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Bryn Du Minutes October 26, 2011

Bryn Du Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by acting president Larry Bicking

Members present:  Larry Bicking, Vince Engel, Jurgen Pape, Stewart Dyke, Kris Burkett and Executive Director, Bruce Cramer.

Members Absent:  Candi Moore and Reed Fraley 

1)    Public Comments

a)     Andy Wildman, Exec Director of the Granville Recreation District (GRD) offered a “Thank You” to the Commission for sending two representatives to their meeting and also thanked us for making Bryn Du facilities available to them

b)     Larry reported on the on meeting (agenda item ____ moved up)

i)       Received info from Candi

ii)     He and Candi discussed the function/Mission Statement of Bryn Du with GRD and how that controls any agreement with GRD

iii)   He noted that there had been some surveys in the paper recently along with a discussion about whether or not there is community support for a major initiative (Andy pointed out that the plan is specifically for and aquatic facility and a recreation center)

iv)   He said that questions came up about what our relationship should be with each other – everyone acknowledged that it is an important relationship

c)      Larry advised that there was a discussion about having board members from Bryn Du and GRD attend each others meetings  - there were concerns about the time commitment

d)     Vince suggested waiting until all board members are present to make any commitment

e)     Stewart asked if it had been a public meeting – Larry thought not

f)       Kris asked about purpose of having both boards coordinate with each other and whether or not there was a time table

i)       Andy said that his group expects the results of the feasibility study will be out in the middle of December – then presented to the community in the middle of January

ii)     He acknowledged that they have to address the issue of sustainability

g)     Larry asks about the make-up of the GRD Board and details of organization for the record

i)       Andy reported that there are 5 members (per GCO 755.13)

(1)  Township Representative (Justin Lodge)

(2)  School District Representative (Kraig Koester)

(3)  Village (Representative (Kate Barrett)

(4)  2 at large members who are appointed by other three members (Kreston Harris and Lisa Cannon)

ii) is web address (provides lost of history and general information)

iii)   Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month in council chambers of Village Hall

iv)   $585,000 this year’s operating budget – actual expenses will be higher than projected

v)     GRD Offices are on 2nd floor of Village Hall

2)     Approval of Minutes

a)     Motion by Jurgen – 2nd by Vince –Motion carried subject clarification by Reed of September 28, 2011.

3)     Financial Report - Passed over due to absence of Treasurer 

4)     Exec Director Report (report attachment A)

a)     We are always busy – lots of different events

b)     Larry suggested making the public aware of this so that they understand Bryn Du’s importance to the community

c)      Bruce expresses frustration that Lacross scheduled a game during “practice” time – this causes problems as scheduling parking for practice is different than scheduling parking for a game 

d)     Kris suggested there may be a need to have explicit “rules” in the contracts with sports teams and sanctions for violations

e)     Larry points out that this is an example of why we need to make the community aware of our Mission Statement so that they understand why we have the rules that we do

f)       Kris suggests a memorandum of understanding re: rules for using playing fields – possibly posting them on the website with an explanation of how the rules juxtapose with the Mission Statement

g)     Stewart suggested noting that common courtesy is a two way street

h)     Bruce noted that things will start to lighten up a little due to time of year 

5)     Old Business

a)     Veterans Memorial

i)       Jurgen stated that the entire event was well done and a success

ii)     Other Board members concurred

b)     Experience Granville

i)       Vince reported that we got the grant and, as a result, we are in the black for the event

ii)     The feedback from vendors was good – most vendors stated that sales were not as good as they had hoped but the vast majority were very positive and indicated they would come back next year.

iii)   Vendors generally thought we needed more publicity – perhaps something on the front lawn

iv)   Vince said we need to decide if we will do it again next year – If we pick a date sooner we can get it onto some community calendars

v)     Larry suggested we put discussion of Experience Granville next year on agenda for next meeting (12/7/11) 

c)      Fountain/Garden Update

i)       Gardens are done

ii)     Not messing with it now as there is a wedding scheduled

iii)   Fountain is on order – should be here within 2 weeks

iv)   Plan is to bring is in for the Granville Foundation Event (11/3)

d)     Parking Lot

i)       We are waiting for 3 solid days of no rain – then they will proceed

ii)     Discussion about lighting the back parking area

iii)   Jurgen noted that the grass is all in and the big hill has been graded so that it looks more presentable and can be mowed (but still leaves top soil available)

e)     Daffodil Show

i)       The in-kind daffodils (150) were planted 2 days ago

6)    Master Plan

a)     Signage is done – lighting will be added along with landscaping at some point

b)     Vince asks what the next step is – Bruce needs to work with sign company to nail down details but no board action is needed

c)      Jurgen shows master plan for grounds

i)       Place for stage is available

ii)     Get rid of unnecessary steps

iii)   Plan allows for donated benches and donated trees – there is a plan for where they go and what type of trees – no plaques for trees (just a register) but plaques for benches

iv)   Need a deer fence for trees – all those planted at west edge of property are gone

v)     We are getting 8 trees from the Granville tree and Landscaping Commission – they will be planted next week

vi)   Larry points our that plan (drawing) should be on website with list of existing trees (and who donated) and “needed trees” if people want to donate

vii) Vince noted that he keeps hearing that people in the community would like to have input on how to use the tennis garden space – Larry notes this is another opportunity for us to bring the community into our plan and make them aware of our mission

viii)           Plan is to be left with Bruce for review and further suggestions 

7)    New Business

            i.  GRD – discussed above

                  a)Additional discussion about the use of the fields

                  b) Kris reiterated her comments about the importance of                                        memorandum of understanding regarding use of the fields

  1. ii.                    Proposed budget – tabled until Treasurer is present
  2. iii.                 Discussion of Capital Projects
    1. a.       Senior Center –
      1.                                                                            i.      Vince thinks we should have a member of the senior board come and meet with our board
      2.                                                                          ii.      Larry discussed history of senior center here – it was originally part of the master plan and we have not “cut the umbilical cord”
      3.                                                                        iii.      We had a discussion about inviting a board member of the Granville fellowship come to a board meeting to discuss future plans for the carriage house.  A final decision will be made when the absentee members are present as they may have additional information to share prior to a final decision
      4.                                                                        iv.      Vince voiced that he feels it is important to have the Fellowship’s position on record at a meeting.
    2. b.      Discussion of capital projects and requesting aid from village
      1.                                                                            i.      Mansion 2nd and 3rd Floors
        1. 1.      Jurgen suggests we focus on renovation of second and not third floor (at the moment) even though the elevator would go to both floors
        2. 2.      Vince asked about planned use of renovated space
        3. 3.      Bruce says the plan is to open up space to make room bigger and discussed the concept of having separate “entrances” for the two floors as they are two different “types” of spaces (maybe exhibits, meetings, birthday parties, etc.)
        4. 4.      Board was in general agreement that request to Village for capital funding should be for
          1. a.       carriage house
          2. b.      incidental expenses for renovating space in the barn for Bob
          3. c.       screening for west side (trees)
      2.                                                                          ii.      Larry will meet with Candi and Bruce to come up with proposal to Village
      3.                                                                        iii.      Maintenance Plan was discussed  - no action neede

8.  Other  

            a.Jurgen suggests that board members keep more detailed record of time spent on Bryn Du business – it adds up quickly.

            b. Vince advised sheets ere available in the office 

  1. 9.       The next meeting is scheduled for December 7, 2011 
  1. 10.    Meeting adjourned at 9:20


Bryn Du Minutes March 23, 2011


Regular Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Members present: Candi Moore, Chair, Larry Bicking, Stewart Dyke, Vince Engel, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape, Tony Piehowicz and Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. 

Public Comments:   Kris Burkett shared her interest in being considered as a candidate for appointment to the Commission representing the Chamber of and her current activity as a volunteer at the Mansion. 

Steve Mershon provided an update on his efforts developing community support and fundraising for the Veterans Memorial followed by a walking tour and discussion of the project.  (old business, below) 

Minutes: The minutes of February 23, 2011 were approved, with one correction to the circulated draft, following a Motion  by Larry, and a Second  by Vince.           

Financial Report: Reed circulated and reviewed his monthly financial report highlighting several trends supporting use and prior year comparisons. Vince Moved and Jurgen Seconded that the Treasurers report be accepted.  The motion carried.

Executive Director’s Report: Bruce reviewed his report, attached and incorporated herein.  He highlighted improvements to the second floor, east wing, which provide for conference/meeting room use at an estimated cost of  $6,000 +/-. 

Old Business:           

A. Veterans Memorial:  After thorough discussion it was agreed to proceed with implementation of the Veterans Grove project including the following;

  1. 1.      Accept rock donated by Bob Lavender.
  2. 2.      Procure an18x10 inch bronze plaque to be countersunk mounted on rock. (Estimated cost of plaque: $554  installed).
  3. 3.      Plaque to read: 


  1. 4.      Limit recognition of donors to a central or common location on the Mansion grounds or the Veterans Grove with the exception of 2 memorial benches (noted on plans) with donor recognition brass plaque.
  2. 5.      Authorize Bruce to purchase flagpole - $1,700 +/-.  Moved: Larry,  Seconded: Vince  Motion carried. 
  1. 6.      Proceed with implementation of “Phase 3” garden/memorial developments at estimated cost of $14,000.  Moved:  Reed, Seconded:  Vince.  Motion carried.
  1. Foundation Grant/Gardens:  Candi announced the Granville Foundation has awarded six thousand dollars for the continued improvement/implementation of the Formal Gardens and Memorial project during the current year.
  2. Parking Lot:  Following a spirited discussion Vince Moved and Stewart Seconded to authorize Candi and Jurgen to proceed with development of bid documents using the Village Engineer as originally planned and to select and award a contract to the best bidder in an amount not to exceed estimated costs.  The motion carried.
  3. Senior Center:  Candi reviewed recent developments of the proposed relocation of the Granville Fellowship to the Carriage House.  In view the Fellowships recent decision to move to a more westerly location plans for the Carriage House will continue for general community use, including possible senior citizen use in the future.  Bruce will respond to a request from a donor to return their 2008 donation to the Fellowship/Senior Center – Carriage House project.
  4. F.  Vince provided an up date on planning meetings for the up coming Art and Wine Festival as well as the fall Experience Granville Festival.  A volunteer recognition and recruitment event has been scheduled for March 27th. To support both events and to establish an ongoing volunteer corps at the Mansion. 


  1. A.     Expiring Board Appointment;  Bruce reviewed his communications with the Chamber of Commerce relative to an appointment to replace Tony. 

Tony reviewed his interest in serving on the board and the increasing demands of his business and other assignments, indicating his willingness to remain a volunteer at Bryn Du. 


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned by the Chair at 9:50pm. 

The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2011

Bryn Du Minutes February 23, 2011



Approved as revised 3/23/11

Members present:

Larry Bicking, Vincent Engel, Reed Fraley,  erb, HHhhhh   Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape,

Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.

Guests present:



The  minutes of January 27, 2011 were approved unanimously.

Financial Report:

Reed handed out the report and briefly guided the board members through it. Reed continues to roll over bank cd’s to ensure the best available rates. We have not yet received the $ 25,000 from Granville.

Larry moved and Vince seconded to accept the latest treasurer’s report; the motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

Bruce gave a summary of his most recent executive director’s report. (It will be attached to the minutes.) The upstairs renovation is in progress; the large conference room is nearly finished; its floors will be refinished as this is a cheaper option than full carpeting. A small bathroom could be installed next to the conference room where a bathroom did exist at some time; this is estimated to cost $ 9,000 in addition to the $ 5,000 for the other renovations. The board discussed how this would fit into the long-range plans and then visually inspected the space. We requested Bruce to get a plumber’s estimate as to the condition of the existing pipes before deciding on the bathrooms installation.

We briefly discussed what the newly hired part-time person could concentrate on.

Old Business:

Jurgen discussed briefly the status of the proposed Veterans Memorial area. Two recent meetings were held, one with John Klauder, to work out some loose ends and to ask John to prepare an estimate. Due to site conditions, the area may shift slightly which would not affect the estimate. Bruce is checking into the flagpole and flag, Jurgen is checking into wood benches.

Jurgen reported that the proposed parking area estimate is near completion; the paving for it is an alternate to the Granville Village and Township paving bid proposal.

The Carriage House bare-bones renovation estimate by Northpoint comes to about $ 200,000. Despite the fact that the Granville Fellowship is signing a 2 -3 year lease contract at another location. They claim that they are still interested in ultimately using the Carriage House for their eventual permanent location. We could still go ahead with renovation of the building which would be flexible enough to allow other uses. We may want to call this a community center.

Vince gave an update on the Art & Wine Festival which is proceeding well. The board would man the ticket booth to organize and oversee volunteers. Vince’s proposed letter sounded good to all.

Vince also handed out a draft flyer for the fall festival. “Experience Granville at the Mansion”, scheduled for October 2, 2011. The board settled on a $ 25 fee per area. Non-profit groups could provide in-kind labor.

We discussed board member appointments to replace Tony Piehowicz who decided not to be re-appointed. Since he was nominated by the Chamber, we will ask the Chamber to nominate 2 persons with the understanding that Reed (a Chamber nominated member) is willing to remain on the board. The board would review any candidates and the Village would ultimately appoint board members.

Candi mentioned that we may want to consider expanding the board.

We plan to send reports, similar to our annual reports, to the Chamber and the Township.

We plan to have a combined meeting at the end of the year on December 7.

Bryn Du Minutes January 26, 2011


Regular Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Members present:     Candi Moore, Chair, Larry Bicking, Vince Engel, Reed Fraley,

Jurgen Pape, and Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.


Public Comments:    None. 

Minutes:         Larry Moved, and Vince Seconded that the minutes of December 08, 2010, circulated, be approved.  The motion carried.           

Financial Report:       Reed reviewed December and year end financial reports and, in addition to notes thereon, commented that; a. The Executive Director has elected to allot all of his 2011 salary increase to his Section 125 health plan, b. retained donations from the Commission’s inception have been segregated into individual accounts, including Senior Center, Veterans Memorial, Gardens, Rendville and Antique Show, c. “In Transit Cash” represents rental payments received in late 2010 and deposited in January 2011, and will be reflected in appropriate accounts in the January 2011 financial reports, and d. the segregation of rental deposits for future (tax) years can be done for tracking purposes. 

Candi, in view of account and expenditure review discussions suggested that funds be set aside in reserve account(s) for future major repairs and or emergencies. There was general agreement and following discussion of various options it was Moved, by Reed, and Seconded, by Jurgen, “That the Commission establish a Major Capital & Emergency Reserve Fund of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) with fulfillment targeted for December 31, 2012, and a two month Working Capital Fund of forty thousand dollars ($40,000.00) with fulfillment targeted for December 31, 2011”.  The motion carried. 

It was Moved by Jurgen and Seconded by Vince that the Treasurers Report be Accepted.  The motion carried.

Executive Director’s Report:            Bruce reviewed his report, attached and incorporated herein. 

Old Business:             A. Chimney Repair; Bruce indicated that the contract for repair work has been executed and work awaits favorable weather.  B.  Parking Lot; Jurgen shared several e-mails from the Village confirming that design review by Village staff is all that is required  work to proceed, and that the Village is willing to add the paving portion of the lots construction to their 2011 paving contract (using Bryn Du funds).  He recommended that construction drawings and bid documents, including cost estimates, be prepared for both the entire project and the project less paving if including that work in the Village’s bid is more favorable.  In either event the scope of work would be as originally conceived with contingencies for gas line excavation, repair and or relocation if needed.  Larry Moved and Vince Seconded  “That the Commission move forward to develop bid documents and bid the project with the option that paving be done through the Village paving contract.”  The motion carried.

C. Senior Center; Candi and Bruce provided an up date of communications with the Granville Fellowship.  Phil Claggett is up dating cost estimates for the Carriage House with options for phasing the work if necessary.  D. Signage;  Bruce indicated that a price quote was pending and review by the Village would be undertaken shortly.  E. Art and Wine Festival;  Candi provided an up date of her discussions with the Rotary indicating that they would be the event sponsor with contracted management support by Grand Schemes.  Discussion followed regarding how the Commission could participate in the event as a “sponsoring partner”.  Assuming responsibility for managing the vendor/sponsor dinner, assisting with volunteers, on site logistics, parking and use of Mansion tables, chairs and equipment were considered.  The Chair will continue discussions with the Rotary.  F. Fall Festival; Vince reported that “Experience Granville” is being planned for October 2nd.   The event is intended to “showcase” the Granville community including its people, places and businesses and be broadly focused.  He indicated the need to structure working committees and volunteers to assist with the event.  Discussion followed, including the complementary nature of the “Art and Wine Festival and “Experience Granville” and their contribution to the area. 

Other:   Vince and Bruce reviewed the Mansions “2011 Events” rack card and flyer for “Life Local – Up Coming Events” scheduled into April.  Vince mentioned the need for a projector to support events .  Candy suggested that one be purchased and is was agreed that Bruce select and buy a versatile, institutional quality unit. 

            Reed suggested consideration be given to  setting up a method to hire part time employees to support Mansion operations, and shared a job description for an Event Coordinator.  Discussion followed including the distinction between “part time”  (ongoing) and “casual” (as needed)  employees and their compensation.  Larry shared sample job descriptions for both types and an overview of  a part time/casual hiring program.  Having agreed that there was an immediate need for ongoing part time support for Bruce and the Mansions activities Vince Moved, and Jurgen Seconded “That the Executive Director hire a part time employee to assist in the ongoing management and operations of the Commission at the rate of $12.00/hr., increasing to $14.00/hr. upon completion of 90 days probationary service, for a maximum of 25 hours per week. Further the employee shall receive an expense allowance of $25.00 per month.”

Following a discussion on candidate qualifications and availability the motion carried. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35pm. 

The next regular meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2011

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