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BZBA 04/28/94

April 28, 1994
I'rese,11: Dati Bell, iiati,«Aslili,1 Catavai Ia, G. ilbeil Krotie, Ron Wititers
Abselit: Chuck Meteer
Also l'resel:„ Doug -lailfoid,Vill;g,e I'li,i itic:i
Visilors: Ray Montgo,Tiery (2450 Newark-Grai,ville Road),Fritz Rizor (2326 Newark-Granville Road),W.S.
Klopfer (2402 Newark-Granville Road), James Sperling (231 S. Main)
Minutes: Mr. Kroi,e moved to adolit nii,Iutes as piepated,Mr.Bellnian seconded,and the nii nutes of February
Citize,1 C,li)tt,ietits: Noiie
New Btisiness:
laie„s l:i,d 1-y,Ida 51e) rlitig, 231 South Mai,1
I he Sperlitigs wis11 to build a cddar deck will,beticlies.0,1 tile i,ortli side of tlie house,wliich is 3' less
Chal, the required backyaid setback of 10' frot„back lot line. They received a sitnilar variance for tlie porch
011 Ilie soutli sidein 1992. Mr. Sperlitig said tliattliey wish to inaititairithe horizontal lines of the house aiid
redress arcliitectural mar,ilig dotie by tlie previous owner. They wish to gain i,iore attractive options wliicli
a deck would provide. 1-le wislies to provide a safe play area for l,is daughter,and there is a dangerous root
collar to be ret,toved. I·le waiits to put a Fie.nch door oi,lo tlte back. It's difficult,he said, to plead hardship;
however,1e does i,ot watit to leave I,ii,isel f ol,er,to legal liability,atid also he feels he sliould not be deprived
of a variatice to i,ni,rove i|s, prolierly atid, as a result,elilialice tlie status of tlie i,eigliborlood. Williout a
vatiatice, ilic owi,cr cat,1101 leceive Ilic d(: sited ber,eficial use of tlic pioperly.
Mr.Winters 11,oved,prove tlic applicatioti,applyilig SI,erlings' needs to tlie orditiance docuel„i,t:
l) Are Iliere si,ecial circunistatices peculiar to ilie land or structure which are riot applicable to
tlier u|s„es,1,1 Ilie areal l|w.1e„vious owe„r added clianges tiot suitable to Ilie Sperlings'tieeds. lhe house
was built befote zor,ing restrictioi,s wetil inlo effect.
2) Would a literal interpretation of ll,e I)rovisio,19 of tlie zonii,g ordinance deprive applicalit of
riglits commo,ily ei,joyed by ollier I,roperties iii the same areal Ollier 1101,165 in the area have decks iii
violation of setback regulatioris, and he sliould be able to enjoy wliat olliers etijoy.
3) Do tlie special circm,istatices result from actions of tlie applicantl 1 he owners did not build ll}e
homf:t,lwy merely watit to i„do, itiartilig dolie by previous owner.
4) Woi,ld graiti,Ig Ilie va,iatice co,ifer to api,lica,it aliy u,idue privilege de,iied by tlils orditiatice
to oll,ers ill Ille areal 0[Ilers ill tile atea elljoy Ille same privileges tile Sperlillgs wallt.
5)Woi,ld gra,ilii,g Ilie varia,ice adversely affect healtli,safety atid general welfare of ollier persotis
resiclig„or workig„ l„tlie area? No. 0, 1 11,2 otlier lia,d,it would rettiove a poterilially dange,ous root cellat;
iii additio,1,it would discourage peor,le froill usitig tlie lot as a pote,itially dangerous walk-tlirough.
Mr. Krone secolided tlie tiolio,1,ANDMOIION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
George Fackler, 2362 Nowak-Giat,ville Road
Mr. Fackler is iequestilig a variatice flo,ii the required setback iii order to add 10 11,e existi, ig
wateliouse. A setback of 60' is recli,ited when abulling a resideritial property; he would need a variatice of
39: 1-leiglit of (lie addition will be 16'. Ilie application lias Grariville Platinitig Cot,imissioi approval
cotitingetit 011 BZIJA approval of variatice.
Mr. Rizor explaitied tliat Fackler's wislies to exterid tlie storage wa,eliouse 20' to tlze nottli to be
co,isistei,t willi ollier builditigs 01, tlie propeity aid 10 1a„ke tlie cot,ipaity niote productive, safe,and tieal.
Wlien tlie property was built,such a proposed builditig was williin tlie code. 11,ey wislito offera cleal,image
to ll,e public by putting moie equipi,ietit indoors. ll,e residence is part of tl,e Fackler property.
Ms. Caravana askecl about screei,itig,atid Mr.Ilizor said tliey will be putting iritrees. At present,tlieie
aie liees alid buslies for sale belweel, tlie house aiid busi,iess. Ilie giavel lot will Iiot be exlet,ded. Ilic
i,livate road to Ilie reside,ice 0,1 111(:east is used occasioiially by Fackler's,but Iliey do not exit oi,to Newark-
Grativille Road. 11e doci,s ot, Ilic!a(c]litioi, will be.placed sili,ilally to tliose already existig„,but 20'away.
Iliere will be i,idoor ligliti,ig orily. I lie slied will be removed.
Mr. Montgomery spoke on behalf of Mr. Butler,nearest neighbor,who was unable to attend tliis
111eeting. 1-le thought that a variance was gralited several years ago for a building which turned out to be
bigger 11a„tlie size approved, atid ,ow Mr. rackler is asking for aiiollier variance. 1-le feels it would be an
eyesore atid is definitely againsl it. Mr. Klopfer agreed, feeling anxiety about ilie appearance of tlie barn ai,d
erivitons, fearitig reductioo„f 1)o,l,city values ii,tlie iieigl,borl,ood. I·le said ll,is was not a good gateway i„to
Grai,villeas it was a,idilii„glit get wc)s,e willitlie i)o,posed varia,ice. e [s)pite Mr. Fackler'sprol,iises of good
housekeepi,ig, 11,is lias riot l,al,i,e,ied.
Mr. Krone suggested researcl,itig tlie files to deternii,Ie just what transpired duri,ig tlie previous
vaiiation applicatioti,atid Mr. lailford teplied tliat he would do tl,is. Mr. Bellinar asked wl,etlier Mr.Fal<ler
would be willing to go to tlie adjoitiitig tieibors to discuss tlie situatiot), stating tliat if the parties were able
to woik out ati agreeable al,pearatice perl,aps tlieir differences could be satisfied . Mr.Montgomery said ll,is
was do,ie tlie last time aiid was Tiot followed up. 1-lowever, tl,is time it could be on file and Mr. 1-ailfoid,
ul,0,1 ieceivitig a i,egative report, will ilispect tlie propeity ald order a clean-up if necessary, under his
Coliin,eicial Maintenance Code iii process.
Mr. Kroiie asked wl,ellier it would lielp if tlie privacy drive to tlie residence were liniited to residelitial
use a,id sciee,ii,ig latidscapitig added.
Ms. Caravaria would0 1„ be ii favor of tlie variance at ll,is tinie witli such strotig Iieigl,bothood
oppositioi,atid suggested tablii,g tile <p,i,licatiot, utilil Mr.Fackler would talk witl, tlie neighbors aid resolve
11e, ir diffeterices. Mr.Bellia„ti suggested that BZBAe ,m„bers cor,gregate at Fatkler's and view the situatio„
i Ie (luestion a,ose as to wl,ellier l:ackler's can add to a conditiotial use perinit . 1 lie use was
establislied before Ilie zo,Ii,Ig clia,iges cat,ie i,ito effect. Mr. Winters reminded tlie group tliat we are 1101
talkilig about uses, but capacities, u,ider 11. 17. Mr. Fackler Ias been gratited a conditional use to rut, a
busitiess. Mr. -lailford agreed tlet if a tiew busliess were to conie in,it would riot be SBD but Cotii,iiui,ity
Busifiess Service. Sot,ie houses iii lowt, (i.e.,Broadway Bloo,Tis)liave non-conforniing uses on top of tlie
resideritial zotili,g a„d catitiot change atiylliitig. Mr. railford would feel niote coinfortable discussi,ig tile issue
of exparidi,ig 11011-conforinilig or cotiditional use variances in SBD with Mr. I lurst.
U ,
MR. WIN I ERS MOVEI)10 IABLE 11·IE AI'l'LICATION. Ifapplicatio,i is rejected,Mr. Fackler catitiot
al,ply agai,1. Mr. Bellman watiled Sollie ccitainty about use of the lane to tlie residence. 1-le wanled soti,e
idea of ilie in,pact of tlie liouse ot,Fackler's-w-ill it be kept a residence permanentlyl Could it be Split Off
soe„d,ayl I lis concer,15 Iested upon tlie future effecl of varialices gra,ited today and about tlie worries of ll,e
neiglibors regarding appearance. 1-le would like tlie neiglibors present if BZBA Itieets at the site a,id voice
Ilieirconcerns,or tley could wiite letters to tlie Village Planner. Mr.KRONE SECONDED TI-IE MOTION. Mr.
lailford will researcli whellier Fackler's was a i,or,c-onforii,ing use when it was antiexed to tlie village, alid
whetlier it fits utider oiie of ll,e peritiitted uses ut,der SBD (with Mr. Hurst's advice). MOTION WAS
Adjouriie,t: 11:301). 11.
Next Meeting: Thursday,May 26, 7 p.i„.at Fackleis; at 7:30 iii Village Chambers
Mr.Winters to be absent)
Respectfully subii,ilted,
Betty Allei,

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