Granville Community Calendar

Bryn Du Minutes February 23, 2011



Approved as revised 3/23/11

Members present:

Larry Bicking, Vincent Engel, Reed Fraley,  erb, HHhhhh   Candi Moore, Jurgen Pape,

Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.

Guests present:



The  minutes of January 27, 2011 were approved unanimously.

Financial Report:

Reed handed out the report and briefly guided the board members through it. Reed continues to roll over bank cd’s to ensure the best available rates. We have not yet received the $ 25,000 from Granville.

Larry moved and Vince seconded to accept the latest treasurer’s report; the motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

Bruce gave a summary of his most recent executive director’s report. (It will be attached to the minutes.) The upstairs renovation is in progress; the large conference room is nearly finished; its floors will be refinished as this is a cheaper option than full carpeting. A small bathroom could be installed next to the conference room where a bathroom did exist at some time; this is estimated to cost $ 9,000 in addition to the $ 5,000 for the other renovations. The board discussed how this would fit into the long-range plans and then visually inspected the space. We requested Bruce to get a plumber’s estimate as to the condition of the existing pipes before deciding on the bathrooms installation.

We briefly discussed what the newly hired part-time person could concentrate on.

Old Business:

Jurgen discussed briefly the status of the proposed Veterans Memorial area. Two recent meetings were held, one with John Klauder, to work out some loose ends and to ask John to prepare an estimate. Due to site conditions, the area may shift slightly which would not affect the estimate. Bruce is checking into the flagpole and flag, Jurgen is checking into wood benches.

Jurgen reported that the proposed parking area estimate is near completion; the paving for it is an alternate to the Granville Village and Township paving bid proposal.

The Carriage House bare-bones renovation estimate by Northpoint comes to about $ 200,000. Despite the fact that the Granville Fellowship is signing a 2 -3 year lease contract at another location. They claim that they are still interested in ultimately using the Carriage House for their eventual permanent location. We could still go ahead with renovation of the building which would be flexible enough to allow other uses. We may want to call this a community center.

Vince gave an update on the Art & Wine Festival which is proceeding well. The board would man the ticket booth to organize and oversee volunteers. Vince’s proposed letter sounded good to all.

Vince also handed out a draft flyer for the fall festival. “Experience Granville at the Mansion”, scheduled for October 2, 2011. The board settled on a $ 25 fee per area. Non-profit groups could provide in-kind labor.

We discussed board member appointments to replace Tony Piehowicz who decided not to be re-appointed. Since he was nominated by the Chamber, we will ask the Chamber to nominate 2 persons with the understanding that Reed (a Chamber nominated member) is willing to remain on the board. The board would review any candidates and the Village would ultimately appoint board members.

Candi mentioned that we may want to consider expanding the board.

We plan to send reports, similar to our annual reports, to the Chamber and the Township.

We plan to have a combined meeting at the end of the year on December 7.

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