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BZBA Minutes 10/27/1994


October 27, 1994


Present: Ashlin Caravana, Lon Herman, Gilbert Krone, Eric Stewart

Absent: Dan Bellman

Also Present: Doug Tailford, Village Planner

Visitors: Greg Ross (536 Welsh Hills Road),John Ross (327 E.


Minutes: September 27, 1994. Extens ive revisions were suggested by

Ms. Caravana, and the most expeditious manner to explain them is to

retype them and include them here. Mr. Krone moved to approve

minutes as amended, Mr. Stewart seconded, and MOTION WAS


New Business:

John and Leta Ross, 484 South Main Street (IGA)

The Rosses are requesting approval of two new awning signs at

the IGA, which will need several variances from the new sign

ordinance. The vinyl canvas awning, red with white letters, will

be located at the north end of the building. The IGA symbol on the

awning is 12 sq.ft, and the phrase " Hometown Proud Market" is

approximately 5 1/2 sq.ft.,compared the maximum of 6 sq.ft.,and

positioned on the vertical drop, rather than on the specified

diagonal. The IGA oval material will be lit from lights mounted

under awning.

The current sign saying "IGA"will be removed if necessary.

Only 2 signs are permitted per business; there are currently 4, and the Rosses are requesting a fifth. The maximum number of permitted signs on the lot is 4, and there would be 17 with the current application. The maximum sign area of any given building is 24 sq.ft. The variances necessary are 3: the excessive size of the sign, having the sign on the diagonal of the awning, and for exceeding the maximum number of signs per parcel.

Mr. Ross indicated they will move out the Moore Pizza sign and insert the IGA's address instead. There is also a changeable sign there. Two wall signs are permitted, but only one per Ms. Caravana thought that considering the size of the building, two wall signs would be appropriate, but she would prefer

that the existing IGA sign be removed or moved to a different wall. Members felt that the IGA is one building and the other shops along there one building. Members considered whether the current application for two signs could be considered one sign. Mr. Krone

would prefer taking down the IGA sign on the Thrift shop door.

Mr. Krone applied the application to the criteria:


1) Are there special circumstances peculiar to the land or

structure which are not applicable to other houses in the area

The store has only had the one little low identifying unlit IGA

sign on the building, and a sign needs to be visible from the

street, as permitted by the ordinance.

2) Would a literal interpretation of the provisions of the

zoning ordinance deprive applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by

other properties in the same area There are a lot of large

signs, pre-existing the zoning code, enjoyed by other businesses in

the area, and they are generally closer to the street. Two of

these businesses recently received variances for large signs.

Denial of permission to advertise in the requested manner would

deprive Mr. Ross of the same privileges his neighbors have.

3) Do the special circumstances result from actions of the

applicant The business has been there for a number of years.

That the zoning code restricts the size is not of Mr. Ross's making.

He bought it before the code went into effect.

4) Would granting the variance confer to applicant any undue

privilege denied by this ordinance to others in the area

Others in the area have not been denied variances. Mr. Ross is

making a reasonable request for a more appropriate identification

sign and upgrading the appearance of the building at the same time.

5) Would granting the variance adversely affect health,

safety and general welfare of other persons residing or working in

the area? The sign would be appropriate and the subdued color

scheme appears to be attractive.

Mr. Herman moved that the application be approved contingent

to the following stipulations: that the the sign on the most north

door be removed, and the current IGA logo be removed or moved to the southern end of the west wall if desired, so as to not add any more signs. The variance will apply to the vertical portion well as the diagonal portion. Mr. Krone seconded, as AND THE MOTION


Selection of Vice Chair. It was moved and seconded that Mr. Krone

be selected as Vice Chair, and SELECTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

Adjournment: 8 p.m.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 30, 7 p.m.

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