Granville Community Calendar

BZBA 07/28/94

July 28, 1994
Present: Dan Bellman, Ashlin Caravana, Gilbert Krone, Chuck Meteer
Absent: Lon Herman
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Village Planner
Comments: none
Minutes: Discussion took place on the accuracy of the June 23
minutes in two places:
I. Page 2, No. I. A. R -atheeth- anb-eingm-aintained as a residese-q,
t45-b_uirhling imutdiately nor,th 6f- -EFiFW- arEllouse will-be kepat-s- a -
Virse·a@baz-zient;h-ere jione, lhange the words "as a residence" to
which is a residence. IJ
II. Page 3, No. II. Add "East Side Owner, "
line 2.
Under II. A. 1. delete "and/or tree line"
after "east side" in
In order that the East Side Owner be satisfied with a visual
barrier in place when the fence deteriorates, if it is his
preference that landscaping be planted, it should be started now.
The paragraph ending the third sentence in the explanatory
paragraph section was changed to read: Additionally, if the East
Side Owner prefers Option 2, Mr. Fackler agrees to begin the
landscaping described in Section 2 immediately so that the
landscaping would be fully grown by the time the fence deteriorates."
The fence or landscaping will be Mr. Fackler' s expense.]
In order to .further protect the visual barrier, Mr. Krone
recommended an 8' fence, but others felt this would skirt the
regular variance procedures and sanction a future variance.]
Krone moved that the minutes be approved as modified; Mr.
Lon Herman had supplied Mr.
suggestions for consideration on Mr.
Tailford with a list of
Krone' s memo of July 5 to the
Page 2, No. 6.,Is mandatory stenographic transcript of every meeting really necessary? Mr. Krone felt it was because of the
chance of appeals. Minutes are a good summary of the crucial
discussions and motions, Mr. Tailford added, and while a request
has been made for the village to provide a more sophisticated tape
recorder, it does not seem likely that one will be forthcoming in
the near future. If a party wished to have a transcript, he or she
could tape the proceedings personally. It was decided to let Mr.
Hurst decide on the legal ramifications of No. 6.
Page 3, No. 9.,Mr. Herman asked how do we know which issues
will be addressed, and Mr. Krone felt we could spell out things
like a use variance vs. a building variance. Mr. Tailford agreed
that he could add to the Agendas "variance from Sectionof ...
the code."Criteria to be applied will be on a separate sheet.
Adjournment: 8: 24 p. m.
Respectfully submitted,

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