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Bryn Du Minutes January 25, 2017


Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Members present:     Candi Moore, Chair, Keith Myers, Larry Bicking, Stewart Dyke, Jurgen Pape, and  eBruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:07. 

Public Comments:      Jenn Pentecost lasted visited in June as classes were getting started in the Art Center. Tonight she attended with an Art Center update – She said Paul Hamilton is still doing his weekly classes with about 30 students on average. The summer programing camps were well attended and their 4th of July float took 3rd place.  She and Paul did the mural for the new Kroger store on 21st Street in Newark, with the help of some of the kids of Kairos.  She is now in talks with Licking County Soil and Water to do a mural in their offices on East Main Street, Newark. She said she is looking for groups to help with the murals. Regarding regular classes, she has been experimenting with 4 week sessions done every 5 weeks, with about 40 students overall.  She has also added a homeschool session which sold out. She has also done student art shows to show off student work.  Feb 4th will be the next student art exhibition of current students, including Paul’s students in the gallery and this is set to sync with the Art Walk in downtown Granville. They did a workshop for the Feed the Dream event at the Library and Jenn is also talking to the Granville Public Library about space to hang gallery work on a rotating basis. She will be doing another activity with Granville Public Library in mid-march as well. This past December’s holiday workshops had about 60ppl and were well received. Funding was received from the GAC to help with the art shows. They have had guests teachers like Todd Camp, and Jess Moore, and Jenn stated she wants to work more on this area, possibly bringing in some well-known artists from outside Granville. Amy Butler did a long weekend of fabric art with several participants for three days. Jenn is also working with the Sonshine Preschool to bring in 80 students for some field trips in the early spring. The Granville Coop has already done a field trip that was successful. And finally, Ginny Kinsley has contacted Jenn about a doing a C-TEC student art show in mid-April and they are working out those details now.

Minutes: Keith moved to approve the Minutes of December 8, 2016, with executive session amendments.  Jurgen seconded, the motion carried.

Financial Report:  Reed is out and could not report.  Candi stated that we need to finalize the 2016 Annual report.

Executive Director’s Report:  Bruce reviewed his report for the month: stating that we are currently working on small estate improvements. Lighting in Field House is an ongoing experiment with nothing resolved. Outdoor painting projects will soon be in the works for spring. HVAC has been installed in the Laundry House. We are still waiting for Layton to give us an estimate on the barn area parking expansion.  In other news, Bruce said we have had a couple of people contact us concerning their contracts for this year, they were wondering about the GRD news items that they had read about.  In response to them and to all of our clients we sent a message wishing them a Happy New Year and in essence assuring them that all is well here at Bryn Du. Meanwhile, the Board Director and Exec Director of the Senior Center has visited us, and they have expressed a desire to work with us on some activities including a Senior Center Prom in May. Our Life/Local programming group has met and there are things in the works for the spring series, which will begin in April.

Old Business: MOU – Keith reported that the first meeting between the Bryn Du Commission and the Granville Recreation District were scheduled for January 17th, but then it was cancelled because of schedule conflicts. They had trouble getting the session rescheduled, but finally a new date was decided on and it will be January 31st. Keith stated that the intention is that there will be a series of six meetings.

Licking Land Trust – Bruce and Larry has gone over the lease with the Licking Land Trust Board and it should be signed this week. Projected move in will be the week of February 1st.

Art Forum – the Cultural Plan Committee is trying to create a comprehensive strategy working with Granville High School students and Denison University students to hire a consultant to oversee the overall community cultural plan.  To fund that commitment the committee has been promised; $1,000 from Bryn DU, $2,000 from the Granville Arts Commission, and $2,000 from the Granville School District.  In addition, Jodi Melfi will provide some in-kind work, along with in-kind research work from Denison. A grant request to the Granville Community Foundation for $10,000 to help hire the consultant has also been submitted. Jurgen said the planning group met and they will be working on wording to be used in contacting the consultant. Next full meeting is February 4th.

Projects and Priorities – it was decided that we should take another look at the strategic planning list. Candi will send out a doodle poll for revisiting the strategic plan.

New Business:            Going forward for this year, we will continue with regular Wednesday nights in the fourth week of each month.

Other:  None

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for February 22nd, 2017

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