and seconded by Larry that we go into executive session for the purpose of discussing evaluation and compensation of personnel.  Roll showed all ayes. 

At 9:50 it was moved by Larry and seconded by Jurgen to end the executive session and reconvene the regular meeting.  Roll c all showed all ayes. Keith left during executive session. 

A motion was made by Larry and seconded by Stewart to proceed with an 8 % increase to Bruce Cramer’s annual compensation, plus increase his expenses to $1200 annually. Roll call showed all ayes. 

Tony mentioned that we should provide Bob with a gift card for all of his hard work and personal dedication. It was agreed that the amount be the same as last year. 

Meeting was adjourned at 10:05 pm.

Employee Payroll / Compensation

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