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Bryn Du Minutes January 27, 2010



  1. I.                    Public Comments 

Mitch Claggett and slate roof point person (Sonny) shared photos of the wind-damage and state of chimneys, including cracked cap on East chimney, where sandstone appears to be eroding and in need of sealing and other work involving either crane, lift or scaffold. 

It was noted that the BDM five chimneys are delaminating and the East chimney appears to be worst. Request was made for cost-specific options for action by Commission. 

Same was requested for pavers associated with Field House, so that options of pavers, exposed aggregate and/or stamped concrete might be explored. A long-term,

 phase-in plan for the project should also consideration such problems as:

----problematic drainage issues;

-- possible grading plan and materials; and

--consideration of electrical lighting and outlet needs on lower level area.

Keith Myers also suggested use of pre-cast concrete steps to replace before season begins in spring (April). Jurgen Pape also noted need for drawings and plans to parcel out project elements in order to phase-in as budget may permit. 

The condition of the slate roof also was discussed because of the hazard represented by tiles falling off after wind lifts up slates and nails. (We were told reason that the roof isn’t leaking more is because of 90-pound felt underlayment). Some 67 titles in main house were replaced after windstorm. Trees also threaten to smash GSVA/pool house, too. 

It was also noted that Spring House chimney step flashing was gapping, due to wind-caused cracks. After a discussion of gray vs. red slate costs and dyeing the former to match, Candi M asked that the various options be spelled out so that costs might be compared.

      The suggestion was made that Village and its insurance coverage also should be explored

  1. II.                 Minutes of Dec. 2, 2009 were approved after motion by Jurgen Pape and second b y Larry Picking. 
  1. III.               FINANCIAL RPORT was presented by Reed Fraley and highlights discussed. He noted an increase in income over previous year ($251K vs. 234; See attached report of Financial Statement of Dec. 31, 2009.) 

It was also noted that the financial statement reflects an annual $100K investment each year back into the Bryn Du Mansion. 

There was discussion of nearing capacity that might require fee increases in the future in light of need to maintain fiscal growth. 

Larry Bicking moved that the Financial Report be accepted and Jurgen Pape seconded the motion, which then passed unanimously. 


Bruce Cramer presented the highlights of activities, construction, tours and contracts since the Dec. 2009 meeting, including: 

            --refinishing of the floors and stairways in the Mansion; 

            --reiteration of concern about need to repair sandstone walkways areas of Fieldhouse before the spring season start; 

            --Jobes Henderson survey due this week; 

            --new Kubota tractor being put to use with snow season upon us; and –Jones Road sign is in place. 

There was also discussion of scheduled 2010 improvements needed in sport court floor surfaces and utility room involving the use of low-maintenance “bullet proof” tile product (Konetco floating plank) for 2,286 Sq. ft. project @ $2.40 pf (@$7,000). 

In addition, upstairs hardwood floors were to be redone, per the BDM   Village budget total of $26K. Larry Picking noted the need to establish a total maintenance calendar for such flooring projects.

--.In a motion, Keith  Myers  recommended BDC  spend budgeted total $8900 for the field house sport court and Sherwood-Williams resurfacing project of upstairs hardwood floor; motion was seconded by Jurgen Pape and unanimously approved. 

Bruce also noted the GSVA use of second floor of building meant that their rent was to increase as of February; and the board supported the executive director’s position on the need for a standard fee  contract with Rotary for the July 12-13 Art Event weekend. 

(The Granville Historical Society also is staging a “Welsh in America”exhibition the same weekend, in the Mansion.) 


A. Master Plan—next steps

      1  2nd Floor Mansion Planning 

      Phil Claggett of Northpoint Ohio Architecture presented the Commission with a code review of the proposed interior alterations for the Mansion’s second and third floors,  as a 3A (“use: Assembly”) building that would address need for fire stair for community egress (vs. open stairway) and exits for second and third floors. 

We would be OK if installed an elevator --along with an emergency generator back-up. (This would be in addition to fire suppression and alarms.etc) 

Candi also mentioned she had contacted two state representatives (Shaffer and Hottinger) for their support of the $500K grant request for Senior Center at Bryn Du. 

            2. Site Work Plan update 

Jurgen stated that the Jobes Henderson survey was due next week and it would include tree survey for the Village, with Bob’s help. 

3. Gardens 

Candi had renewed the application to the Granville Foundation for a multi-year grant totaling $24K; Doug Plunkett received the four-year proposal that was the same as previous year’s. 

4. Senior Community Center-update 

As noted above, Candi has contacted local state legislators for support of Senior Center project. 

B. Antique Show -update provided by Bruce Cramer. 

C. Logo—update was provided by Keith Myers which included new Bryn Du signage featuring a combination of flat blue with cream background for way-finding. 

In addition to the square signs on white wood posts, plans call for Identification signs to be one-half of the  square size, as well as possibility of magnetic signs for events and coordination with website, letterhead future uses.  

(The question was also raised about the need to register the BDM name trademark or copyright.) 

VI   New Business

Candi Moore noted that she was scheduled to present an annual report to the Village Council at its first  meeting on Wednesday, Jan.30, at 7:30 p.m. 

VII Executive Session 

By a unanimous roll call vote, the Commission went into executive session for a discussion of personnel compensation. 

After unanimous agreement   that the executive director’s compensation be increased to reflect an 8 per cent raise, plus a $1200 per year expense allowance which would cover automobile and cell phone usage.  

The Commission voted unanimously to come out of Executive Session and returned to adjourn at 9:35 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted by Stewart B. Dyke, Feb. 23, 2010

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