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Bryn Du Minutes June 22, 2016


Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Members present: Candi Moore, Chair, Keith Myers, Nate Willison, Jurgen Pape, Stewart Dyke,  Bruce Cramer, Executive Director

The meeting was called to order at 7:05. 

Public Comments: Jennifer Pentecost – see below New Business.

Minutes: Keith moved to approve the minutes of May 25, 2016, Jurgen seconded, motion carried.

Financial Report: Bruce reviewed the Financial Report for May, 2016 in Reed’s absence.  Jurgen moved to accept the financial report, Nate seconded. Motion carried.

Executive Director’s Report: Bruce reviewed his report for the month: The Ohio Common Pleas Judges were here two nights for a conference. Their activities included a visit with animals from the Columbus Zoo, dinner, and a live band.  The Granville Garden Club’s shed that was moved from the Robbins Hunter Museum has been installed back beside the barn.  Looking at group contracts for 2017, they are on track with last year’s booking pace and we have picked up a few additional groups for functions this year yet.  Bruce has not talked with Phil Claggett yet about the parking situation and how we might expand behind the barn, but is waiting to hear from Phil on laundry plans. Candi asked about pickle ball, and why they won’t be able to play it in the Field House. After investigation of the activity it was found that the sport-court flooring is not conducive to the type of ball used in pickle ball, it doesn’t bounce. Further, Candi asked if the flooring in the Field House is still workable and in good shape for other activities and events, Bruce stated that it is but is in need of a deep cleaning currently.

Old Business: The latest Art Forum gathering was discussed – we had a slightly smaller group than the first time, which was expected. The three committees have been formed; these included the Cultural Plan committee, the Organizational committee, and the Communication committee. Each group will be going forward independently taking steps to meet with and gather sources to expand their portion of the project over the summer. The committees will then reconvene as a group after Labor Day. The Cultural Plan committee was the largest group and will take the lead so that the other groups can work within the overall framework of a plan. Jurgen said that the GAC met this last week and that they are supportive but they felt that perhaps we should look at professional support at developing the plan.

New Business: Art School – The Bryn Du Art Center is moving forward with the help of Jennifer Pentecost. Jenn joined us to talk about her job experience and ideas for a new Center for the Arts.  She briefly shared her history as a teacher at GSVA for five years, a couple of years ago she left for a year’s travel excursion. Upon her return she found that the GSVA was gone and at Bruce’s request is now starting to work with Paul Hamilton on some artist camps and workshops at the Art Center. Bruce also asked Jenn to work on putting together a budget for these summer camps so they can move forward. The current camp offering will be to design a parade float in collaboration with the Human Society for the 4th of July. Future activities include a series of workshops for different media, different age group classes for children grades 1 to 6, and adult classes.

Other:  Bruce talked about the Granville Sentinel looking at space here at Bryn Du for an office. They are considering the north office on the second floor of the Art Center. An update on the Licking Land Trust, Candi said that the Chair of the Trust wants to wait a while before they make their decision.

Reminder: Strategic Planning Meeting will be July 30th at 9 a.m. The next regular meeting will be August 24th.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 p.m.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for August 24th, 2016

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