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Bryn Du Minutes January 25, 2012


January 25, 2012



The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Candi Moore

Members present:  Larry Bicking, Vince Engel, Jurgen Pape, Reed Fraley, Kris Burkett and Executive Director, Bruce Cramer.

Member Absent:  Stewart Dyke 

1)      Public Comments – None. 

2)      Approval of  Minutes – A motion to approve the 10/26/11 Minutes was made by Vince Engel, 2nd by Jurgen Pape.  Motion carried. 

3)      Financial Reports – A motion to accept the Financial Report was made by Jurgen Pape, 2nd by Vince Engel. Motion carried. 

4)      Executive Director Update

            a. No additions to Executive Director Report 

5)      Old Business

            A.  2012 Maintenance Project Priorities – some painting, back deck, main entrance steps   - Candi asked abut the moss covered roof and questioned potential damage to the roof.  Bruce will check with the roofer.  Candi suggests a master plan for all repairs so that the property looks put together.

            B.  New positions – there was a discussion about the number of people to hire –  Vince, Kris and Larry promoted the idea of two positions due to difference in skill set and hours.  The decision was made to advertise for the office position and renew the discussion regarding the second position at the next meeting.

            C.  New Fee Agreements - There was a discussion of new fee agreements which would help support the new personnel in part:  $100 increase on field house to $2,200.  Additional $250 if parties using field house want to be in on Thursday $100 fee for using lawn. 

6)      New Business

            A. There was a discussion about the proposed signage from the township identifying the land that was purchased as green space by the township.  It was agreed that the sign should be placed on the fence (back to back) facing Granville Road.  The Board asks Bruce and Jurgen to speak to the Doug Wagner about replacing the “parcel number” with “Bryn Du.”

            B.  Jurgen announced that we got 10 trees (instead of the original 6 planned) from the village tree and landscape commission.  

7)      Master Plan Discussion

  1. A.     Tennis Courts - Jurgen suggested we move forward on the discussion of how to use the old tennis courts.  He advised that the Master Gardeners were very excited about the idea of using the space for Community Gardens (with handicap accessibility).
  2. B.     Benches/Trees – Jurgen suggested that the master plan show the location for benches and trees to be donated.
  3. C.     Candi reviewed the original master plan which generally included open space on the great lawn, gardens, amphitheater space, and storage and support space.  Originally, plan for tennis court was to turn it into a basketball and sand volleyball court.  A discussion was had about the idea of using the space for a community garden.
  4. D.    The Board decided to present the proposal to the community through a Life Local Event.  Vince will get with Keith Myers to ask him to be the featured speaker and will try to schedule the meeting for late February/early March.  He will then work on publicity for the meeting.
  5. E.     Carriage House – a discussion regarding the renovation of the carriage house was had.  The proposal is to build it out as additional community space.  Candi tasked the Board to consider a rental fee schedule. 

8)      Art and Wine – Vince asked about plans for Art and Wine.  Candi indicated that the plan for this event in the future was to return to a straight rental fee with a percentage of booth fees.

9)  The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

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