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Bryn Du Minutes April 27, 2017


Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Informational Meeting Only

Members present: Candi Moore, Chair, Jurgen Pape, Larry Bicking,  Bruce Cramer, Executive Director

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 without a quorum. 

Public Comments: None

Minutes: No comments will hold till next meeting.

Financial Report: Bruce reviewed the Financial Report for March, 2016 in Reed’s absence as well as the year end financials for 2015 that are needed for the annual report submission. Bruce reported that Reed is also working on the 9-90.

Executive Director’s Report: Bruce reviewed his report for the month. The March and April time frame is just consistently busy. Parking is becoming more of a concern and we may need to start looking at expanding. Phil Claggett is working on projecting some plans for the Laundry House and elevator options for the Mansion second floor. Candi mentioned along these lines that we need to start looking at future plans that we could take to State funding and start getting the plans and paperwork going. Bruce also mentioned that he and Larry had gone on a field trip to Columbus looking at doors like the ones that we are considering for replacement doors for the Field House upper terrace. Also looking at shutter replacements for the Mansion, Bruce said the bids have come in seemingly high but replacement is immanent and so he and Larry will look more closely at those bids and try to find a workable solution.

Old Business: Art Forum – After checking available Mansion and Carriage House dates, Candi stated that we may be looking at June 11. Candi will be working on a program for the next forum. 

Strategic Planning meeting – Bruce will recirculate some new dates.

New Business: Art Center – Bruce and Athena met with Paul and Jen. Jen will start working up a budget and reorganization of the current art supplies.  They also expressed interest in conducting art camps and/or classes for the summer.

At this we have one intern, she is from COTC. She will start at the end of May.

Community Garden Plans – The Granville Garden Club is changing members who will be involved in the Community Plan so at this time, plans are on hold as far as we know, but will slowly be evolving as we go through the upcoming summer season. We still need to work on our end with fencing, etc. the area has been cleaned up but a few other things may need to be done.

Ideas for elevator for the Mansion – as Bruce stated earlier, Phil Claggett is working on suggested plans.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 25th, 2016

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