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Bryn Du Minutes December 8, 2010



Approved Jan 26, 2011


Members present:

Larry Bicking, Stewart Dyke, Vincent Engel, erb, HHhhhh   Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape, Tony Piehowicz, Reed Fraley

Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.

Guests present:

Chris Burkett,

Public Comments:

Chris Burkett and Vince explained some details about the proposed “Experience Granville at Bryn Du Mansion”, tentatively scheduled for September or October; alternate dates are explored.



Financial Report:

Reed handed out the report and budget comparisons between 2010 vs. 2011; he explained the latter in detail. Due to village budget restrictions, we may have to scale back but we left the 2011 amounts for the time being. Larry felt that our budget listed legitimate items.

Tony moved and Vince seconded to adopt the 2011 budget as proposed by Reed; the motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

Bruce gave a summary of his most recent executive director’s report. (It will be attached to the minutes.) In addition to the money received for the Vets Memorial, Candi reported that another $ 3100 has been donated for this project.

Old Business:

Stew moved and Reed seconded to accept the Claggett & Sons November 5 proposal to repair the mansion chimneys for a sum not to exceed $11,000; the motion carried unanimously.

The proposed parking lot between the carriage and the studio was discussed. The estimate from Bird & Bull was incomplete as the board decided to go for the full parking area for about 25 cars. Jurgen promised to follow up on getting complete estimates including exact information about which permits would be required from Bird & Bull, from Jobes Henderson as well as from Claggett.

Candi reported that the submitted request for funding the senior citizen center did not get acted upon because the 2010 capital budget was not submitted; it is possible that it would be part of the 2012 capital budget (capital budgets are only done every second year). Candi met with senior citizen board members who said that they are likely to lose the present lease at the school administration building. They are looking for alternate locations which include the mansion but they thought that they could raise $50,000 to $ 100,000 for building renovations. Candi will check with Claggett (who did earlier estimates for the senior citizen center) what a skeleton estimate would be for the center. Due to the low funding the senior citizen group has, the board discussed means to promote the move to the mansion. Candi would write a proposal to them outlining the board’s suggestions which include giving credit for capital improvements, reducing utility costs and offering a long-term lease.

Vince has checked into solar panels which might help reduce utility costs; he will follow up.

Candi spoke with organizers of the Art & Wine Festival to make this a joint fund raiser; we would share profits and provide volunteers.

Bruce handed out signage proposals from Keith Myers’ office; the board was quite satisfied with these and suggested that we add lighting, get pricing and submit these to the planning commission for approval.

The board authorized Bruce to get a gift certificate for Bob Lavender for $ 75 assuming that this is within the ethics limits. 

Larry moved and Stew seconded to move into executive session to consider the compensation of a public employee or official. The roll call was: Candi Moore – yeah; :Tony Piehowicz – yeah; Larry Bicking – yeah; Reed Fraley – yeah; Stew Dyke – yeah; Vince Engels – yeah; Jurgen Pape – yeah, .

Vince moved and Tony seconded to get out of executive session. The roll call was: Candi Moore – yeah; Tony Piehowicz – yeah; Larry Bicking – yeah; Reed Fraley – yeah; Stew Dyke – yeah; Vince Engels – yeah; Jurgen Pape – yeah.

Larry moved and Vince seconded a motion to provide Bruce with a bonus of $2000, pre-tax, for his excellent work in 2010, to authorize Bruce’s salary to be increased by 8% for 2011, and to increase his personal business expenses from $100 per month to $125 per month. The bonus check will be issued prior to Dec. 31 2010. Bruce will be permitted to determine what portion of the increase will be allotted to the Section 125 health plan. 

The motion carried unanimously. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 PM.                            

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