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Bryn Du Minutes April 26, 2017


Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Members present:     Candi Moore, Chair, Keith Myers, Jurgen Pape, Reed Fraley, Larry Bicking, and  eBruce Cramer, Exec. Dir. The meeting was called to order at 7:07. 

Public Comments:      Goodbye and thank you to Nate Willison and Larry Bicking. A special thank you to your hard work and dedication to Bryn Du and the Bryn Du Commission.

We now welcome and introduce our new member, effective May 1st, Granville Chamber representative Mark Uher. Mark is founder, CEO & president of the Manufacturers’ Education Council (MEC), one of the largest for-profit conference providers in the Midwest and is the father of three. 

Joe Hickman also joins us to present a Resolution of Thanks from the Granville Township Trustees to Larry Bicking for his service on their behalf to the Commission, which was read by Candi.

Candi stated that she has talked with the Township Trustees, asking if Joe Hickman can be Larry’s replacement. It is our understanding that they are to vote on it within the next two weeks.

Minutes:                      Keith moved to approve the Minutes of March 25, 2017.  Jurgen seconded, the motion carried.

Financial Report:        Reed reviewed the financial report for March, 2017. Larry moved to accept and Jurgen seconded. Motion carried. Reed first wanted to review how we are paying Jenn Pentecost because her job really entails two jobs - administrative, and creative. He reviewed three options; part time status, separate rates for average number of hours, and independent contractor status receiving a 1099. After discussion of each option, Reed recommends the independent contractor status with a defined contract allowing for the most flexibility for Jenn. The board agreed and Candi, Reed and Bruce will get together to create this contract.  Reed also wanted to review the Capital/Improvement Projects for 2015/2016 as they related to the budget and the overage/shortage of capital funds through that time period for clarity in the Annual Report.

Executive Director’s Report:  Bruce reviewed his report for the month: He stated that we have had very diverse community use over March, April and will be into May.  Including Licking Memorial Hospital, C-Tec, the Red Cross, the Granville Garden Club and many others.

Old Business: Review/Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with GRD – Keith reviewed the current draft of the MOU.  Keith would like to have a special board meeting next Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 7pm following the review of MOU meeting for board approval. The meeting was set for that time.

Art Forum – Update – Candi submitted answers to the previous Licking County Foundation questions but she hasn’t heard anything back yet. At this time we don’t know if there will be funds from them for the Forum group.

Update on facility maintenance items – Bruce said that painting is in process on the outside of the Field House and that the lower windows of the Mansion will also be done. He also said that at this time he has gotten back one estimate for the back lot. Still waiting on two others.

New Business: Strategic Planning Session – Candi said we will try to cover some strategic planning issues at the next regular board meeting in May.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:21 p.m.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 24, 2017

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