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Bryn Du Minutes April 28, 2010


Minutes of April 28, 2010 meeting

(Those in attendance: Candi Moore; Reed Fraley; Jurgen Pape; Tony Piehowicz , Stewart Dyke and Larry Bicking; also new member Vince Engel.) 

I. Public Comments. (There were no comments from the public.) 

II. Introduction of New Member and Keith Myers "Thank You". 

Vincent Engel was welcomed a the new member of the Bryn Du Commission; and renewing members Jurgen Pape and Stewart Dyke were also recognized. 

Candi Moore lauded the volunteer service of former Commission member Keith Myers, noting the resolution of the Village Council, as well as some of the tangible work in the form of blue prints and logo designs provided by his firm. 

III. Approval of Minutes--March 24, 2010 meeting was unanimously approved as received. 

IV. Financial Report was presented by Reed, with attention paid to new, improved format. Discussion followed about laddered CD's; income down due to investments in floors and facilities improvements; receipt of $75K from Village funds April 10. 

Candi also asked if column could be added to compared figures from previous year; it can be added to format. 

Commission accepted financial report as presented. 

IV. Executive Director's Update included highlights mentioned by Bruce such as Home & Garden Show, Lacrosse activities, Easter egg hunt, Frisbee tourney and annual meeting of Granville Historical Society.

In addition, Bruce noted coverage of the Denison University “Farmscape” project in the student newspaper, hosting two proms, and use of Bryn Du as location for movie produced by Ohio University students.

Other visitors included the COGS "ghost group which made four trips to the Mansion. 

Discussion shifted to outside gardens, water fountain and trash concerns; sprinklers and shutters are up (and touched up) while roof and gutter repairs should be covered by insurance. Bruce also reported that the new concrete was in and "wonderful." 

The popularity of the Field House was discussed, noting that it was heavily booked up (@$1900 day rate), especially Saturdays during the "peak" months from May though October. 

Candi raised a question about "Package Options," whereby BDM might set up contractors to provide potential clients with turnkey party costs per a rate schedule. Larry and Vince offered to serve as an ad hoc committee to explore a rate structure that might better utilize BDM during the week and off-season. 

Bruce also announced the names of new interns 

Finally, there was discussion of the Formal Gardens project, planting boxwoods, and concerns about a "deer-proof" cluster of perennials; Jurgen said he would follow up with Keith Myers on appropriate approaches. 

In addition, Larry said he was working on a Community Service list of potential projects and tasks that might be useful for phase-in of volunteer work. 

V. Old Business 

A. Tony updated the group on the Antiques & Gardening Show, including the need for more ads, in addition to the Heath auto dealer and the Apple Tree Auction Center electronic billboard.

He also mentioned that Jay  Melrose had a number of dealers lined up, including sufficient outdoor vendors such as the  Amish-produced Adirondack chairs; postcards are targeted for coffee shops in Granville and Bexley and a 72-hour license has been acquired for the bar service. 

Larry brought up the need for additional volunteers for the ticket tent and at Field House and Mansion. 

B. Repair and maintenance list included discussion of: paint for exterior windows and pediment; Claggett's work on the second-floor fix; and field house sink plumbing for caterers. Jurgen was to check Survey on questions about North parking lot extension for GSVA and designs for quotes.

Candi noted that the State Capital Budget for potential Senior Center included $100K but that process has not yet started, according to an aide for Sen. Hottinger. In addition, Bruce and Jurgen were to ketch out options (drawing & Bid specs?) for getting quotes for whole parking lot project and temporary road extension. 

It was also noted that the roof needs had yet to be determined, after winter damage to gutters, etc. (Reed reminded all that there's $10K in budget for non-structural items such as painting, etc.; there was consensus to apply that to signage and pedestal needs.) 

C. Master Plan 

1. Signage--proceed with KM logo work; 

2. Site Plan--still need tree survey and follow-up with Davey (?) tree Co. 

Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m; next meeting scheduled for May 26th.


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