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Bryn Du Minutes February 22, 2012


February 22, 2012



The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by acting president Candi Moore

Members present:  Candi Moore, Larry Bicking, Vince Engel, Jurgen Pape,  Kris Burkett and Executive Director, Bruce Cramer.

Members Absent:  Stewart Dyke  and Reed Fraley

Guest present: Keith Meyers 

1)     Public Comments - None

2)     Approval of Minutes

a)     Motion by Jurgen – 2nd by Vince –Motion. 

3)     Financial Report - Passed over due to absence of Treasurer 

4)     Exec Director Report (report attachment A)

Bruce reported that Bryn Du and the Licking County Historical Alliance are cooperating to have displays and information about their respective organizations in the Mansion during the Art and Wine Festival in June.

Also, the Granville Historical Society will be conducting a public event in the Mansion in Marc. 

5)     Old Business 

a)     Status/discussion of hiring.  Bruce reported that  there were 16 candidates , including those responding to web and newspaper advertisements, received.  Four were selected for interviews, with one declining due to becoming employed. The remaining three were interviewed by Bruce.  Larry Bicking sat in on the interviews.  Following a brief discussion there was agreement that Bruce offer the position to his preferred candidate.

b)     Jurgen and Bruce reviewed quotations for garden benches similar to those in the Veterans Memorial.  Jurgen felt that they could easily be offered for sponsorship at $1,000 each.  A brief discussion followed regarding sponsorship, maintenance and location.  Motion – Jurgen, Second – Vince “To authorize the purchase of six ESSEX benches from Oxford Gardening for $3,297 including freight”  ($525 + shipping)  The motion carried.

c)      Candi suggested that grants be sought wherever possible and referenced the success of other not for profit groups.  She suggested that Bruce compile a list of potential grant sources such as the Energy Cooperative, Scotts and local and other foundations.

d)     Vince provided an up-date on planning for this June’s Art and Wine Festival .  Discussion followed relative to rental rates, contractual terms and relationships and other potential use of the building and grounds  on the events scheduled dates.  Bruce was asked to prepare a rental contract and present it to the Rotary Club for execution as soon as possible. 

6)  Master Plan Discussion – Keith Myers (Community Garden)

            a)  Keith brought pictures of the Franklin Park Conservatory as example of what could be done with the space.  He noted that the sitting areas (“Napa Valley space”) was very popular and could be rented out to help fund the maintenance of the gardens.  There are many ways to phase in          different parts of the project.

            b)  A Life Local event is scheduled for April 10 to present the idea of repurposing the tennis courts for a community garden.  The master gardeners have been invited to participate. 

7)  The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

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