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BZBA 05/27/93

May 27, 1993
Present: Ashlin Caravana, Ann M. Kennedy, Gilbert Krone
Absent: Chuck Meteer, Ron Winters
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
1 ·:f:R1.1*2.,, 2' ,
Visitors: Tim Hughes (630 Newark Road), Charles O'Keefe (4 Samson
Place), Karen and Douglas Frasca (123 W. Broadway)
Citizen Comments: None
New Business:
Charles and Jacqueline O'Keefe, 4 Samson Place
The O'Keefes are dropping their request for a garage but still 2
wish to gain extra floor space in the kitchen by constructing.'a :41.
walko-ut bay window to the front of their home, which'sits 32',Ilfromy-. 4,>4,
right-of-way. Setback requirement is 35',so they will need a'-·1 variance on front setback. This update is attached to the previous ' -,
Mr. O'Keefe explained his revised proposal. There. was some...
question about which was the front of the house and which the back,
which would have meaning when addressing the setback requirements.
The back door entrance would not need a variance. There exists one
such protrusion down the road.
Mr. Krone moved that we approve the variance for several N·2%f<,3; · , reasons because of the configuration of the property and diffi- .:
culties the owner has in working with other areas of the property j ''·' to allow the use of the space. These are special circumstances . , 4 t : dpoecaunlyiathrintog twheitharea and because of the terrain, it is difficult to 5.f.<:t.:.' the front and west side ofbthe house. To inter- : b„
pret requirements to require 35' would be not ''allowing .justice' to jttf) :
the owner, and allowing 35 sq.ft. protruding into the setback 5 '·· does comply with more than just the spirit of the zoning ordinance; '»s.k,3'· .'·4: and we are justified in permitting it on that>basis.I' don't 'think=I.i,'1*9 d , we are conferring any unusual privileges. There is one property in911%31)7. . the neighborhood closer than 5' to the Burg Street property line . I » - '*. I don't believe that allowing the variance would substantially' affect government services to the area since it is within 28' of S «
the setback. Ms. Caravana seconded the motion, AN
Eric and Gayle Stewart, 133 South Cherry Street
D IT WAS . '.,'. , ' , ,
The Stewarts wish to expand the back porch to be flush. with i i,t.t>.2
the side of their home and to enclose stairs' to the basement. This,4.14<A,'':
new construction will be located less than the required side yard4/f'o L"I -
setback of 10' in VRD. Mr. Stewart explained the proposed ,
construction. The north side sits 5 1/2' from the property line,
and they want to tear part of the porch off and replace with a
useable room and make the external wall consistent with existing
wall. His house and his neighbor's house would be ca. 16' apart
and have mutually agreed upon the property line. A deck will be
built on the addition.
Ms. Caravana moved that we approve variance based on special
circumstances that exist which are that the main building already
exists and extends west to the point where the addition' will be; it
will not create a condition which does not already exist. Special i
circumstances will not result from actions of owner, nor will undue ·I.'S
privileges result. From our review it does not appear that granting
a variance would affect the general welfare of neighbors, and
literal interpretation of the code would deprive applicant of his {
rights. Mr. Krone seconded the motion, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Douglas and Karen Frasca, 123 West Broadway
The Frascas want to move air conditioners to the side of the
Mrs. Frasca explained that they are remodelling the
which entails having to block off the back door to the
That door will be closed off, which means moving the
entrance to the southeast side of the house, and they would like to
add a deck to the entrance {she showed members proposed drawings}.
One current air conditioner is on the roof, and they want to move it to the side of the house and camouflage with landscaping. Mrs. Frasca attached two letters from neighbors, who have no problem with the proposal. Ms. Caravana stated that air conditioners on the side are visible from the street and should be screened by permanent means, either a wooden box or, as Mr. Krone stated, mature shrubbery. Ms. Frasca stated there will eventually be a fence, a project needing Granville Planning Commission approval, and Ms. Kennedy reminded the group that they are not an architec- tural review agency and that bushes will help soften the noise of an air conditioner.
Ms. Caravana moved to approve the variance based on the - ,' peculiar lands/tructure involved and the fact that the nearest ' neighbor (the church) is a good distance away and the main criteria, noise, would not affect the neighbors. The proposal would not adversely affect trhe health, safety and general welfare , 4'<1,
of the community, and a literal application of the ordinance would j..,j.:,AOj; ],
deprive applicants to have an air conditioning unit placed in an 'i,-3*ym]
inconspicuous place. No special circumstances:result, and no undue 3*GFG ,
privilege is granted to the applicant. Mr. Krone seconded, AND IT f'!)4),.<]. ,
Tim and Nancy Hughes, 630 NewarkG- ranville Road
The Hugheses wish to construct an addition to the west side of :.,
the house, located 10' from side lot linet;h/e required setback is , I: - -
14' in SRD- A. The next closest neighbors are over 100' to the west
and approve of the construction. Mr. Hughes explained that due to
the location of the house on the lot, located in the far southwest
corner, a variance is requested. They want to build out 12' to the ,t,'P' ':\
west and make a family room and provide more useable kitchen and i1>f.j'tt V
some office space. It will be one and one half stories high, 12 1N ' 9 . .'..1., ' '..
pitch. Mr. Hughes has been planning this addition for over 2 ' 56
years and is planning to grade the hill down and plant myrtle
there. He does have an accurate location of property line. He
finds it impossible to move the kitchen anywhere else.
Mr. Krone moved to approve variance based upon the presenta- 0 -*:.
tion. Special circumstances exist in the location of the house, I. .4 4-&1:C: ::
close to the property line, whereas the rest of the property is on ..
the other side. The setback really is not so important since the 3..
nearest property owner is 100' away. Also, the criteria regarding
literal interpretation would not apply, for the same reasons. The
owner bought the property after the house was moved to the- location "I,{f': {'
and owned it before the new zoning law was' established. There .:<.
would be no undue privilege extended to' the owner because of Y'.i.«it-i';intrusion into setback line by approximately 4',which-is not, 4 '' . a[*,i; ]:'
substantial interference. It would not affect health, safety, and ],,F
general welfare of residents. Ms. Kennedy seconded, AND IT WAS ', " '
Adjournment: 6: 05 p.m.
Next Meeting: June 24
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Apollonio

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