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Bryn Du Minutes May 22, 2013


Regular Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Members present:     Candi Moore, Chair, Jurgen Pape, Stewart Dyke, Reed Fraley eand Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:09.

Public Comments:      Rotary members – Made a general introduction of what the Rotary does in the community.  They also made their formal request for parking charges for the Art & Wine show coming up in June.

Barn Discussion - Dan Troth of the Non-profit organization the Friends of Ohio Barns presented a slide show on preserving and revitalizing Bryn Du’s barn. GreenTech Construction is Mr. Troth’s company.

Minutes: Jurgen moved to approve the minutes for April 24th. Reed seconded the motion. Motion carried.                      

Financial Report:      Reed reviewed the financial report for April.  Stewart made a motion to accept the financial report. Jurgen seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Executive Director’s Report:   Bruce reviewed his report for the month.  The Mother’s Day Tea was well received and had a good turnout. The daffodil show numbers showed that they had doubled in attendance from previous years. The gardens are being planted over the next few weeks.

Old Business:   Carriage House plan – Bidding Process was reviewed as it related to the meeting that Bruce had with Steve Stilwell and NorthPointe Architectural firm (Phil Claggett).  It was decided to have Phil clarify the items to be included in Phase 1 and Phase 2 for the first floor, and to define the duties of the project manager, the architect, and the contractors.  If the project is going to span the next two years a presentation to the village should be done per Mr. Stilwell.

Project approvals – none at this time.

New Business:  Parking for Art & Wine Event- discussion 1) there needs to be signage designating that parking fees benefit the Rotary. 2) There should be an agreement between Bryn Du and the Rotary that parking will be managed efficiently and effectively and if not, next year’s contract will be more stringent and there will be a required restitution included.

                        Tree Memorial Programs – tree and landscape is meeting here at Bryn Du on Friday to discuss moving the village tree memorial program here.


Master Plan Discussion –  See Public Comments


Other:  None


                        The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

                        The next regular meeting is scheduled for June 26th  

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