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BZBA 09/22/93

September 22, 1993
Present: Dan Bellman, Ashlin Caravana, Gilbert Krone, Ron Winters
Absent: Chuck Meteer
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Mr. Winters moved that Dan Bellman be accepted as an official
member of this board with the understanding that the Mayor will
execute the swearing-in at his convenience. Mr. Krone seconded,
Visitors: Andrew &Nan Steyn (111 West College), Carolyn and Larry
Huey (129 W. College),Bob Seith (116 Locust Place),Susan Lamson
123 W. College),Adelyn Marshall (119 W. College)
Minutes: Mr. Winter moved that the Minutes for August 24 be
approved as written; Mr Krone seconded, and MINUTES WERE
Citizen Comments: None
New Business:
Andrew Steyn, 111 West College Street
Mr. Steyn received a permit for a 6' wood fence to be erected
on the south and east sides of his yard. The Planning Commission
approved the application, and the fence was installed with the
finished side facing the interior of the property, in violation of
1187. 03(b)3().Mr. Sten*explained that he had no idea of such a restriction and was notlinformed of this by the Zoning Inspector.
There were no complaints received by the village from neighbors or
the church or day care. Bill Acklin, from the church, indicated
that with landscaping the fence will be quite acceptable. Mr.
Steyn investigated landscaping plans and submitted one to the
Zoning Inspector; he received permission from the minister to dig
in his dirt to do the planting. He is appealing to BZBA to allow
the fence to stand as is, with landscaping which he will maintain.
Members discussed the merits of having a fence outside-out and
learned that it is a courtesy to other people. Neighbors present
at the meetingBo-b- Seith, Larry and Carolyn Huey, Susan Lamson,
and Adelyn Marshalvlo-i-ced their approval of the fence as it is,
particularly with landscaping. Ms. Lamson suggested the possibility
of an informative booklet to new residents.
Mr. Krone stated that the fence is 6' within the lot line, so
landscaping will be on his own property. He gave £urther details
on plantings, which will attach themselves to the fence in due
Mr. Winters moved that we grant this request; Mr. Krone
Mr. Winters followed up on Ms. Lamson's suggestion that new
residents be informed of the need to understand the ordinances if
they are making changes. Mr. Tailford replied that it is difficult
to cover all the bases, and omitting a paragraph could lead to
more problems. It is also difficult to get names of new people in
town, but when he does receive a formal application, he sends a
letter informing them of the unique character of Granville and of
the zoning permit process, and if they are in the historic district,
further restrictions apply. The applicant is ultimately
responsible, but the office is willing to help with information.
Mr. Bellman added that the contractor is responsible also, but
Mr. Tailford stated that contractors come and go and some are from
out of town, although the local ones should be acquainted with the
ordinances. A lot of people get the permit first and then hire the
contractor. A possibility is to license builders. A checklist
could say, "Have you referenced pertinent sections of the code?"
To summarize, members felt two things were important in order
to inform applicants and to save Mr. Tailford time: 1) hand them
a preprinted check-off sheet with relevant sections targeted and
2) try to find a legal advisory service to help people who have
difficulty getting to the courthouse during office hours.
Adjournment: 7: 50 p.m.
Next Meeting: Thursday, October 23, 7 p. m.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Apollonio

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