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Bryn Du Minutes January 27, 2016


Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Members present: Candi Moore, Chair, Jurgen Pape, Reed Fraley, Larry Bicking, Nate Willisone. Bruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:07. 

Public Comments: None

Minutes: Larry moved to approve the December 2, 2015 minutes. Jurgen seconded the motion, the motion carried.

Financial Report: Reed reviewed the Financial Report for November, 2015. Jurgen moved to accept the financial report.  Nate seconded the motion, the motion carried. Reed reviewed the 2016 Draft Budget with discussion.

Executive Director’s Report: Bruce reviewed his report for the month. January is anything but slow. The pool is full of gravel and concrete will be in hopefully next week. Laundry House windows are in and look nice. We have a couple of quotes for HVAC and are waiting on some plumbing quotes also for the Laundry House.  We think we might have LED lighting choices for the Field House that will retrofit the existing light fixtures. The Republic refuse transition in the village went well, they used our parking lot as a staging area for switching all residential trash cans to new ones. GSVA is done and they are paid up. Paul Hamilton has remained and is conducting art classes. Ultimate Frisbee will be back in March on the 5th and 6th. And State Farm Insurance is making another donation to us of some tables that will go into the Art Center.

Old Business: Status of old GSVA building. Bruce has had Paul Hamilton fill out a standard user agreement to use the space to keep art going in the interim and his students have signed indemnity paper. Paul has worked at cleaning out the building of any old stuff and has gone through the art supplies that were donated to us – in exchange we have not charged him a rental fee as of yet.

Bryn Du Art Show – they are still accepting art work for the show. They are working on getting demonstrations, workshops and bringing specific groups through, i.e. senior center. They have applied for a grant from the Granville Arts Council and from OAC to help cover costs associated with the production of the show.

Status of Capital Projects – A completed listing of 2015 projects and a new listing of 2016 possible projects was distributed to the Board for their consideration.  The list included such items as Field House upper terrace pavement, items for the Laundry House discussed previously in these minutes as well as a kitchen floor redo for the Mansion.  The old GSVA building will now be referred to as the Bryn Du Center for the Arts or simply the Art Center. The directional signs on property will need to be updated to reflect the change.

New Business: Art Summit – the Board has decided to host a collaboration of all art groups in the community and is calling it an Open Art Forum. The forum will be March 5th from 8:30 till noon. Keith Myers will be the facilitator.  Jurgen, Candi and Athena are working on the invitation and list of invitees currently. The deadline for RSVP’s will be the 20th of February at this point.

State Capital Budget – After discussion it was decided that there is not a current large project to warrant submission so there will be no submission this time around.

Annual Report – Bruce has started the Annual Report supporting documentation, we will need the financial information and the opening remarks to complete.

Master Planning and Development Discussion: If anyone has further comments from the strategic planning meeting please send your notes to Keith Myers.

Other: None

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