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Bryn Du Minutes November 25, 2013


Regular Meeting Minutes of Monday, November 25, 2013


Members present:       Candi Moore, Chair, Keith Myers, Larry Bicking, Kris Burkett, Stewart Dyke, Jurgen Pape,  eand Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:06. 

Public Comments:        None

Minutes:               Larry moved to approve the minutes from August 28, 2013, and Jurgen seconded the motion, motion carried.  There were informational minutes only for September 25, 2013, Kris moved to approve these and Jurgen seconded the motion, motion carried. Finally, there were Information minutes only for October 23, 2013, Keith moved to approve these and Jurgen seconded the motion, motion carried.

Financial Report:       Bruce reviewed the financials as of October, 2013 in Reed’s absence – financial status is strong. Larry moved to accept the financial report and Stewart seconded the motion, the motion carried.

  • Budget planning – We don’t have budget figures yet for 2014, but projected funds from the Village look to be forthcoming so we can move ahead on the Carriage House plans.

Executive Director’s Report:  Bruce reviewed his report – a very varied month of activities including sports, art shows and the end of wedding season. Next year’s bookings are very strong and the spring will be a great mix of community events.

Old Business:    Carriage House plan – Update on final plans, funding and on bid process- North Pointe is posting an ad and it will run for two weeks in the Advocate for bids.  The village office will act as drop off for bids till December 16th or 20th, depending on time of ad placement.

  • Annual report – We have a draft in process and it will be submitted by Friday, November 29th.
  • Community garden – plan status – no changes at this time. Jurgen is trying to get schedules of committee together.  He has looked at drain fields and topography of the space for the access road.
  • Grant Writing – we have a proposal letter of services from Amy Mock. Bruce will send a copy of her letter to the rest of the board.  We will look at the community garden as a possibility for a grant.

New Business:  –        

  • State Capital budget opportunity – Friday deadline for submission of an application.  The Village would be the applicant for this opportunity with the Mansion as one of the recipients for funding. Candi will work with Steve Stilwell on this process.
  • Partnered Caterers – The Board looked at the Vendor Resources booklet which includes a list of “Partnered Caterers”, this booklet is given to incoming event planners (for weddings and other catered events). Bruce discussed what having our partnered caterers means operationally. The Board suggested removing the term “Partnered” so the list does not imply that we specifically endorse any particular caterers, but staff can continue to make suggestions.  

Master Plan Discussion: - None

Executive Session: Kris motioned to move into executive session for the purpose of discussing personnel matters. Larry seconded the motion. The Roll call for attendance is as follows – Stewart Dyke - yes, Jurgen Pape - yes, Candi Moore - yes, Keith Myers - yes, Larry Bicking - yes and Kris Burkett -yes.  Executive Session adjourned at 8:30 p.m. and the Board moved back to regular meeting.

Other:  Candi got a letter from Steve Stilwell regarding our contract with the Village which doesn’t expire until December, 2014. Candi will ask for a one year extension of this contract.  Also the Village will begin billing us for water in 2014, this will average about $4,000 a year.  Jurgen mentioned that we may want to look at increasing rental rates for the coming year’s rentals.  They will also be reallocating Bob Lavender’s wages as part of the Village’s 2014 budget. The Council meeting will be December 4th and they have requested someone from the Bryn Du Commission to present our plans for the carriage house renovation.

                        The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 p.m.

                        The next regular meeting is scheduled – December 16th

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