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Bryn Du Minutes January 28, 2015


Informational Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Members present:       Candi Moore, Chair, Jurgen Pape, Larry Bicking, eand Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:02. 

Public Comments:       No Public Comments

Minutes:                      No changes reported. Approval is deferred till next month.

Financial Report:       The board reviewed the financial report for November & December, 2014.

Executive Director’s Report:  Bruce reviewed his report for the month. December was busy in all buildings. Starting to get pricing for projects, concrete, painting. Filling up dates for 2015 annual events, February 1 we open up 2016 for social dates. We are working on Life/Local events for spring. Front porch swing cushions are being re-upholstered in Newark.

Old Business:     

  1. Craig Kester and Andy Wildman from Granville Recreation District attended the meeting to give us an update on the GRD. First they wanted to express their gratitude for our participation and help in their programming space needs. Secondly, they went over some figures of how they have grown tremendously in the last few years and are now a multifaceted organization. They stated that of course they are out of space, they offer 29 sports programs, and people tend to stay in Granville more, even other communities want to participate but cannot because of needed residence restrictions. Thirdly, they discussed the situation between the Village, the GRD and Bryn Du regarding the mowing of the front lawn. In the past it was traded for office space in village building. Now they do not have office space in the village building.  They stated that they will not be mowing the grass this year at Bryn Du.  We were invited to try to use their program guide for advertising our Life/Local. 
  2. Art and Wine – We have their contract, the June art show will have wine and they have added the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair. Rotary has become the Taste of Granville in late April. We also already have dates for 2016 for both groups in the books. 
  3. Annual Report and Village Contract – The report was submitted, and the Village did approve our contract for the next two years. And they have increased our yearly stipend from $25,000 to $30,000.
  4. Maintenance – We checked for - but do not have any termites, furnaces have been checked -GSVA furnace had an issue, which was fixed, but they found another issue and we are waiting on this to be fixed as well. Radon has been checked, the level is high in GSVA. Bruce and Larry attended a meeting seeking further information on Radon remediation and Bruce stated that there seems to be many different views from different EPA & OSHA government offices. Larry explained the issues to the Board and how the remediation systems work. Bruce is getting some other quotes on putting in a single system. Regarding the outstanding Punch-list items for the Carriage House, we need a final list from Phil. 

New Business:

A.  GSVA Lease – Candi reviewed the lease. First item regarding their lease; their current three year lease of three terms allows their initial property improvements to be deducted from their current rental amount. Under the normal course of time their rent will increase as that allowance runs out. We want to look at current market commercial trends to stay fair, and we are willing to talk with them about where the rent will go and how we might work with them beyond the 2021-2024 lease term to keep the rental amount at a reasonable level. Second item regarding their space, we feel that yes they can install small gardens but they must maintain them on a regular basis. Third item regarding fire alarms and fire extinguishers. They use the same company as we do for monitoring. The GSVA would like us to take on the monitoring cost. Our thoughts were that perhaps fire extinguishers would be covered as part of the building and maintenance but that monitor cost is part of the GSVA’s responsibility just like electric and water. All questions and/or issues should be resolved by February.

B.  Collaboration Ideas – how we can work with more groups. This was tabled for next time.

Other: Jurgen let us know that he is now the Chair of the Granville Arts Commission. They will have a new website online soon and they have received an increase in their budget.

Bruce wanted to check to see if he still had his maintenance allotment, because he wants to redo the floor in the mansion kitchen and other projects. The tiles have been coming up on a regular basis and they create a hazard.

Bob and Athena wanted to express their Thanks to the Board for the holiday gift cards. They were appreciated.

Bruce is also gathering quotes on some potential capital projects.

Bruce and Larry will go to the March meeting of the Granville Township Trustees meeting with the Annual Report.

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