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BZBA Minutes 2/24/1994


February 24, 1994


Present: Dan Bellman, Ashlin Caravana, Gilbert Krone, Chuck

Meteer, Ron Winters


Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector

Visitors: Daniel C. Bonar, 237 West Elm

Minutes: The minutes of January 27, 1994, WERE APPROVED AS


Citizen Comments: None

New Business:

Daniel C. and Martha Bonar, 237 West Elm

The Bonars wish to replace the garage with a new garage with

two-story addition for a bedroom and family room attached to the

house. The proposed replacement will be set back 3' from the

rear lot line and 16" from the side lot line, so a variance of 7'

is required for the rear and 8' 8" from the side lot line. The

lot coverage is 39. 95%,including house, garage, addition, and

breezeway, or 48. 9%with driveway. Mr. Bonar indicated he has

attempted for a long time to achieve the most efficient plans

possible, while adhering to the zoning regulations. It is not

feasible to move the garage and addition anywhere else on the

property, he said. Mr. Bonar bought a 1' strip from the neighbor

so that the garage would not overhang his property. The

neighbors were contacted; a positive affirmation was received

from the next door neighbor, and other neighbors have granted


Mr. Bellman was concerned at the building' s close proximity

to the property line.

Ms. Caravana applied their needs to the current ordinance

document: 1) Are there special circumstances peculiar to the

land or structure which are not applicable to other houses in the

area? An old garage already exists, and they are moving it in a

little bit. The Bonars are trying to design a plan to preclude a

variance and still minimize size of structure to accomplish his

needs. The character of the neighborhood shows many houses close


2) Would a literal interpretation of the provisions of the

zoning ordinance deprive applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by

other properties in the same area? Since other homes in the area

are close to the lot lines, denying him his request would be

depriving him of improving his garage and of what others already


3) Do the special circumstances result from actions of the

applicant? No, they did not create the situation; when these

houses were built, it was standard policy to position them rather

close together, and there was no zoning code. The upgrading of

garage and appearance of the addition would enhance the


4) Would granting the variance confer to applicant any undue

privilege denied by this ordinance to others in the area? No,

because others in the area enjoy the same privileges the Bonars


5) Would granting the variance adversely affect health,

safety and general welfare of other persons residing or working

in the area? It would be an attractive renovation, and to tear

down an old structure would strengthen the safety factor.

Mr. Bellman was still concerned about building so close to

the property line; Mr. Krone recommended looking at all the

criteria and make a decision on the basis of greater evidence.

Based on these criteria, Mr. Meteer moved to approve the

request for variance from the lot line. Mr. Krone seconded, AND

MOTION WAS APPROVED, 3 ayes and 1 no.

Adjournment: 7: 45 p. m.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 24, 7 p. m.

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