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BZBA 11/30/93

November 30, 1993
Dan Bellman, Gilbert Krone, Chuck Meteer, Ron Winters
Ashlin Caravana
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Visitors: Chip Gordon (Granville Video),Larry Palur (2256 River
Minutes: Minutes of October 8 were unanimously approved as
Citizen Comments: None
New Business:
Chip Gordon, Granville Video, 478 S. Main Street
Mr. Gordon wishes to put up a 14 {actually 13. 3} sq. ft. sign
to enhance visibility over and above the maximum 8 sq. ft size.
Granville Planning Commission has recommended approving the
increased size because the setback is so deep. Mr. Gordon
explained that he desires to respect the wishes of the community,
and the sign, saying "Granville Video" with a logo, will be placed
on the wall and lit from behind. Other businesses in the area have
larger signs, he said, and an attractive sign larger than 8 sq. ft
would enhance survivability in that location. The sign will be
white· letters on a blue background with the graphic in gold. There
will also be an insert in the big informational sign in front of
the IGA complex.
Mr. Krone felt that in a commercial district Mr. Gordon is
entitled to have a large sign to advertise his business, particularly
since other signs in the neighborhood are larger, sign but the at the entrance should be taken into consideration also.
Mr. Meteer explained the criteria under which variances are approved, and one is that undue hardship is not placed upon the
owner, but the entire sign ordinance needs to be taken under consideration, not just the grandfathered signs already in place.
Mr. Winter asked whether the Planning Commission considered tilhluamt ination in their deliberations, and Mr. Tailford indicated they did not. Mr. Gordon had not thought of front 1
illumination but will take it under consideration. Mr. Palur
visitor) said that back lighting is not in keeping with the town
and the big open storefront offers added visibility. Mr. Winter
suggested that Mr. Tailford mention this lighting concern to Mr.
Pape, Chair of the Granville Planning Commission, with the
understanding that BZBA feels strongly about preferring front
Considerable discussion arose on placing conditions on
conditional use variances and felt the group should be able to do
so, insofar as an application for variance is already veering from
the ordinance norm. Mr. Gordon then promised he would light the
sign from the front.
Mr. Winters moved to approve the application for the variance
with formal notification to GPC that illumination will be changed
to the front of the sign. Mr. Krone seconded, AND MOTION WAS
UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED. Mr. Tailford will contact Mr. Pape about
this stipulation, and this finding will be recorded in the Minutes
for future reference.
Mr. Krone referred members to the five criteria for approving
variances, four of which offered no problems for Mr. Gordon, but
the special circumstances surrounding Health, Safety, and General
Welfare initiated a discussion on whether 'general welfare' could
preclude BZBA from approving an application if the members find
certain aspects of an application distasteful. Only the size is
under consideration here, and the GPC deliberates on the
aesthetics, but the BZBA wants to feel free to make stipulations
when appropriate.
Adjournment: 8: 00 p. m.
Next Meeting: Thursday, December 23, 7 p. m.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Apollonio Allen

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