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BZBA 10/28/93

October 28, 1993
Present: Gilbert Krone, Chuck Meteer, Ron Winters
Absent: Dan Bellman, Ashlin Caravana
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Visitors: Tinker Pine (607 Stublyn),Chris Avery (343 Cedar),
Barbara Vockel (72,5 Burg)
Minutes: Minutes of September 22 require some correction: Page 1,
correct spelling of Mr. Steyn' s name, line 5.
Mr. Bellman improved upon language on Page 2, Para. 2: Change
his" to Mr. St6yn's" and change the "He" to "The Owner" . .
Board approved the request under very special circumstances, which
were as follows: Mr. Steyn had agreed to provide extensive landscaping
on the side of the fence facing his neighbors, thereby
largely. disquisinq the fact that the fence was not compliant with
1187. 03( b) (3). Also, the fence was in the rear of Mr. Steyn' s
property and primarily visible only to his immediate neighbors.
The obligation is on the contractor and owner to ful f ill all
requirements of the zoning code. The primary responsibility,
howevet. is on the person who is having the work done.
Citizen Comments: None
New Business:
Licking County Historical Society, Robbins-Hunter Museum, 221 East
Dr. Avery, representing the Museum, wishes to place a garden
storage shed 4' from the east property line. He explained that for
aesthetic purposes it would look better closer to the property
line, and they want to keep it out of sight as much as possible.
To place it farther back on the property precludes access to the
compost pile, and if it were back at the rear it would be visible
from the street. Board members deemed it inappropriate unsolicited letter from to read an directly relevant a community member since it was not to this application.
Mr. Krone moved to grant the variance because although the
circumstances are not unusual, the other criteria are met. Others
in the neighborhood have used their side yards close to the lot
line, and rights granted to one should be granted to others in
similar circumstances. This shed is a necessary facility; it would
not change the neighborhood or cause adverse hardship to anyone.
Mr. Winters seconded the motion, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
Adjournment: 7: 50 p. m.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 30, 7 p. m.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Apollonio Allen

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