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Bryn Du Minutes June 26, 2013


Regular Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Members present:     Candi Moore, Chair, Jurgen Pape, Larry Bicking, Kris Burkett eand Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:11.  Vince has resigned his position.

Public Comments:      None

Minutes: Larry moved to approve the minutes for May 22nd. Jurgen seconded the motion. Motion carried.           

Financial Report:      Bruce read the explanation of the financial report for May in Reed’s absence.   Kris made a motion to accept the financial report. Larry seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Executive Director’s Report:   Bruce reviewed his report for the month.  The front wall is fixed. Lawn is looking good. The gardens are all planted. Both venues are busy.

Old Business:   Carriage House plan – Update on Architect Estimates – Bruce reviewed the changes and comments that Northpoint has done. Discussion followed pertaining to going ahead and getting the bid package out.  Jurgen made the motion to include both phases having the 2nd phase as an alternate and adding the kitchen to phase 1 as an alternate and having Northpoint do the bid package.  Kris seconded the motion. The motion carried.  To get ready for this project the carriage house will need to be cleared which means the barn will need to be made more habitable.

Art & Wine Event Affair Debrief- Parking seemed to work ok, there was cooperation. The group seemed to have some issues because they had a higher attendance than was expected but things on our end were fine, the wedding in the Field House went well.  There have been some expansion changes suggested by the Art & Wine group for next year. Jurgen brought up a concern that Bob has had with groups leaving behind metal stakes in the Great Lawn that could pose potential danger to other users of the fields.  It seems that this group’s art vendors have not been removing the stakes consistently. Bruce said it will be addressed more specifically in the contract to include a deposit.

New Business:  Noise Concerns – Candi and Bruce received a letter regarding noise in the West Garden area during events.  Candi said she has spoken with the writer (Margery Mitchell) to let her know that her letter was received and would be discussed. Discussion ensued. One resolution was to designate the area in the West Garden as a quieter area with limits set for sound. Candi and Bruce will meet with the lady to discuss.

Board Membership – Vince is no longer on the Board. He was a good board member who was very active and will be missed. The open position has been placed in the Newspaper by the Village and we will await word.

Review/revision of Code of Regulations/Election of Officers – Candi asked if there needs to be any changes or additions to the Code. Jurgen feels that it is good as it stands. Larry feels that it shows its age, that we have grown up as an organization but that we don’t need to change it yet. It was stated that the community has added to the expertise as needed as well. Discussion regarding election of the Offices of President, Treasurer and a Secretary are as required by the Code took place and was followed by further discussion about whether we look at a rotation of term limits?  It was decided that we would keep the status quo but that we would go ahead and elect officers for the current year.   Kris made the motion to elect the current slate with Candi Moore as President, Reed Fraley as Treasurer and added Athena as Secretary, Jurgen seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Tree and Landscape Memorial Tree Program –The Tree and Landscape committee met here at Bryn Du recently to discuss the joining of our two tree programs. It has been decided that they are joining our program so any tree donations made to the T&LC will plant a tree here on the grounds unless someone specifically requests a tree planted in another location.   Jurgen mentioned that he and Bruce had discussed updating the survey drawings to incorporate Bob’s and other items. The Village may update their survey drawings in which case we should hold off doing ours assuming that we can include our items.

Roof Repairs – Each building has some roofing issue, some very small, others slightly bigger. The total is $5,020 through a roofing contractor that we have used before and did well. Jurgen made a motion to accept the proposal that Bruce presented. Kris seconded the motion. Motion carried.  Bruce will update the maintenance sheet.

Master Plan Discussion: -Community Garden Action Steps – Jurgen, and Debbie Walker have talked with Lori Swihart of the OSU Master Gardeners, she was very encouraging toward the project. Jurgen also wants to meet with Keith Meyers to talk about possible financial donors like they have had at the Franklin Park community gardens.

Other: None

                        The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

                        The next regular meeting is scheduled for July 24th  

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