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Bryn Du Minutes March 28, 2012


Regular Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Members present:   Candi Moore, Chair, Larry Bicking, Vince Engel, Reed Fraley, Jurgen Pape, Kris Burkett, eand Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir.    The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm. 

Public Comments:  Keith Meyers joined us. Athena was welcomed as a new employee. 

Minutes:   Kris Moved to accept, and Jurgen Seconded that the minutes of the    meeting be approved as submitted.  Motion carried.           

Financial Report:     Reed brought up three important employee items.  First, Workman’s Compensation regulations state that board members for non-profits have to be covered. Originally only Bruce was covered. We also need to cover volunteers. Item two; we need to hire someone who understands benefit packages so that no future employee items are missed.  Third, we have new HR issues with the hiring of a part-time employee.  Reed seeks permission to investigate further what we may need to be doing in terms of employee regulation compliance.  Reed is doing payroll currently.  He proposed to expand the agreement with Sandra Lodge (who currently receives $1,400 to do the 9-90), to include payroll, compliance, etc.  Larry expressed that keeping the check writing and bookkeeping separate is a good idea.  Candi suggested that we also get some policies in place regarding employees. Kris seconded the motion that Larry made. Motion carried.  In other financial business, Reed stated that we are behind last year on the balance sheet.  We have a deficit of about $7,200 in contributions. We received $25,000 in March from the village for the 2012 management fee. Larry moved to accept the financial report, Vince seconded. Motion carried. 

Executive Director’s Report: 

  • Bruce said we are now transitioning from the sports season to the social season.
  • The gas line that was going to be put in was delayed.
  • Candi asked about the water from heavy rain in the buildings. Bruce stated that the only ones that had been affected were the laundry and barn. 
  • Also, the GSVA is going to rent a portion of the laundry for storage.
  • We have a bid in for new computers and software totaling $4,400. 
  • The BIA is in both buildings this coming weekend, next Thursday the 30th and 31st. The Licking county chamber is doing an afterhours function next month, and the Granville Daffodil show will be here the 14th & 15th of April.  The show 48 hours was here this month and used our space for an interview.
  • In other news, we have interviewed six interns and will offer the summer internship to one tomorrow, Thursday, March 29th.  Kris asked if we have a job description for the intern in place yet. Bruce stated that was something we have and will refine this season. Candi has requested for intern to research and make a list of grants, and time frames for grants. 

Old Business:  

  • Art & wine event – we have a check and contract in hand. One representative from Rotary wants to perhaps have a concert, but we would have to staff and manage and we cannot take this project on. We will however handle set up for cars coming and going to protect property interest. 
  • Candi has a letter from the Village, giving us notice that they will continue the $25k, for management. We will need to however get approval before spending for any capital improvements.
  • Master plan discussion – Keith Meyers joined us
  • Keith has the master plan broken down into sections. He would like to insert more pictures for visual effect.  He also wants to have the plans laid out on tables with sticky notes for people to add comments at the public meeting on April 10th. His comments on each section of the property are as follows:
    • Front lawn- is the jewel of licking county
    • Mansion – 2ndfloor would like to convert to additional meeting space.  Return current unused spaces to large rooms to be utilized as galleries and meeting space. Compatibility is an issue. Would need to be access compliant on all levels, i.e. elevator.
    • Field House – is our current economic engine
    • Barn – structurally secured. What could be done there?
    • GSVA
    • Formal gardens- now part of revenue stream
    • Community gardens idea – could be revenue stream. Will be broken into phases
  • Larry suggested doing a past vs. future comparison so that we can remind people about the mission statement and how it has advanced.
  • Life/Local – April 10th, Master Plan – Candi can chair, Kris, Stu, Jurgen will all be here. Press releases are out, flyers and posters are out, wants to have copies to the neighborhood associations and county commissioners. 

New Business:  

  • Jurgen has bid analysis and planting plan for screen planning for west garden. Would like to see approval so that planting can take place this spring. Jurgen Moved to acquire 25 conifers $5,250 from Klauder, Vince seconded. So moved. 
  • We already have benches for donations for the Memorial Tree and Bench Program
  • Vince talked about Experience Granville September 16th
    • Library is going to be here for experience Granville
    • The Granville Fire Department would like to do a full display. 
    • We may try to get the helicopter again.
    • If no food vendors come forward, then Vince is going to ask local charities to offer food. 

Other: Ending notes included the question “What are our priorities?” “How do we create more revenue or benefit the community or both?” and finally, we need to seek grants to make improvement The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

    • The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 25th

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