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Bryn Du Minutes January 30, 2013


Regular Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Members present:     Candi Moore, Chair, Reed Fraley, Vince Engel, Jurgen Pape, Stewart Dyke, Larry Bicking eand Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:05.


Public Comments:      No comments


Minutes:                     Larry moved to approve the minutes of December 13th. Vince seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Financial Report:      Reed gave the financial report for December. Actuals came in very close to budget figures for the year.  Stewart made a motion to accept the financial report. Jurgen seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Audit or Review – Reed said the preliminary audit looks good.  The final should be done in February. 


Executive Director’s Report:   Bruce reviewed his report for the month. 

Also, Bruce has taken information to the Energy Cooperative for Operation Roundup to seek financial help for the ceiling restoration.


Old Business:  

Annual Report- the report was well received by the Village and the Township.


There was discussion about the meeting between Larry, Bruce and the GRD regarding usage of the lawn and Field House for sport programs.  


Life/Local – Vince reviewed the life/local series as it stands now. We have a spring group and a fall group.  We are partnering with Denison’s Office of the Provost to do three academic lectures. We are also still partnering with the OSU Extension Office. Vince has suggested giving some token to these speakers in appreciation of their time.


Experience Granville – Vince brought up discussion about branching out to the wider community in hopes of getting more participation and variety of vendors.


Carriage House – next step – the architect is working on drawings to get needed permits in process.  He is willing to come to February’s board meeting to discuss the next phases.


New Business:

Project approvals – the back patio is on the agenda and some wall caulking at the FH, as well as some new signage.


Master Plan Discussion – what is the next focus? Bruce brought up the community garden project, Debbie Walker at Village Hall has stepped forward and would like to be part of that planning process. Also, with the Carriage House project advancing, the terrace patio pool will need to be drained and broken and then filled. The barn needs to be checked for utility needs before Bob and the maintenance area are moved into part of that space. Bruce also brought up that he had talked to someone who renovates barns all over central Ohio and the gentleman had said that he would be very willing to come in and discuss what might be done to renovate the barn and how we might go about it financially.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. The next regular meeting is scheduled for February 27th  

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