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Bryn Du Minutes December 16, 0214


Regular Meeting Minutes of Monday, December 16, 2013


Members present:        Candi Moore, Chair, Keith Myers, Larry Bicking, Stewart Dyke, Jurgen Pape, Reed Fraley,  eand Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:05. 

Public Comments:        None

Minutes:                Stewart moved to approve the minutes with corrections from November 25, 2013, and Jurgen seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Financial Report:       Reed reviewed the financials as of November, 2013.  We are doing well currently at break even for the year. We are at this point waiting on the Village Capital Fund money. Reed stated that he wants to change how events are financially reported in relation to rental income, that it may show a lesser figure in rental but will be better reporting for these two sources of income.  Larry moved to accept the financial report and Jurgen seconded the motion, the motion carried.

  • Budget – Reed reviewed the draft budget, it is not completed yet. He will add the estimated amount in water utility that is to be billed by the Village starting January 1.

Executive Director’s Report:  Bruce reviewed his report – Field House is a busy building and the Paul Hamilton art show is going well.  Candi wants us to start keeping statistics for who is here, how long, from where, and for what purpose. Keith stated that he will make some contacts to find a company that could give us a report based on these statistics.  Bruce said that there is a Computer company that would like to do some classes here a couple days a week providing training, some life/local talks and has offered our own staff some assistance for our own computer programs as needed. Finally, Bruce said the front gate has been hit and slightly bent and may need some repair.

Old Business:     Carriage House plan – Phil Claggett from NorthePoint was with us. Phil said we got three bids back. The first from R.W. Setterlin Building Co. they came in at $443,000, the next is Flecto L.L.C., $202,950, and finally Robertson Construction Services, Inc. at $214,800. There was much discussion about the three and the financing of the project. The first company (Setterlin Building Co.) has been ruled out due to price. The second (Flecto L.L.C.) has been ruled out for the following reasons, 1) Experience in the industry, they did not meet our 10 year minimum requirement, 2) the Board agreed that they did not carry insurance liability to cover the size of the project per our requirement and 3) they did not exhibit enough experience with Prevailing Wage.   Finally, the Board settled on Robertson Construction for the following reasons: 1) their base bid was acceptable financially, 2) they offer the experience that the Board required, 3) they have done good work at the Mansion in the past and 4) they use local sub-contractors, which the Board felt was good for the community as a whole and was another key component in the decision.  Keith moved to accept the Robertson base bid of $214,000 and Stewart seconded the motion, motion carried. There will be further discussion on the alternate bid within the next 30 days. Phil will put a recommendation letter together as requested by the Board and will notify Robertson of the awarded bid.

Grant Writing – Amy Mock’s proposal, Amy was with us to answer any questions. She talked about doing a proposal to the National Trust Preservation Fund which is currently taking applications, these are small grants acting as seed money for projects. The deadlines for this year are Feb 1st, June 1st and October 1st. It was suggested by the Board that we look to the June 1st deadline. Secondly Amy is looking at the Licking County Foundation.  They will be accepting letters of intent in mid to late August. This fund can be awarded ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. Once a letter of intent is submitted and is accepted, a group must then submit an application and the money may then be awarded the following year. Jurgen asked if there was anything larger or with matching funds that she had run across in her research? Amy mentioned the Columbus foundation’s “the big gift” but stated that you have to be in the Columbus area.

State Capital budget opportunity- Candi said that we have put in a preliminary proposal for state money, she asked that if we get the go ahead could Amy help with this? Amy stated that she would. 

New Business:  – Candi has had a request from the Wichert Insurance Co. to renew our premium for employment and officers and also property and general liability for the coming year. There is a slight increase in that premium but the Board didn’t feel that it was significant at this time and agreed that it should be renewed.  The deadline is the 27th of this month and Candi will go ahead with the renewal.

  • It was also brought up that Annie Cacciato from the GSVA has informed us that she is very ill and will be stepping back from some of her duties at the GSVA, but that it will continue in its work with their current staff.

Master Plan Discussion: - None

Executive Session: Larry moved to go into executive session for the purpose of considering a change in compensation of public employees for 2014. Jurgen seconded the motion. The roll call for the vote is as follows: Bicking -yes, Jurgen –yes, Reed - yes, Stewart - yes, Moore - yes, Myers – yes. Staff was dismissed for the session.

Other:  None

                        The meeting was adjourned at 9:46 p.m.

                        The next regular meeting is scheduled – January 22nd  

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