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BZBA 12/23/93

December 23, 1993
Present: Dan Bellman, Gilbert Krone, Chuck Meteer, Ron Winters
Absent: Ashlin Caravana S
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Visitors: Judy Duncan, Boxes &Bows
Minutes: Minutes of November 30 were approved. as distributed.
Citizen Comments: None
New Business:
Judy Duncan, 474 South Main
Ms. Duncan is applying for a variance to replace her sign at
Boxes &Bows with a new 14 sq. ft. wooden sign not extending more
than 4' from the face of the building, 10' from the ground,
professionally made, and externally lit. She plans to remove the
current Pepsi sign; the total area of the current two existing
signs is ca 14 sq. ft. Ms. Duncan explained that she is moving
her business into the space previously rented by the Moore Pizza
and would like to make that side of the building more attractive.
Since her business is around the corner from the main center of
business, she needs a sign to show location. As was the case
with Mr. Gordon' s video shop, other businesses in the area have
larger signs, and an attractive sign larger than the maximum 8
sq. ft. would enhanbe survivability in that location. Although
Boxes &Bows is not dependent on pahs-by traffic, people need to
be able to find her shop. She has not yet decided whether to
place an insert in the big informational sign in front of the IGA
Mr. Krone applied her needs to the current ordinance document:
1) Are there special circumstances peculiar to the land
or structure which are not applicable to other businesses in the
area? Because her business is around the corner from the normal
store traffic, special circumstances suggest that a sign so
described would be appropriate. (2) Would a literal interpretation
of the provisions of the zoning ordinance deprive applicant
of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties in the same
area? Since other businesses there have storefronts facing the
main road, this request is not in excess of what they already
enjoy. 3) Do the special circumstances result from actions of
L.-L *
the applicant? No, she did not create the situation; the space
she desired to rent was entirely suitable for her business,
albeit less visible. (4) Would granting the variance confer to
applicant any undue privilege denied by this ordinance to others
in the area? No, because they already have appropriate signage.
5) Would granting the variance adversely affect health, safety
and general welfare of other persons residing or working in the
area? The sign will be maintained in such a way as not to create
a hazard; it will be at least 10' from the roadway and will be an
improvement over the existing Pepsi sign.
Mr. Winters informed Ms. Duncan that BZBA has the right to
ask her to conform with other lighting in the area, and she is
agreeable to this stipulation. Based on these criteria, Mr.
Krone moved to approve the request for variance of a 14 sq. ft.
maximum sign. Mr. Winters seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Adjournment: 7: 25 p. m.
Next Meeting: Thursday, January 27, 7 p. m.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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